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When did Voldemort and the Death Eaters first truly start waging war on the Wizarding World? Tom Riddle had been making Horcruxes as early as the summer before his sixth year at Hogwarts, and that was more than 50 years before Harry enterred his second year (which in the novels is in the early 1990s). That would place (by the novels) Mrytle's death at around the mid-1940s. Voldemort lost his powers around 1980-1985 given that time frame (in the novels, it differs in the movies apparently). So between the 1940s and the 1980s, Voldemort had a lot of time to gather followers, but when did he start waging war? When did the world know and fear his name?Also, given that information, I suppose one thing I never noticed was that Dumbledore defeated his friend-turned-nemesis (and apparently his former lover) Grindelvald in 1945, when Tom Riddle, by the novels, would have been at Hogwarts already. I always assumed Grindelvald was a good few years before Tom Riddle's time.

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After the events of DH, I still think Voldermort would come back!

How, he died in DH. But the society that allowed him to gain such a following in the first place, the book didn't exactly make it clear how the wizarding world changed on that score. Harry's kid is still scared he'll end up in Slytherin and Ron is doing memory charms on Muggles like it's nothing. I'm sure Rowling explained it all in some interview or on Pottermore or whatever.


Maybe it's fanon, but I had the impression the real movement behind Voldemort and the first war began around 10-15 years before he failed to kill Harry on Halloween 1981. First Voldemort acquired the different magical artifacts and making horcruxes. With Grindelwald I had the impression he reigned more in Continental Europe while Voldemort was a UK phenomenon for the most part.

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