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  1. Movie Name Game

    Oz The Great and Powerful
  2. When it's time to party, we will party hard:)
  3. We're having a big weekend, that's great!
  4. ^ after many disappointments, they must!
  5. Too pesimistic everything is going under
  6. Warner will need a hit this year besides The Hobbit 2 and Man of Steel, I hope this to be awesome
  7. The 4 seconds that the snail monster from the MU trailer 2 appears beats this
  8. Animated Feature-2013

    ^ are they coming to the west?, or just Japan
  9. The Croods (March 2013) (from DreamWorks)

    It's ok, I usually defend pixar all time, the difference is that I do not hate other film studios or movies without watching them, today I'm seeing TC to give a veredict, though
  10. Longest movie you've ever seen?

    TDK twice = around 300 minutesROTKThe GodfatherTitanic
  11. Sources say The Croods up to 12.1 and Olympus up to 10.1

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