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  1. Salma Hayek is a star Richard Madden got alot of exposure from GoT and is an emerging star. Plus I have a sneaky suspicion that captain marvel is going to be in this movie.
  2. So much hate for Disney and Marvel. They have a proven track record. Other studios would be dumb to go up against them if it could be avoided. Eternals is going to be a big cosmic movie with an all star cast. Shang chi is introducing one of Marvel's biggest villains and should do insane business in China. Strange has huge breakout potential after the reaction he got in endgame plus it's going in a horror direction which is a new angle. And after the success of Ragnarok, Thor 4 is going over a billion. The only one I'm unsure of is black widow. Could be big but I need to see a trailer first.
  3. Already 2 sold out showings for AE at empire 25 in NYC for Friday.
  4. I thought Aladdin was fantastic. Obviously very similar to the original but I liked the few changes they made. WS could never replicate or outshine Williams performance but he made it his own and I enjoyed it. The way they made Jasmine more empowered was also a nice touch. She felt like Aladdin's equal. My only issue is jafar was just a meh villain. I really liked BatB, thought JB was ok, didn't even care to watch Cinderella and thought maleficent was a cool reimagining. But this so far is my favorite live action; we'll see if that changes after Lion King.
  5. Patience and conviction. This was a huge 11 year buildup that couldve gone wrong at any point along the way. But they had a vision and stuck to it. DC in particular is too reactionary, we're gonna be on our 3rd Batman and Superman in the last decade. There's no continuity.
  6. Avatar is a forgotten movie. There aren't legions of fans clamoring for the sequels. Just a few keyboard warriors with an inferiority complex. The sequels are going to take a huge step back.
  7. Just checking AMC theaters in NYC and the sellouts are amazing. One theater alone has 75 sellouts just for today. Pretty much the whole weekend is sold out. They keep adding more times. 4 am and 5 am..insane
  8. This is so crazy. I'm in Queens, NY and my local theaters which are the AMC Fresh Meadows and Bay Terrace are showing this on every screen they have. Its almost completely sold out for opening weekend. They have started to add 3 and 4 am showings each night, and then 6 am showings in the morning. They're basically not closing from Thursday until Monday morning.
  9. I really wish they would've let del Toro make hellboy 3 with perlman. I do like David harbour though, so for his sake I hope it does well.
  10. Finally got my tickets for Thursday's first showing, Friday and Sunday. Had to go to the national amusements theater near me instead of AMC but I finally got them.
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