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SOTM 7 (Your gut feeling is all you need)

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The great thing about SOTM questions is that they are truly SOTM.SOTM 7: Spider-man midnightsWhat will ASM make for midnights in NA?If you pick the wrong answer (except for H, which you will lose 20,000) you simply lose 4000 points.A) More than 5 million 2000 B] More than 7 million 4000C) More than 9 million 6000D) More than 10 million 8000E) More than 12 million 10,000F) More than 15 million 12,000G) More than 20 million 14,000H) It will make more than Eclipse 30,000I) Less than 5 million 7000Due By Monday July 2nd at noon Boxoffice.com time.Caveat, if you do not answer this one, you will autmatically lose 4000 points. There is no points for abstaining. This is a mandatory question. This deadline is strict. I will be on holiday on Monday. I will lock the thread at noon sharp. Please do not be late.Thanks!Good luck!!!

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