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  1. Nice interview with the pony cinematographer https://www.awn.com/animationworld/lights-camera-action-cinematography-my-little-pony-movie a lot of work goes into making movies like this (even if they are relatively low budget)
  2. Well yeah, this breaking out big was always a huge longshot. But at least deadline has it tracking far above long range forcasts (those were for around 8M? ). If it really does 14-17M it should be reasonably profitable. http://deadline.com/2017/10/ryan-gosling-blade-runner-2049-worldwide-box-office-opening-harrison-ford-1202181411/
  3. Oh right Coco is Pixars first musical? So i guess chances are pretty slim if they are successful with this. Though we already had years with two animated entries. frozen/despicable me 2 and moana/trolls... seems like for those two one is a pop piece that can run on the radio and the other one a typical musical song, so probably not exactly comparable to this years entries. And yeah, "Time to be Awsome" live would be fun... wonder if Zoe Saldanas part would be done by somebody else (she does have a pretty good voice).
  4. Regarding the animation style. I think they went for fluidity and character expressiveness while trying to keep the somewhat simplistic flash look. Btw, they did switch to a more complex/powerful animation software for the movie. I think they got this to work very very nicely and it plays to the strengths of hand drawn animation. I love that they did not go full on 3D CGI... when was the last time a US handdrawn movie has been released wide? Oh, and since this is a full blown musical it would be fun if it got an oscar nomination for best song I havent really kept up with what would be current frontrunners in that category... but SIA did also do the WW song right?
  5. I think one direction is more a movie girls want to see without their parents and little brothers... so i think it might not skew that extreme with respect to age and gender. But yes, it will be interesting to see how that turns out.
  6. I do agree that this hurdle is certainly quite a bit higher when compared to stuff like Frozen (which probably hit nearly all demographics) because the ponies are in many minds really a pure little-girl toy-franchise whereas the Disney Princesses are much more accepted by the general public (though it is an even bigger little girl toy franchise). I guess the main characters not being human is part of the reason for this (though Zootopia showed that that is also not always an issue)... still, i really do hope that it is at least somewhat successful with respect to its budget. And well... if it does break out against all the odds, it would just show that friendship truly is magic (i will show myself out now)
  7. That does sound promising... btw, when will the review embargo be lifted? Oh, and for those interested. Here is a short "making of" they aired recently (does contain a few spoilers)
  8. yeah, if it is really good and connects with people it certainly can break out. But i do not think that initial full on marketing would really help with this. This has to grow through word of mouth which, if it really takes off, can be supported by later official marketing pushes.
  9. I think the marketing budget is just not comparable to a modern blockbuster so they try focusing it where it counts for them. This cannot be compared to other life action toy franchises for which i bet huge marketing machines were in place. I guess The Nutjob or Winnie the Pooh would be a comparison budget and marketing wise? Anybody remember how much presence those had in non kids focused media?
  10. So are there any comparable movies that opened in roughly 2500 theaters? I just hope for a top 5 spot on opening weekend... maybe even in front of Ninjago if that falls hard?
  11. Just listened to a few of the songs on youtube (damn... dat villain song). There are a lot of different styles in there. Not much of it seems to be the super cutesy shugary stuff i expected. Really nice. Wonder if that goes over well with the little ones, but i am starting to look forward to this.
  12. it would be funny if this ends up above that other adaption of a beloved nineties animated movie on RT
  13. Check that clip carefully. She wears a body suit (can see it on her neck)
  14. Already suspected a few pages back that they seem to go the RoboCop route of amnesiac cyborg... hope they dont make it too similar to that. And yeah, the visuals are what might make this somewhat watchable if they mess up the story too badly
  15. i think your grasp on what the general public enjoys is really not the best... i still remember how you kept insisting that Frozens word of mouth is not good during the start of the run... Many aspects of Frozen (and its soundtrack) are exectued somewhat hastily and it certainly has its flaws but it had a very honest core which resonated with many people in quite a few different ways. I still havent seen Moana since it opened here so late, but from what i have seen online it seems to be a much more refined and maybe even sterile product polished to perfection by a committee. When i first see it, that notion might change, but for now this is part of my explanation for why it did not take off (the other part is probably mainly strong competition).

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