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  1. I have no idea why movie studios aren't putting out vaccine campaigns. You'd think if sales continue on this trend they'd do something, but nope.
  2. I honestly don't even know why this thread exists. It's impossible to track buzz for the last year and a half. Sure, tracking sales is effective for predicting the weekend. But what exactly is that accomplishing? That tells us nothing. BW had a horrible IM and Disney panicked and gave us D+ numbers. Does that mean it bombed? Who the hell knows. ITH had a smaller than expected OW, but gathered critical acclaim. GVK had a good OW, but how much of that was people not having Max yet and just really wanting to go back to the theater? To call any film in 2020/2021 a bomb/success is an impossible tas
  3. I'm sorry but saying it doesn't have marketing is just insane. I've seen just as many tv spots for it as I did Jungle Cruise. It's been all over the Olympics.
  4. The alternative to being overly optimistic shouldn't be shitpost trolling.
  5. It would be extremely frustrating to see TSS open under $30 mil. I'm still optimistic about a $50+ mil OW, but I have no clue how to predict in the covid age. No clue how much HBOMax siphons from the theaters, etc etc. But it's extremely frustrating to also read people just trolling the film for no reason. Such is the way of online forums.
  6. I'll be messaging @AndyLL soon regarding how we're going to do this. I can't imagine we're going to want to do a full derby on July 24th if Mulan releases. And I don't know if the Derby is able to just do like... 5 movies. So best case scenario I see is waiting until we have 10 releases over $100k?
  7. Oh man, I'm very curious what we're going to do when Tenet releases. A one movie week?!?! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. With the new Oscars update, Disney may be tempted to VOD this and get an Oscar nom.
  9. Sunday and Monday numbers for the virus always are lower than the trend as little reporting is done on the weekends. Tuesdays is when we see jumps.
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