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  1. The amount of autotune in this one is a bit much for me... also they did some really heavy handed stuff with the visuals as well 😕
  2. Was just going to write something along these lines. I mean they could have had him return as old man Cap through the quantum gate thingy... that would probably not have messed up the time travel stuff that much.
  3. yes he is the main character. Doing another "family looses its dad" in the same movie would have cheapened Tonys sacrifice. Sacrificing Hawkguy was not an option from a dramatical point of view the way all of this has been set up.
  4. I am not saying that she did it because of his family. I am saying that the filmmakers constructed it such that the guy that has a family survives. I think that there is a subtle difference. Overall i did enjoy the movie. Basically fanservice from beginning to end, but most of it earned
  5. Agreed! I was so hoping that Hawkguy could do one thing right, which is sacrificing himself, but nooooo.... had to fail even at that. I mean sure, he has a family so it was the "correct" thing to do it like this, but it was still dissapointing.
  6. Just saw this. Really a joy to watch. Ending drags a little, but overall a very pleasant movie. Love that Levi got some more work... i did like him in Chuck quite a bit
  7. Thats how you do an interview. ScarJo really gives it her all potential spoilers at the end (but pretty tongue in cheek)
  8. Yeah, the early reviews really did not help with this. With a large franchise reviews are not that important, but something like Alita really can be damaged quite a bit. Especially if the bad reviews come in early (this started in the low 30ties). I have tried finding a movie that has a similar top critics/critics difference as Alita and was not able to (27% points)... it really got trashed by a lot of early (major) outlets. Aside from that yeah, the budget is a bit of a problem, but at least every penny of that is visible on screen.
  9. As i said, IMO manually transferring mocap onto a target should be considered animation. I know that this is a very complicated subject and the lines between "using something as reference" and "just copying over a performance" blur. But with Lion King this rule is not broken because animals cannot talk and do not even have the facial muscles for the performances that will be required. So animators will create all of this by hand. Is this part new? If not, then it has not prevented movies such as Stuart Little 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks, or Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore from being submitted as animated features to the oscars. Heck, Happy Feet even won that category. And aside from all these animated animal movies there is this whole slew of mocap movies such as Beowulf that were submitted as animated features as well. Btw, here is a list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_submissions_to_the_Academy_Award_for_Best_Animated_Feature All of this "the lion king is not an animated movie" rhetorik is just a marketing gimmick to separate the TLK remake from the kiddie stuff. They want a best picture nomination, not a best animated picture one. And i can completely understand this since as i said above, animation is being frowned upon in hollywood.
  10. In its original form? Interesting, i always assumed that they wont show it anymore in the US (the drunken underage main character being the least pressing issue )
  11. I think the final WW take will shake out properly over time. During a run, especially if it is not an earth shattering record run, numbers can be off. The most reliable number is what is reported by the studio as current WW take as others have pointed out above.
  12. Man, picking on poor dumbo... while i am no fan of the remakes, that one at least had some kind of merit since the original cannot be shown anymore due to its PC issues.
  13. So, do they put mocap suits on animals and use their performances 1:1 or do they do something like this i would bet that it is the latter. Yes, now they use 3D geometric models with complex rigging and simulated muscles/skin/hair but in principle what they are doing is 3D animation and using real live reference footage (i would even argue that manually transferring a mocap performance onto a 3d model could be considered animation as well). Btw, i hope you do realize that a lot of live action movies nowadays would be eligeble for animation awards due to the high content of 3D ANIMATION in them. Studios do not do it because animation is considered to be the lesser art form by many. And actually i found a jungle book making of which affirms exactely what i said. They used reference footage and animated these animals by hand. And one last addendum. Whether it is animation or not is IMO not dependent on whether it looks photoreal or not. It is the process of manually creating a performance for a character. And TLK certainly fits that bill perfectly.
  14. yeah, the whole "kidnap your wife and lock her up for a few hours" thing would not really fly nowadays. Not quite sure i remember it correctly, but i think she does get to hit him a few times afterwards?
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