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  1. Mark Hughes trying to get a meeting with an exec to pitch his - probably - shitty scripts. What's new? Saying Shazam! had a $40M marketing budget is embarrassing. End of the day Shazam! will gross less than f'ng Rampage. They can't shill that when end of the year summaries come
  2. How can you get more showings than Infinity War? Other movies have contracts too. Shazam, Hellboy,
  3. So he claims Aquaman will have the same OD to OW ratio as Wonder Woman? It didn't have the same Preview to OD ratio as Wonder Woman.
  4. Didn't Man Of Steel and BvS open with like 20M in the UK? Probably because of Cavill. Oh and Suicide Squad did pretty well
  5. The word of mouth will push Aquaman to about $250M I believe. China will love it
  6. Shameless hacks like Brandon David trying to suck their way into Hollywood. I'll give you that
  7. So, umm, not to be that guy, but can we call BS on that dude who said he saw it and it sucked? I mean, Wan just finished it
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