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  1. I didn't like the release date when I first heard of it, but it completely makes sense in terms of Aronofsky's secrecy and deciding to do a festival run. Paramount's initial reluctance to open in festivals for fear of spoilers was likely why Variety was 'certain' mother! wasn't going to Venice. I have absolutely no problem with the release date, at this point. March used to be considered a bad month to open in as well, I believe.
  2. Woot, Venice!!!!! And you have missed SOOOOO many ups and downs on this movie because @Water Bottlelocked me out. This account is far more secure than my bank which seems a bit like Aronofsky's secrecy in the overkill department, but I might just be miffed because the security questions and 'email for access' links weren't working for me so I couldn't log on for several days. Which might have been @Water Bottle's way of sparing the rest of you, for all I know... What an odd notion! It's moved up pretty much everywhere. Yep!!! I am sorry they aren't releasing the current trailer online, I couldn't find a Dunkirk near me that had it, and I wanted to look closely into Jen's eyes at the end to see if anything was reflected there like the faces reflected in the more high resolution version of the poster released lately. They say he released this trailer at the Alamo Steakhouse theaters because they will kick you out if you so much as pull out your phone in the theater. But you don't even have what WAS released online, or the instagram with the sound effects that come up when you click parts of the poster.....and Aronofsky is on this road tour which will end on the day the trailer is released next week (the 3rd according to some Mexican publications, per JenLawFilms). He is dropping clues.
  3. October, Friday the 13th was a great date. The only thing I can think is that in line with their $13M budget, they are going to use the festivals as a nice chunk of their promo tour - that and talk shows, which are cheap. I think he's messing with us. On the bright side, if the festivals are viewed as a primary promo tour spot, it probably means Jen and Pfeiffer et al will be at the festivals, which I would like to see!
  4. Yeah. Nowhere in California AFAIK. There's an official movie twitter page now.
  5. via @JenLawFilms you can tweet #motheremoji to get the official emoji meanwhile Aronofsky is trolling us.
  6. I wasn't posting the cycle of this that wasn't from a verified source, but weirdly, the trailer is now available for cinemas to download in France and Germany, and has a test run starting today until July 26 (I think it was July 26) at 60 theaters in Brazil. Yet to be seen if we get it here at all.... if we don't, I guess they could be testing their marketing approach? It seems to me a big risk someone will put a poor quality trailer out there, if they don't release it on line.
  7. this fits in with all the biblical imagery.
  8. With regard to the styling of the thread title....
  9. It has to be from the rumors I've heard. The trailer is rated PG though.
  10. This is kind of cool, it is an interview of Michelle by Aronofsky -- he always did really like her and he doesn't hold back here. http://www.interviewmagazine.com/film/michelle-pfeiffer#_ there's no tiny bit to quote, so just read it. Here are some of the pictures.
  11. The trailer will not be released this week, unfortunately. However, at least it has been rated and is ready to role.
  12. aw folks are also googling the name of the apparently invented actress in the entry just above 'mother!' and are coming up empty. I did mostly believe it, and now I mostly don't.
  13. I guess tomorrow we see the films it is supposed to be attached to

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