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  1. Well rebel is headlining a mainstream movie that's doing well enough, is part of a big franchise and rose is having success with movies like nightbors, insidious or instant family kristen (who i love) has bombed with almost everything
  2. they spent 200m on advertising alita WW. fanboys are delulu thinking it will have a sequel
  3. cant see this doing over 200m WW. elton is no freddie i wish they had chosen a david bowie bio instead. more interesting person, better music (than EJ) and dead
  4. budget is 31m. does anyone know how much netflix paid for rights?
  5. i honestly dont see this movie making less than frozen 1 anywhere except japan
  6. alita has its own thread. no need to bombard 2 with the same topic
  7. TombRaider

    Isn't It Romantic over Second act DOM

    its a DOM club dumbass. And of course, IIR comes out in 9 days on netflix WW, no overseas release
  8. TombRaider

    Happy Death Day 2U | Feb 13 2019

    I think it comes to expectations now. HDD 1 made 125m on a 4,5m budget. im sure they expected this to do at least 100m and it'll do around 55m WW when the movie is done. is it profitable? of course. but blumhouse is used to almost everything doing 10x its budget or more so...
  9. = Worldwide: $115,320,767 Still has germany, france, italy, spain... to open. this is the biggest success of 2019. will end close to 150m on a 9m budget. a sequel should be announced soon
  10. TombRaider

    Happy Death Day 2U | Feb 13 2019

    This makes a lot of sense. They should have released it on netflix on october or so... and add a HDD2 trailer at the end, their loss. would have done better OS
  11. 'blind hate', i actually paid to see alita, lol. i wouldnt mind a sequel, im just not delusional
  12. queen snapping now that this film was a big success https://twitter.com/realamberheard/status/1097278445225046016
  13. napoleon used bad examples Pacific Rim - pacific rim 2 flopped Star Trek Into Darkness - star trek beyond flopped The Chronicles of Narnia 2 - TCON3 did... not well Snow White and the Huntsman - SWANH2 flopped X-Men First Class - fair, days of future past was a hit so 4 of those 5 movie's next installments flopped. why'd thay make alita 2 with those examples

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