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  1. Anyone have ANY numbers for this past weekend besides Onward/Invisible Man/Bloodshot/Call of the Wild???
  2. I haven't updated the derby because there's nothing to update
  3. If a movie studio can make massive profits going direct to VOD/streaming, what extra purpose would they have to put it in theaters anymore?
  4. Yeah if WB were to release this on streaming, it would be the end of theaters. Full stop.
  5. I mean, I understand that. But most celebrities do donate to charities. Constantly. And MARK RUFFALO was in the video. Widely known as one of the most philanthropic celebrities. Period.
  6. Literally so dumb. Video is well over 10 million views. She'll be fine.
  7. LOL everything is down like 97%. Gonna be some WILD scores.
  8. Honestly, I say still predict like normal, however difficult that may be. But realistically we're probably going to have to just delete this and last week. Though I'm unsure how that will affect the yearly/monthly scores. @AndyLL have weeks ever been deleted before? Also, I don't know how sensitive the system is, because when the KJ derby went without new games for weeks at a time before I took over, it completely screwed everything up and now there are no monthly/yearly stats there.
  9. WB will 100% not release this on HBO Max instead of the theaters unless the theaters are shut down forever. They'll hold this for years if they have to.
  10. Probably not, unfortunately. It's very likely we don't even get numbers for this coming weekend. And then after that I'm thinking at least 2 months of nothing.
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