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Sparkle OS Thread

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Being a black movie, I think this will have most of its gross domestically. Heck Think Like A Man was even denied a release in places like France because it was "african american". Of course Whitney's envolvement will garantee a nice overseas release, however the fact remains that since it's an all-black cast movie it will have less appeal overseas. Dreamgirls I think did around 50 million overseas and that movie had not only one star, but many like Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, and had a much bigger budget. However domestically, Sparkle will surpass This is It, I have no doubt.

Based on imdb, here are some international release dates:

Country Date USA 17 August 2012 France 12 September 2012 Ireland 5 October 2012 Spain 5 October 2012 UK 5 October 2012 Germany 11 October 2012 New Zealand 25 October 2012 Sweden 2 November 2012 Portugal 29 November 2012 Belgium 5 December 2012 Brazil 7 December 2012 Argentina 13 December 2012

So, it will take time to tally international numbers... One thing is for sure, if it weren't for Whitney's envolvement, this would not be released overseas.

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