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  1. Putting someone on ignore makes you weak, it shows you cant just ignore his comments so you have to hide them because they'll trigger you
  2. I cant believe the hype for this. especially from grown men. tragic.
  3. 26/28m OW is VERY good. This movie didnt look that appealing and was not that promoted
  4. yeah, we see how popular movies lead by latinas are, miss bala recently comes to mind its sad but the world prefers white leads
  5. im watching this new netflix show called Special and guess who the lead name drops in the first episode?? blake. damn, her impact has no end!
  6. that doesnt mean much tho. rihanna has like 100m followers and that movie she made with luc besson bombed
  7. I used to be a big jlo fan to be honest. im just hating on her lately because of the trash she releases these were the times:
  8. She isnt. she was succesful from 98 to 06 or so with a couple exceptions in 13 years (on the floor). the fact that shes 50 and is doing embarrassing lifetime movies (simple act) says that much about her talent and artistry
  9. she's a millionare and obsessed with fame so she pays to be everywhere. she'll always be a joke anyway. shes like a kim k who tries to sing and act but is awful at both. as the talented mariah carey said, the world 'doesnt know her' ps: why is a previously banned member allowed here?
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