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  1. Surprised we haven't gotten any updates or even a trailer for this one yet.
  2. I suspect that the marketing - whenever it begins - is going to lean heavily on the mystery box formula.
  3. I feel like the performance of In The Heights might convince WB to release Dune and Matrix 4 as theater exclusives.
  4. I mean, they've already had some missteps (Thor 2) and some outright failures (Iron Fist, Inhumans).
  5. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that Marvel and Kevin Feige have garnered enough goodwill over the last 13 years that they can sell the general public on just about anything.
  6. Any scenario where this hits a billion hinges on most of the world being vaccinated and cases not exploding in the fall/winter period like last year.
  7. This is the only movie that I think has a chance of making $1B. Even then, that will depend on the fall flare-up of COVID.
  8. This. They're really hinging the movie's success on Keanu's newfound star power and the curiosity/nostalgia factor.
  9. People came back for Halloween after the Rob Zombie remakes. It's certainly possible as long as the movie is semi-decent.
  10. Then again, The Matrix can't rely upon nostalgia the way Jurassic Park and Star Wars can....
  11. People were fine returning to Jurassic Park years after the disappointing 2nd and 3rd installment. So it's not completely impossible.
  12. I suspect that we'll see the marketing ramp up after The Suicide Squad releases.
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