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  1. Hemsworth has one of the best filmographies of the Chris's Star Trek, Cabin in the Woods, Rush, Ghostbusters, El Royale, Extraction, Furiosa
  2. Agree to disagree. I think people clearly will wait 45 days to see a movie, but you movie that to twice that time, then you tempt them to see it in theaters.
  3. I think it's not a matter of when a movie stops making money at the theater but how long will people wait to see a movie on streaming. Would someone easily wait 45 days to skip the theater and see it at home? Clearly yes. Would someone wait 90 days? 120? I'd say either of those would be better. And they need to make it known.
  4. People need to learn what AI is. It's not just "any technology". Lord of the Rings didn't use AI to generate thousands of warriors.
  5. An echo chamber of people who love movies or report on movies or review movies. Obviously they're going to hype up these types of films, but they're not the general audience
  6. Don't know! I'm sure we'll find out before the end of the day. We'll also get a gauge on if the early shows mean anything for the weekend, or if people were just waiting for the weekend!
  7. Seems like you're the miserable one. We've always opened threads on early numbers. And we all know numbers change. That's literally the history of box office.
  8. It's amazing how even reasonable posters on this site can't help themselves to call a movie a bomb before the preview number is even official.
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