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  1. You’d think. It’s honestly sometimes funny how the things studios do screw up the things/runs/records we care about. And then they get so particular about things like release dates in ways that seem ridiculous to us.
  2. Actually, I noticed that and disagree with it. It also wasn’t accompanied by a description of the supposed group of online males who don’t like Titanic. But I liked the post because I share the sentiments of how the movie made me feel.
  3. Well based on that definition, Titanic means nothing to me. That’s ridiculous.
  4. At first I was thinking this clip doesn’t make me want to watch the movie...then it got to the end... “You’re a fraud Spider-Man!”
  5. Wow. It dropped from estimates. Harsher drop than I expected after the past few weekends.
  6. It was insulting. As much as I love Titanic, it’s ridiculous to believe that some men don’t like it simply because they haven’t experienced love or have no hope of finding a partner. People are capable of connecting with a movie that portrays something they’ve never experienced and vice versa. It’s not just males who don’t like Titanic and not liking Titanic doesn’t make you automatically superhero movie fan. There was a lot wrong with that post.
  7. I’ve never seen this movie. That was a funny scene...though I’m guessing it wasn’t supposed to be.
  8. I think it looks good. Watched TJB a couple of weeks ago so this does look incredibly similar to it, outside of the increased presence of other humans. Hopefully it’s actually good and reviews convince people to watch it.
  9. I haven’t seen Titanic in a few years, but it never fails to make me cry. Had it at 7 so 1 down is fine with me. I saw it for the first time when I was 6 or 7 and I remember crying while sitting in front of the TV screen. Doubt I really understood much of what was going on, but it’s a movie that hits you, young or old. I didn't have The Godfather on my list and I was only able to finally finish watching the 2nd half a a week ago. It’s so long! And the sequel is even longer! It might take me 3 days to watch that one. .. The last 15 or so minutes were brilliant though. Rewatched LOTR trilogy last week and I’m glad they’re high on the list, though only ROTK made my top 15, with the other 2 lower on my list. It’s ROTK > FOTR > TTT. I remember having such a huge crush on Viggo Mortensen because of these movies and didn’t understand why anyone cared about Orlando Bloom. Long movies, but you don’t feel it. Also, rewatched Avatar last week and it was long. The first act with all the human stuff was no good. The 2nd act with the Navi was brilliant. 3rd act was mixed. Visually, it’s still great though. Overall, it was okay. And it might’ve been the lack of 3D that affected it’s quality to me, because I saw it twice in theaters, and remember loving it so much I dragged my family to see it with me. My sister, 7 at the time, hated it though and refuses to rewatch it.
  10. You mean TJ Miller right? Unless there was some other reference in that scene I didn’t get. Also, yeah it was funny. It felt a bit weird though given what he’s like in reality.
  11. Crowd Reports Thread

    Deadpool 2 May 20 1:25 PM, 95% full Cinemark Trailers: missed the first few The First Purge Mission Impossible: Fallout Equalizer 2 - murmurs Ant-Man and the Wasp - laughs Predator Bohemian Rhapsody Laughter at appropriate times, mostly in the 2nd half of the movie.
  12. Deadpool 2 (2018)

    I liked it, but not as much the first one. Some of the humor didn’t work for me and a lot of the emotional stuff just had me rolling my eyes. Vanessa and Wade stuff was great, that emotional connection I could buy. Even the Collosus and Deadpool connection and the X-Men’s attempt to help him worked. But the kid and Wade stuff didn’t work imo. I understand it stems from him and Vanessa wanting a kid, but maybe it moved too fast for me. As much as I loved him in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, didn’t like Julian’s character in this at all. I hope he’s improved upon in X-Force. Cable was okay. Domino was the MVP in this, can’t wait to see more of her. Her power is awesome and she looked amazing. A lot of references and many I got, but some just flew over my head and hindered my enjoyment of the movie. It was no big deal if no one else got it, but it feels weird when some people in the crowd are laughing and I was confused as to why. The first half seemed very unfocused, but the 2nd half was really good. Best laughs were during the X-Force deaths, Brown Panther, baby Deadpool legs, and the 2nd mid-credit scene (almost slid off my seat on that one lol). Overall, a step down from the first one, which felt like such a breath of fresh air. I do get that it had to do the same as the first, but on a bigger scale. I just wish the emotional stuff had landed better for me, especially since the comedy can be hit or miss. The first was memorable and while I enjoyed this, it’s definitely one of the more forgettable CBMs I’ve watched. B, 8/10
  13. I think Deadpool is going to have a really good Sunday. Theater is packed right now and the earlier shows were almost all sold out.
  14. Right, I was countering the idea that the WOM is bad in China. It just seems to have a lower rating compared to other genres. Kinda like how horror movies have lower CinemaScores compared to other genres despite having good WOM.

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