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  1. I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean? Lots of movies I think are garbage have fresh scores but again that's just my opinion and it doesn't make me right. Movies in general are subjective to each persons opinion. How can one critic praise BvS while another bashes it, who's right? Neither, cause it's their own opinon. I don't use RT so I don't care about it, obviously that doesn't mean it isn't relevant to a certain degree. Lots of people use it and that's fine but for me I'd rather read a few reviews from critics I like and respect and judge the movie for myself.
  2. That's fair. As I said it's just my opinion. I understand not everyone likes all movie
  3. Civil war was great when I saw it in the theatre and I bought it and watched it once more, I tried a third time and I couldn't get through it again. For me it really has no replay value. Mos and UE BvS I watched at least 10 times each, for me there is just more to those movies but to each their own. I've enjoyed all the comic book movies from all the companies thus far.
  4. Cyborg looks really cool, can't wait for the trailer tomorrow!
  5. Wow, these are just awesome! Today has been a good day.
  6. Apparently they're supposed to be showing a small clip for each character leading up to the preview Saturday so we'll see if that happens. It looks possible as they clip started with the Aquaman logo.
  7. I agree, my opinion is no more important then yours. I'm just laughing cause I've followed this thread and I knew you wouldn't give the movie a chance.
  8. That was leaked on Reddit and I'm pretty sure it's fake but you should probably tag as a spoiler just in case.
  9. This has been a fun thread to follow while I watched rise of the planet of the apes, finally got my kids to watch it and they loved it. Onto the next one tomorrow before we see Batb( my kids want to see kong again but the wife over ruled us lol).