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  1. I guess the $150m was initial tracking. It’s been updated to $170m, but Sony’s staying at $154m. But it doesn’t seem $200m is very likely based on this report if other tracking has it below $170m and others think it’ll be a “shocker.” I just don’t think $200m+ is what we should expect from FFH.
  2. Isn’t it tracking $150m+ for the 6 day? You think it’s going to go lower than that? I do think it won’t meet the lofty expectations many have on BOT, but it should hopefully meet or beat OW tracking.
  3. I’m not even into the Toy Story movies and didn’t plan on seeing TS4 as I’ve only seen the first and parts of the second one, but rooting for any movie to fail or underperform is super lame. Anyway, thanks for the estimates from the tracking thread and the 2 Asgards.
  4. When’s @Litio going to join in the preview prediction game for this weekend? Lol
  5. I might be missing the obvious here, but how do you determine walk up business via Pulse? Isn’t it strictly online sales while walk ups are tickets bought in the theater? Or are you basing it on how many tickets are sold after the first preview showing starts?
  6. Did it? Always thought it peaked at 93%. I think it had a couple of rottens added early on. But yeah, based on these reactions, I’d go with 87-93% with the same or a slightly higher average than SMH.
  7. He didn’t love it, but I was a fan of the teen-centric stuff so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing to me.
  8. Hmm...not a lot of reactions so far, but hopefully it get good reviews. Haven’t been feeling much hype for this. Maybe it’s becauae I wasn’t a fan of the promotion and found all of the trailers to be meh, which surprised me since I loved Homecoming. I also loved Shazam! when I watched it so I’m hoping this is in similar vein like Homecoming was. The stuff about it staying ground-level is promising.
  9. I also read that Amy Pascal is basically in control of the rights, so it’s up to her and not Sony regarding whether the deal continues or not. She contracts with Marvel Studios to jointly produce the movie for Sony, who then distribute. I see no reason why she wouldn’t renew the deal.
  10. RDJ and Tom Holland work so well together. Well RDJ works well everyone in the MCU, but I really love his interactions with Tom’s Spidey. Him and Chris Evans are a close second.
  11. The Lion King Star Wars: TROS Spider-Man: Far From Home Frozen II Knifes Out Jojo Rabbit The Farewell It: Chapter 2 Stuber Onward
  12. It’s interesting, but maybe most National Review critics are like this. Armond White writes for the same publication.
  13. I love this poster. The best one yet. Why are the movie international posters almost always better than domestic ones?
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