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  1. Quorum Updates Twisters T-29: 48.5% Awareness, 53.67% Interest Borderlands T-50: 27.86% Awareness, 41.95% Interest The Front Room T-78: 15.67% Awareness, 38.67% Interest Wolfs T-92: 17.5% Awareness, 41.95% Interest Kraven the Hunter T-176: 24.82% Awareness, 40.59% Interest Mufasa: The Lion King T-183: 46.97% Awareness, 56.87% Interest The Fire Inside T-188: 12.17% Awareness, 36.11% Interest The Bikeriders T-1: 29.47% Awareness, 39.02% Interest Final Awareness: 16% chance of 10M Low Awareness: 14% chance of 10M Final Interest: 18% chance of 10M Low Interest: 9% chance of 20M A Quiet Place: Day One T-8: 41.28% Awareness, 51.39% Interest Final Awareness: 79% chance of 10M, 48% chance of 20M, 25% chance of 30M, 16% chance of 40M Horror Awareness: 82% chance of 10M, 45% chance of 20M, 18% chance of 40M Final Interest: 94% chance of 10M, 80% chance of 20M, 61% chance of 30M, 47% chance of 40M Horror Interest: 100% chance of 10M, 69% chance of 20M, 38% chance of 30M, 15% chance of 40M Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 1 T-8: 29.04% Awareness, 39.31% Interest Final Awareness: 16% chance of 10M Medium Awareness: 0% chance of 10M Final Interest: 18% chance of 10M Medium Interest: 33% chance of 10M
  2. Not really. 59% of Oppenheimer’s audience was aged 18-34. If Barbenheimer didn’t make the youths hyped, Oppenheimer probably would have opened and grossed the same as Indy or Dead Reckoning. Maybe even worse
  3. I mean I feel the real reason for this demographic shift is just that white folks are way more into streaming and at home watching compared to most demographics. Nielsen reported back in 2021 that roughly 60% of the total streaming is from Caucasians. 58% of that crowd is 35 and older too. By contrast, according to the MPA, in 2021, Caucasians made up 54% of viewership. And over the years, things have skewed less and less white. If you want pre-COVID and post-COVID comparisons, John Wick 3 had 42% Caucasian viewership for its opening weekend, while Wick 4 had just 32%. Creed 2 had 38% white viewers, then Creed 3 was down to 23%. Bad Boys 3 was 30%, while Bad Boys 4 was a whopping 18%. Like yeah, there have been changes in the population in that time, but streaming is considered a huge culprit as to why moviegoing is down across the board, and there's clear evidence that 35+ audiences are going way less. Those age demos are generally more white, and those audiences, especially the white ones, have more disposable income to spend more on SVOD services. Like I don't think it's hard to see a scenario where the olds just bought 4K TVs during the pandemic and are happily streaming Netflix stuff. That's why, Top Gun aside, every movie that has been aimed at old white guys has opened around the 50s/low 60s (Bond, Indy, Mission: Impossible). That's why the usual Oscar contenders that skewed towards seniors aren't making the money they used to and the big arthouse breakouts have been stuff like Poor Things or Asteroid City or Everything Everywhere. So yeah. That's why the shift happened IMO. https://nscreenmedia.com/streaming-user-demographics-top-4-services/ https://www.motionpictures.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/MPA-2021-THEME-Report-FINAL.pdf
  4. Quorum Updates Despicable Me 4 T-14: 67.42% Awareness, 57.49% Interest MaXXXine T-16: 17.98% Awareness, 31.97% Interest Cuckoo T-44: 11.7% Awareness, 36.09% Interest Harold and the Purple Crayon T-44: 18.2% Awareness, 30.86% Interest Trap T-51: 23.03% Awareness, 46.23% Interest Megalopolis T-100: 15.12% Awareness, 32.89% Interest Venom: The Last Dance T-128: 42.03% Awareness, 54.35% Interest Gladiator II T-156: 28.98% Awareness, 44.53% Interest Den of Thieves: Pantera T-205: 19.44% Awareness, 33.89% Interest The Bikeriders T-2: 28.52% Awareness, 37.13% Interest Final Awareness: 16% chance of 10M Low Awareness: 14% chance of 10M Final Interest: 18% chance of 10M Low Interest: 9% chance of 20M
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