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  1. 1. because she releases a single every month while madonna and britney havent released in a long time??? i'll give you that el anillo was a semi hit in spanish speaking countries 2. SOB lasted 3 seasons because it was in her contract with that dancing show. the ratings were bad 3. because as a celebrity she's still big. she works very hard and loves attention
  2. Lol. guess not. 11 7 Nobody's Fool Par. $2,216,073 -66.6% 1,301 -1,167 $1,703 $28,843,691
  3. No she isnt. She's released like 10 singles and they all bombed. she has amazing connections, gets to perform and attend everywhere and everything, but gp doesnt give a shit about her shades of blue flopped too the last time she was relevant acting wise was in 2005 with that jane fonda rom com
  4. You have to be trolling at this point LMAO. are the rest trolling too? its a jlo rom com in 2018. cant see this doing over 35m
  5. yikes spider's web... who even thought it'd do well to green light it?
  6. wel thank god for ASIB that it actually was praised while BR wasnt. Imagine BR's box office if it was
  7. TombRaider

    Tuesday Numbers: ASIB under $1M

    it leaked today so i'll drop more
  8. TombRaider


    I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Domestic Total Gross: $40,002,112 Distributor: Sony / Columbia Release Date: November 13, 1998 Genre: Horror Runtime: 1 hrs. 40 min. MPAA Rating: R Production Budget: $65 million LOL. Loved the movie but it was a mess! 65m...
  9. TombRaider

    THE RHYTHM SECTION | Paramount | Blake Lively

    it's a bust because gp doesnt care about female action heroes. most of them flop (lately we've had tomb raider and red sparrow, which had a lot more promo than this will have, and WW being an obvious exception) i think this will do 45m dom tops.
  10. TombRaider

    Thursday Numbers: ASIB stays over $1M

    You were sitting in a room full of 100 posters waiting for one to believe in you
  11. TombRaider

    Thursday Numbers: ASIB stays over $1M

    I wonder if BR can get to 200m? i doubt it since it actually wont have any oscar push
  12. hailee is so gorgeous. and a good actress, she was great in EO17 about her voice... well, you dont need a great voice to smash (selena gomez?, old britney?) but i have actually never heard a song from her
  13. TombRaider


    well those 2 were meant to be blockbusters
  14. Which movies made you think... what were they thinking, when it comes to the budget?? This flop rom com comes to mind How Do You Know Domestic Total Gross: $30,212,620 Distributor: Sony / Columbia Release Date: December 17, 2010 Genre: Comedy / Drama Runtime: 1 hrs. 56 min. MPAA Rating: PG-13 Production Budget: $120 million

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