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  1. Yeah, there was applause at multiple points during my showing too. Not sure why it’s been decided there a “so-so” consensus for WoM.
  2. Just watched the movie and really liked it. I’ll probably see it again. Brie was fantastic, as were the other cast members and I thought the action and music were great. I was getting worried it wouldn’t be as good as hoped with some of the comments and reviews online, but it was much better than I was led to believe. Of course I was looking forward to it, so I’m just glad I ended up liking it. Honestly not sure what’s in it to hate or rage about, but that’s whatever. I’ve taken a step back from online fandoms and this site over the past month and since TLJ, it seems things just continue to get worse. It’s been nice to come on here and look at numbers, but all the other stuff has become frustrating noise. I’m glad CM is doing well box office wise and hope it continues to do so. Looking forward to Endgame.
  3. What a trash ending. And it started off so well. Can’t be too upset though with BP’s 3 well deserved wins, ASIB’s win for Shallow, and Spider-Verse! Mostly positive on this year’s Oscars.
  4. Damn. Wanted Roma or BP. I’d say this is another Crash...but the movie did so well all season long and had screenplay and supporting actor. Damn.
  5. Black Panther wins again!! #WakandaForever 😭😭😭😭😭
  6. Is anyone actually surprised Spider-Verse won? It’s swept the awards season so far, of course it’d win the Oscar. Well deserved!
  7. Wow. So unexpected for BP. What is going on!??
  8. As excited as I was for it, I’ve recently been avoiding discussions about this movie because it became exhausting to read about it online. I’m just so glad it appears to be as good as I hoped. Especially glad Brie is getting so much praise.
  9. Surprisingly dark teaser that gives nothing away. I watched this with coworkers at the pediatrician office I work at and while they were all excited about it (all have young children), the teaser had them so confused. Maybe it’s playing better with those who had lowered/no expectations, because it definitely wasn’t what I expected. Actually surprised it’s getting so much praise. Still think it’ll do great at the box office, but I’m not sure it’ll be better than Frozen, which I loved. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see the rest of the marketing.
  10. Sounds like this year’s The Book of Henry, except most people already suspected it’d be a dud. Doesn’t seem like the so bad, it’s good mess that The Snowman was though.
  11. Yes! Was worried it wouldn’t get a nomination for Best Picture, but it did and 6 others! So happy for the cast and crew of this movie! Well deserved! This pretty much made my day (as did the “objective” opinions about its nomination) lol.
  12. The trailer being released doesn’t make me anticipate Endgame any less. I did find it kinda meh though. But then again, the Homecoming trailers weren’t amazing and I ended up loving the movie. The international trailer is better though. I think it’ll do about the same as Homecoming. Very summer fun and breezy like Homecoming was. Excited for Jake Gyllenhaal !

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