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  1. What I always look at is the likes and retweets on twitter, that always gives me a good indication of how popular things are. In under 24 hours this trailer has 111k likes and over 80k retweets. That's more likes and retweets in under a day then the last trailer had since being on that page since March( official justice league movie page). I think a lot of people are excited about this movie and want to see it succeed.
  2. That was a funny bit at the end of the trailer, this looks like it will be a lot of fun.
  3. I watched the trailer 3 times on my phone and then watched it with my wife and kids on our big screen TV and I mentioned the same thing to my wife( it was really good on the TV), I really like the way Cyborg looked in the trailer.
  4. I get you didn't like the trailer and that's cool, I respect your opinion. But lots of people did like it, and since you stated your opinion why don't you just stop posting since you don't seem interested in the movie. Let those of us who enjoyed it discuss it.
  5. They just showed a clip from #Aquaman! It was like Star Wars but under water.
  6. Probably how they'll explain Affleck leaving
  7. So exciting but no mention of mos 2 makes me sad

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