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  1. Gadot's Wonder Woman and Momoa's Aquaman are Snyder's version of these characters. He cast the actors, he created the look, he established their power set in his movies & pushed for these solo movies to be made when WB were hesitant. Claiming that Wan and Jenkins moved away from him is laughable. They can't. Their movies were made when he was still active in WB till 2017.
  2. Yeah, Shazam and Birds Of Prey look cheap and have no stakes. That's the problem with these movies. Not the DC brand. If anything Shazam and Birds Of Prey didn't capture the DC brand. You have hosts on TV calling them Marvel movies lol
  3. Yeah the writers stopped shilling all of the sudden
  4. Shazam's Wed-Thur to Weekend multi minus China will bring Birds Of Prey to... $35M overseas this weekend.
  5. As of now, BOP sold 7 tickets for tonight across 3 showings in my theater... out of 430 seats.
  6. There's a bubble online and even studios bought into it. Reviews matter when a movie is high profile. It's not the other way around. Reviews won't make a movie high profile.
  7. No, Rotten Tomatoes will save it worldwide. People all over the world are refreshing the Rotten Tomatoes site to see if the % goes up or down
  8. Nothing can save overseas. People don't know 3/5 of the group (trailers didn't do a good job selling them), seems like Black Mask isn't wearing his black mask most of the movie, action looks bad, and it's very teen/female oriented. Domestic is still salvageable with reviews and WOM.
  9. Mark Hughes trying to get a meeting with an exec to pitch his - probably - shitty scripts. What's new? Saying Shazam! had a $40M marketing budget is embarrassing. End of the day Shazam! will gross less than f'ng Rampage. They can't shill that when end of the year summaries come
  10. How can you get more showings than Infinity War? Other movies have contracts too. Shazam, Hellboy,
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