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  1. The blonde girl is actually mantis in the movie. James Gunns girlfriend is Jennifer Holland
  2. WW finished production in May 2016, would they have done test screenings that soon after to determine how to have ares look? I mean I guess anything is possible but I feel like they need to hand these plans off to toy designers and it takes time to do this stuff. Maybe you're right but the time frame doesn't seem logical to me.
  3. How can that be possible when they've had his toys put out at trade shows/ cons etc? They have to have those designs in well before in order to get those made. Not buying this.
  4. I have no problem at all with marvel movies. As I've said many times in this thread I've seen all comic book movies opening weekend, own them all (since 89 batman)and enjoy them all. I'm just stating my opinion on what I think is better cause this thread is about franchises and I added in a comment after someone gave an opinion. Also I don't care about critics. I watch movies and decide what I like for myself , I don't need someone else to pick apart movies for me. I can do that on my own if I don't like something. And yes, to ME Civil war has no replay value at all and BvS does, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy or rewatch civil war, that's just my opinion. I'm sure tons of people share your opinion.
  5. I'll admit as much as I enjoyed SS it was messy and just an overall bad movie. MOS and UC BvS are much better movies then a lot of the marvel movies. So I'll respectfully disagree that the movies are shit.
  6. I think the jokes in the JL trailer were fine, no idea how the movie will play out but the trailer worked. I think anyone who doesn't have a complete hard on for marvel and can be objective can see that. JL was always supposed to be lighter in tone, but they also probably added even more after the response to BvS.
  7. For me I can see how some of his tweets might be off putting to some people but he is pretty good with fans and that's what I like most about him. He liked one of my tweets that had a drawing my kid did, my son specifically did it so he could see it and when he liked it on twitter my son was smiling for hours. He also answered my question on Facebook about directing a Shazam movie which I thought I was cool. I'm glad to hear he'll be back for a third as Gotg v1 is my favourite marvel movie.
  8. Personally I think the next DC movie that goes into production is Black Adam. No clue what else might be done or if Black Adam is even done but the rock said a few weeks ago he had a big surprise coming. He's filming rampage now and then isn't filming again till that Disney movie next year so maybe at SDCC they'll announce something about this? Or maybe not lol. That's just my guess.
  9. I know BvS wasn't a lot of people's cup of tea but I really wish they would of released the UC in theatres rather then the original cut. I know it wouldn't of changed everyone's mind but it makes the movie flow a lot better imo.
  10. UC BvS > civil war I've said it before, love all the comic book movies but civil war has no replay value for me.
  11. It's not behind Thor on YouTube at all in comparasion. I don't even count Facebook views for anything as they have that dumb auto play feature.