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  1. I don't think it was Lucas Film choice. JJ is really close to Snyder. They're good friends and JJ probably heard good things about Terrio from Snyder.
  2. Hellllooooo... Universal? Like, they're leading this year, if you haven't noticed.
  3. When you say Whedon is a director, you mean DGA member or the Justice League dirdctor? Because he doesn't have director credit on JL.
  4. Umm.. Steven E. de Souza @StevenEdeSouza "Yes 10 pages of a 100 page script could change it by 1/3-that's why experienced writers are empaneled, they weigh theme, plot,character etc."
  5. Can you explain Homecoming? 3 writing teams credited. There's no way each writing team put 33%. That's too precise.
  6. There are rules. Nobody explained them, though. The fact that you'll get 3 writers on the new IT movie, for example, or 7 on other movies, tells you everything you need to know: You can't know.
  7. Batman v Superman marketing was 10 times better than Justice League though. Justice League marketing is odd and doesn't fit to Snyder style with all the rock music
  8. I don't care tbh. I just want to laugh. Hardly any good action directors are around anymore anyway. Where are the days of James Cameron?Watched T2 yesterday. Action is amazing. He's too busy making movies about blue guys, sadly.
  9. Whedon is not only a cheater. He's a creep. God, his letter was cringe worthy.
  10. Damn. AC free falling

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