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  1. This would have been a great film in the Cloverfield series. The ending was perfect for a cloverfield movie.
  2. I can't wait. Other then Scooby Doo, Pooh was my other favorite cartoon as a child. 35/160
  3. Pretty good film, with great performances all around. Only flaw was it needed to be a little longer. I felt that the respect between the Native Americans and Bales character was earned very fast and should have been more drawn out. 7/10
  4. One of the most fun times I've had at a theatre in the last couple of years. Is it perfect? No. It is so likeable tho. 7/10
  5. Hello everyone! I was a couple of months ago on a local Radio Show/Podcast out of Conroe (Houston area) Texas called The Ticket Stub. The Ticket Stub is a local radio show/podcast that airs every Thursday out of Conroe (Houston area) Texas. The show is a few guys and usually a guest that talks about movies in general and is a fun listen or watch. This week I (Vanilla) am the guest so I if you have a chance I would like for you to check it out. The link is below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0u5UQotoco Any feed back (good or bad ) is welcomed. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Hey everyone! Please check out the weekly radio show/ podcast of The Ticket Stub. It's a fun local radio show in the Houston area that has a few guys talking about films and having a good time. This weeks show you can see me (Vanilla) as the guest. You all should check it out.
  7. Whenever Bad Ape walked out in that blue jacket. I lost it. Funny as hell. The the film is great. 9/10
  8. A lot of fun. About even with the first if not slight above it. 9/10
  9. Every time the beast walks the cgi is horrible imo. overall pretty good 7/10
  10. They could always just make 10 more Hotel Transylvania films if they wanted.
  11. I wonder if Wick is going to take charge of the city or at least the hotel by the end if the third?
  12. Fun film. Glad it was not as mean spirited as it could have been. Mckinnon is very funny in here.
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