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  1. The amount of autotune in this one is a bit much for me... also they did some really heavy handed stuff with the visuals as well 😕
  2. Just saw this. Really a joy to watch. Ending drags a little, but overall a very pleasant movie. Love that Levi got some more work... i did like him in Chuck quite a bit
  3. Yeah, the early reviews really did not help with this. With a large franchise reviews are not that important, but something like Alita really can be damaged quite a bit. Especially if the bad reviews come in early (this started in the low 30ties). I have tried finding a movie that has a similar top critics/critics difference as Alita and was not able to (27% points)... it really got trashed by a lot of early (major) outlets. Aside from that yeah, the budget is a bit of a problem, but at least every penny of that is visible on screen.
  4. In its original form? Interesting, i always assumed that they wont show it anymore in the US (the drunken underage main character being the least pressing issue )
  5. Man, picking on poor dumbo... while i am no fan of the remakes, that one at least had some kind of merit since the original cannot be shown anymore due to its PC issues.
  6. yeah, the whole "kidnap your wife and lock her up for a few hours" thing would not really fly nowadays. Not quite sure i remember it correctly, but i think she does get to hit him a few times afterwards?
  7. BatB had the reignited princess brand. Aladdin has Jasmin, but she is not the main character. So i am not quite sure if that is comparable. Also, Emma Watson was probably very important for BatB. Again i dont think that Aladin has comparable star power.
  8. My contribution to the Disney/Sequel/Remake discussion the intro is pretty well made actually... the rest is a bit long winded/sensationalist
  9. Is this the new version of "Frozen had bad WoM"? A lot of people discovered this on home video (which was announced while it was still making good money at the BO).
  10. The collider youtoube review makes a few good points about that. This is really getting some proper rave reviews.
  11. CM easily swept those away and effortlessly fought off all the fighters they threw at her. Destroying that capital ship was her making a point. Not sure if Mar Vell would approve of that kind of thinking. I guess further debating this might get too political so i will stop here. I mean i understand that it was a really impressive scene and added a lot to the spectacle, but it left at least a bit of a bitter aftertaste for me (certainly not MoS level, but still).
  12. sometimes? Oh, and saw it today. Was good (7.5/10). Some things they tried fell a little flat (a few really awkward jokes and some of the supposedly dramatic scenes) but the final act worked pretty well. Though her destroying a whole Kree battleship to make a point might have been a little... well, extreme? I mean usually in these large scale battles in CBMs the opponents are dehumanized (either some kind of monsters or even robots). That ship was full of people (we saw kree on Hala). Up until now marvel always had the high ground when it came to these kinds of issues.
  13. I know i am late to the party, but no one wanted to bring up some of the stuff in Thor Ragnarok? I guess the shots are not iconic in the sense that they are important movie moments, but they are still visually stunning. also, heck yeah, GOTG2 is a good movie!
  14. Up until now my only US cinema experience is Interstellar in that large IMAX in Manhattan.... was so loud that i did not really notice my surroundings anymore
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