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  1. TombRaider

    Legally Blonde 3 | May 8 2020

    reese is so desperate. this will be an embarrassment.
  2. certainly better than the trash the hasbeen in your icon has released the last years
  3. selena and taylor updated instagram stories praising the movie. maybe it'll gross 1M more this weekend now LOL taylor selena
  4. TombRaider

    Thursday Numbers

    ASF #1, talent and beauty WON
  5. Yeah thats why i dont go to the movies anymore, i'll wait til it leaks i guess
  6. No it doesnt come out here until sept 28. and i dont know if i wanna watch it dubbed i did watch the shallows but that had little dialogue lol
  7. still in paris. why? this weekend prediction? i say $8,5m
  8. millenium books were very popular back when the movies were coming out. not now, and the book lovers watched the swedish movies, this movie is made for usa audiences and as i said, its been 10 years since the books were relevant, its nonsense
  9. I think he meant dom, and i agree. i just dont see why this movie was made... with another actress....after 7 years lol
  10. TombRaider

    Wednesday numbers

    why's the predator expanding?? lmao. it will take a big hit this weekend
  11. TombRaider

    Tuesday Numbers

    whoa, why? yasssssss

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