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  1. What is up with the big Adams opening people are seeing? I clearly might and quite possibly might be wrong, bit i just don”t see it. maybe low teens 14
  2. Suppose to fly to Tokyo from Vietnam, then back home to Houston, but cancelled because if the Typhoon. 😬
  3. No. We will see. I love when films break out so I'm rotting for it. Just don't see big numbers.
  4. Can The Peanut Butter Falcon edge its way to a 40 million gross? Strong chance
  5. What’s up guys? Been awhile. On vacation in Vietnam and been reading up in the forums. How is everyone?
  6. Yea. This is a fun film. Watched it again about a month ago. Zags is great here. 7/10
  7. This would have been a great film in the Cloverfield series. The ending was perfect for a cloverfield movie.
  8. I can't wait. Other then Scooby Doo, Pooh was my other favorite cartoon as a child. 35/160
  9. Pretty good film, with great performances all around. Only flaw was it needed to be a little longer. I felt that the respect between the Native Americans and Bales character was earned very fast and should have been more drawn out. 7/10
  10. One of the most fun times I've had at a theatre in the last couple of years. Is it perfect? No. It is so likeable tho. 7/10
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