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  1. Putting someone on ignore makes you weak, it shows you cant just ignore his comments so you have to hide them because they'll trigger you
  2. I cant believe the hype for this. especially from grown men. tragic.
  3. when did i say that a woman's worth ia based on that?? and this is hollywood. 90% is controlled by looks. or you think tom cruise, brad pitt, angelina jolie or margot robbie (basically every a lister especially females) would be where they are if they were plain? lmao.
  4. lmao, it's not that deep, everyone has a different perception of beauty, but bye, indeed.
  5. 26/28m OW is VERY good. This movie didnt look that appealing and was not that promoted
  6. she's a woman in MEN in black. and shes not attractive. this is not my thought, its straight men's
  7. In. CH is a non entity outside MCU. Also many fans of the original will not watch because of the girl you make an under 110 club and predict a 112?
  8. she was 92, hardly a sad day. i'm sure she lived a great long life
  9. yeah, we see how popular movies lead by latinas are, miss bala recently comes to mind its sad but the world prefers white leads
  10. im watching this new netflix show called Special and guess who the lead name drops in the first episode?? blake. damn, her impact has no end!
  11. that doesnt mean much tho. rihanna has like 100m followers and that movie she made with luc besson bombed
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