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  1. The trailer being released doesn’t make me anticipate Endgame any less. I did find it kinda meh though. But then again, the Homecoming trailers weren’t amazing and I ended up loving the movie. The international trailer is better though. I think it’ll do about the same as Homecoming. Very summer fun and breezy like Homecoming was. Excited for Jake Gyllenhaal !
  2. So people buying tickets to see a movie that features actors and characters they identify with means those sales shouldn’t be counted in the movie’s gross? Wtf even is this thought process? Then movies featuring white and/or male actors and protagonists shouldn’t have sales from white and/or male moviegoers counted either. And it’s also ridiculous to think the money donated amounts to a significant portion of a movie’s box office. Edit: some of these posts are so nonsensical, I regret reading and bothering to respond to them. It’d be great if those on ignore could be ignored in quotes as well.
  3. I really like the chemistry between Carol and Fury. Their banter is so fun. And her facial expressions! Surprised about how sassy she is, but I guess they’re showing some of what they’ve talked about wrt Carol’s personality. Also love both of the new posters!
  4. How weird? Lol. The clip didn’t even sound like she called her a bitch. Thought I heard sweetie in there, but could’ve been anything really. Anyway, glad Regina King and Sandra Oh won! Though I do agree that Jodie Comer was very impressive in Killing Eve. 50% women in future projects?! Go Regina!
  5. The NBC site is down for me. A lot of people must be trying to stream it. Doesn’t seem like it got off to a good start though... 😐
  6. I don’t think anyone is implying Marvel wanted to have the movie in production or released before Wonder Woman. Just that they had plans in place for Captain Marvel that weren’t necessarily in reaction to Wonder Woman.
  7. According to Brie Larson, she was cast a year before the announcement and had to keep it a secret. Just because Marvel didn’t announce anything didn’t mean they didn’t already have set actors or directors.
  8. Deja23

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    Captain Marvel The Lion King Star Wars: Episode IX Avengers 4 If Beale Streat Could Talk Spider-Man: Far From Home Dumbo Aladdin Us Knifes Out
  9. Surprisingly exceeded my expectations, even with all the hype. I cried 3 times. Went with my friend, teenage sister and 6 year old brother and they all liked it. My brother now thinks he’s Spider-Man lol. Wants to watch it again and he kept asking when he could watch the sequel. Also, there were 3 kids dressed up in various Spider-Man costumes in the theater. Fun, funny and heartwarming movie.
  10. Expected. And Star Wars: Episode IX at #3 without any promotion yet is good imo. Though I’m surprised Detective Pikachu isn’t even on there.
  11. I think FFH should be left where it is. Obviously, TLK may hinder its legs, but Homecoming really benefited from the Summer break with the <18 crowd and families so hopefully FFH will get the same benefit. I don’t get the marketing strategy, but I think it’ll work out in the end.
  12. Deja23

    GLASS vs US domestic total BO

    I liked Split fine, but don’t get the hype over Glass and the trailers haven’t helped. I’m more interested in Us and think it has a better chance to breakout compared to Glass.

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