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  1. Ah yes, of course. Looking at the figures it looks like a dramatic and huge 2nd week collapse.
  2. Wait how didn't TFA have a bigger 2nd weekend than BatB?
  3. Eaxctly this! So we can see that TFA absolutely smashed it here in the UK and did much better than the USA. So TFA is the equivalent of an $1.2B movie in the US. Unimaginable!
  4. Sorry should explain better. Going off the rule of thumb that the USA market is roughly 10X bigger than the UK market. Not to do with exchange rates.
  5. True! Well the performance in the USA is similar to around £31.6M while in the UK it is at nearly £40M (aka $400M DOM) so it seems to be doing quite a bit better, even though in the USA BatB is smashing it too.
  6. Interesting to note that Beauty and the Beast is doing much better than the US run. Emma Watson factor?
  7. Fuck me. Nearly £40M in 10 days...
  8. WTF, that is a poor start. It is meant to be a great animation.
  9. Obviously a huge success OS but I still feel it was a bit underwhelming when compared to Jungle Book or Zootropolis. Why wasn't this bigger OS?
  10. Wow, what a beast. I knew it would be a big hit but this is mad.
  11. Interesting to see how big the new Bridget Jones film will be, £20M+? Early reviews are good and the old ones are well liked.
  12. Finally, some rainy weather in London. Small drops all round!
  13. Damn, all the evening shows of SOC at Westfield were packed tonight! Even a Scene (£20 per ticket) screen sold out!
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