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  1. Star Wars: TROS Frozen II Knifes Out Jojo Rabbit The Farewell It: Chapter 2 Onward Mulan Black Widow A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 
  2. It seems that whatever losses Fox would’ve had if they remained independent are now Disney’s. Same with profit. Fox was in the red on Dark Phoenix and Fox = Disney now.
  3. Not sure why you’re restricting the movie to those who don’t like certain types of movies. The Farewell should be and is worth seeing even if you like the “superheroes, sequels and spin-offs.”
  4. Star Wars: TROS Frozen II Knifes Out Jojo Rabbit The Farewell It: Chapter 2 Onward Mulan Black Widow A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
  5. ...he already was in Ragnarok.
  6. Lmao. I forgot that was a thing. Guessing most people have as well and those involved hope it stays that way. I guess I think of The Mummy 2017 as being a failed reboot, and not a 2nd attempt at starting a franchise after Dracula Untold...which I really liked.
  7. Oh yikes. The replies are a mess. I thought that one guy who complains that the Russos hate Thor was ridiculous, but this is just hilarious. I thought Tony and RDJ got a fitting goodbye. And yes, it’s acknowledged that he played a major role in getting the MCU to where it is, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best character or needs to be propped up constantly.
  8. I don’t think @Finnick is calling TOG a Disney hater. Opinions on TLK, other remakes, etc. are valid and fair. It’s just that there’s a lot of redundancy in these threads. Saying an opinion once or twice is fine, saying it 10+ times gets old and that causes others who feel differently to be defensive and so the cycle continues. I have no issues with someone calling out Disney or whatever studio for what they think are poor actions, but some people do take it further than necessary. To the point that it isn’t as fun to come on here sometimes and it starts resembling the TLJ fiasco with both sides sniping at each other. Sometimes it’s okay to just let someone’s opinion go and not respond as though it’s an attack against you or what you like. But when someone disparages something you like multiple times, it can be difficult. That’s why I wish people would show some restraint in doing things like repeating the same joke 50 times. Anyway, it’s fine to dislike the remakes, but we’ve seen the same people state the same opinions countless times and it’s getting annoying. Just like it’s annoying to post the same favorable opinion about a movie or studio countless times.
  9. Star Wars: TROS Frozen II Knifes Out Jojo Rabbit The Farewell It: Chapter 2 Onward Mulan Black Widow A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
  10. That Mandarin was determined to be fake...and also, not Chinese. I think the talks of boycott in this case are premature as we have very few details about this movie. Yes, given Marvel’s past choices, it’s safe to assume that they will not include racist caricatures in their movies, but I can also understand the apprehension Chinese moviegoers might have about how the movie will portray the Chinese and possible differences between Western-raised Chinese and those in China. All we know so far is that Simu Liu is Shang-Chi and Tony Leung is The Mandarin, we don’t know who Awkwafina is playing or who else stars in the movie. I hope this blowup doesn’t prevent other Chinese stars from taking other roles or future roles in Marvel movies. I do find it weird that the fact that Simu was cast recently is a point of contention for some. Clearly Marvel has been auditioning actors for a while and had yet to find the right one until him. Also, he likely had already gone through various auditions before being cast and getting to screen testing. It’s not a 1 week thing. Some actors do get roles without auditioning at all if Marvel feels strongly that they’re perfect for the role, including people like Chadwick Boseman and most recently, Mahershala Ali. And based on his social media posts, Simu has been wanting a role like this for a while and had likely been training accordingly. I also think Marvel should’ve been more transparent about this movie in particular, but clearly they’re going with their secrecy bend they’ve been on for the past few years. Maybe they can make an exception to alleviate fears, but I figure they’ll just allow some things to leak and wait till the trailer to show anything significant.
  11. This was a made into a movie??!!! How did I not know this? One of my favorite books ever, think I’ve read it over 10 times now. Wow. I’ll have to watch this now. I’d make a list, but the only B&W movies I’ve seen are Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Inherit the Wind.
  12. Me too. Really liked it. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Rogers, I think it’s worthwhile to watch Won’t You Be My Neighbor? before watching this.
  13. Pretty sure Hemsworth came up with the idea of having Thor gain weight. Your opinions and all, but you keep backing them up with incorrect details.
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