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  1. Yeah, as others have said good WoM did not jump over to the general audience which is a bit of a shame. Good reviews would have helped with this a lot. I do not want to hate on critics too much because Alita is certainly flawed, but it really got trashed hard. I guess having Cameron associated could have contributes to this a little (his name might be a two edged sword... helps with the marketing but heightens expectations from critics)? Also, the open endedness really hurt the movies score (though i really have no idea how else this could have been done better). In general i think adapting manga like Alita is challenging because there is just one incarnation of the character and one story. With western comics you have constant reboots and relatively short story arcs (which frequently start and end at the same status quo) from which creators can choose and pick. Thus CBM mainly adapt characters and not so much the stories themselves. This provides a lot more freedom to make the material more suitable for a movie format. With Alita not being successful in the US i am really starting to wonder whether there will ever be an adaption that actually clicks with general western audiences.
  2. Only way i can see is a non CGI Alita. But even then the next part of the story involves Avengers levels of destruction which would be difficult to pull off in a series. The thing i could see working is a properly budgeted anime movie.
  3. Is it usual that they do a weekend estimate before the studio reports thursday numbers?
  4. As much as i would wish this i am afraid that this looks EXTREMELY unlikely (to put it lightly). Weekday numbers were far too weak for that (would love it if i had to eat my words here). Up until now i think we have not seen a single market where Alita had incredible holds (Germany might be the first? but the prediction there is probably not too realistic either).
  5. The sad thing is that A:BA is used to argue for all kinds of crap. Has even been used to argue against gun control because they are forbidden in the movie and people still get killed... It seems like by trying to remain apolitical all kinds of agendas are projected onto the movie. Anyways, looking forward to CM... and Goose
  6. I agree. Wanting to make Alita the poster child for the anti CM movement is quite annoying. Though i will say that the number of views on these videos is not really high so hopefully this does not bleed into the main stream too much.
  7. chuck0

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    How on point are estimates like that usually? Would love for Alita to hold like that.
  8. I guess i wanted to use the opportunity to get that image in.... there were a few reactions to the movie which asked about what happens to the food Alita eats
  9. But yeah, he is a more interesting character in the manga (though not necessarily more likable) which helps with the romance. Probably the main difference is that Alita is drawn to him because he is really driven in a very intense way to ge to Zalem (got the feeling that in the movie he is simply a cool dude she falls for). Also he has a tragic backstory that was skipped.
  10. 100m during weekdays being the floor for that?
  11. Started to see CM vs Alita posts on twitter... i really hope that this kind of meme does not take off. Comparing both is fine once they are released, but condemning CM even before seeing it is a little annoying. Also, i hope that this stuff is not the reason for Alitas extreme user rating on RT. All this constant politics crap is starting to get to me a little

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