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  1. Critic Consensus: An ambitious superhero epic that soars more often than it strains, Eternals takes the MCU in intriguing -- and occasionally confounding -- new directions.
  2. Potential observation: Reviews could be harsher initially due to premiering at a festival. Not a guarantee it'll go up, just something worth mentioning.
  3. At this rate, a good weekend for Resurrections would be close to what Revolutions made in its debut.
  4. Disagree. This version flows better, has better production value, and was a lot easier to follow.
  5. I saw this in Dolby with my Dad (who saw David Lynch version in high school and wasn't impressed by it). We both enjoyed it a lot despite it being so dense and not having read the books. Visually stunning and surprisingly engaging even with (or perhaps because) of all the backstory and world building. Acting was top notch from the entire cast. My theater was pretty packed and the audience seemed to enjoy the movie. Hope that bodes well for the opening weekend and the chances of a sequel.
  6. The Bat family makes Batman a deeper and more complicated character, honestly.
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