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SOTM 5 Be careful where you step

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This is a 6 parter:Including January 2nd actuals, will Skyfall have with a bigger domestic total than BD2?By the end of the game will BD2 make at least 292 mill?By the end of the game will Skyfall make at least 292 mill?Which film will hit 285 million first?Will Breaking Dawn 2 finish with at least 805 mill by the end of the game WW?Will Skyfall make a billion WW by the end of the game?Call any question correctly: 5000 pointsCall any question wrong: -5000Abstain: 1000 pointsIf you go for all 6 questions, you MUST GET ALL SIX QUESTIONS CORRECT. If you get even one wrong, you lose 25,000 points, unless you get all 6 wrong, then you lose the 30,000.If you get all 6 correct, besides the 30,000 points you receive, there is a 10,000 point bonus.So you can make up a lot of ground with this question, or you can sink into obvlivion!Due by Saturday December 8th at 6PM forums time.Good luck!!!

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