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  1. You are only an outlier in the US. Other countries loved it. Hence the over $100M international. Who else has done so well with so poor reviews and no IP? And overseas? I disagree.
  2. It has passed $100M international, and worldwide it will make or be close to $150,000, once it opens in Russia. It will end up making money in the aftermarket, particularly since they had Fox International distributing a bunch of places, but unless they have plans to trim the budget, I don't see a sequel happening. I really thought it was well done, though, and I loved the ending.
  3. Aronofsky wasn't her boyfriend when the deal was cut. She also took a pay cut for American Hustle and 'only ' asked $15M for Joy -- and the studio came to her and DOR to make it, and kept asking. She asks less up front for passion projects. However, if a studio wants HER in a picture, it is up to them what they pay. As I stated above, I think she is sort of a catastrophic loss insurance policy for movies with poor reviews and little IP - Passengers made money despite it, and so will Red Sparrow, even if it ends up making it in the after market. RS has already made $130M ww on a $
  4. It was #1 in Germany for weeks, and is still going strong. I can see why they'd hope for a repeat.
  5. Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if you were right. I think 2+ x budget is the best it is going to do in theaters, but that is hardly terrible, and as said above 57% of attendees polled went for her. It should make money in the after market, which, with Passengers, makes her something like a catastrophe insurance policy for films that get bad reviews and have no real IP. We don't have to go to Alicia, look at Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde. She is known in the US, is an excellent actress, and is gorgeous. However, Red Sparrow outperformed its entire run globally by RS's second wee
  6. It has passed SG now. PR 12.1% ICOI 10.9% BP 10.3% RPO 7.7% SG 7.6%
  7. Having you on this site is really educational. Thank you!
  8. and that's through the 20th. I guess they will update Monday afternoon?
  9. Yeah, it's not doing great domestically, and dropped 1100 more theaters this week. I hope it crosses $50M DOM though, since it's drops have been decent. It will probably depend on how many theaters it keeps and how long Fox keeps it in theaters. On the other hand, it is doing great overseas which is excellent for growing Jen's continued international base.
  10. Today too, it looks like. Tombraider is currently outside of the top 5 on Movie Tickets, it's ICOI PR BP Avengers AWIT But Paul is starting to show up on pulse, and that might impact ICOI
  11. France, Japan and Russia are among those still to open. I don't know if it is opening in China.
  12. It is doing well overseas. I wish it were doing as well domestically - but I think it will end up about $50M domestic, which isn't awful. The questions are whether it will open in China, and if so, how well it will do there and in Russia.
  13. Well, I really liked this!! She's great! honestly, it's popular on my timeline, but I guess Twitter kind of enforces a same-think bubble to some extent. I expected higher previews. But hopefully word of mouth will do it. TombRaider is competing for the young females, (yeah I know that may not be the target audience but tend to like a romantic story), so that's a thing.
  14. I never saw the teaser. I just saw the trailer in the theater.
  15. The trailer for this looked really, really, really awful.... then I read that it is doing exceptionally well on social media so I came here to find an explanation.... I haven't been following it at all - I hadn't even heard of it until I saw the trailer I cringed at (in embarrassment). I'm taking it this is one the trailer didn't do justice? I do like Emily Blunt.
  16. This looks good from the trailer. I'm going to see it this weekend.
  17. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $34,395,239 38.5% + Foreign: $55,036,419 61.5% = Worldwide: $89,431,658 So, since it only had night showings last Thursday, two weeks (until tonight's shows, with today not included in the numbers above) should have it at over $90M world wide. I guess I think that IS opening a movie. Particularly since it hasn't opened in a number of major markets yet.
  18. I thought it was good, and definitely enjoyable overall - parts certainly weren't, but the "he wants power" scene and the end were very satisfying. But maybe that is a female take on it. Clearly this movie won't be for everyone, but I'm not the only one who liked it. It has been #1 for two weekends in Italy and Spain, and was #2 in Germany last weekend but #1 this past weekend. I think it is just a matter of taste. https://www.the-numbers.com/movie/Red-Sparrow#tab=summary
  19. plus $26,382,702 overseas https://www.the-numbers.com/movie/Red-Sparrow#tab=international
  20. Well, I really liked it, but to each their own! https://twitter.com/RyanJL/status/970518467228119041
  21. I know she and Jodie Foster are presenting Best Actress instead of Casey Affleck, but I still consider this Red Sparrow promo...
  22. It isn't popular in the sense that Twilight, Harry Potter or The Hunger Games were popular, and certainly not overseas. I am still hoping it will open in China with editing, as Logan did. We'll see. I was about to say that the number 1 opening in Taiwan might bode well for China, but actually I don't know if Taiwan's market is anything like China's in what they like. It opened number 1 in Italy and Spain, as well, and number 2 in Germany. Box office draw isn't only a domestic issue.
  23. maybe it would have been performing even worse otherwise. Thing is, we can't know.
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