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  1. https://www.imax.com/en/hu/movie/alien-romulus Imax website lists the runtime as 119 Minutes.
  2. Deadline is projecting $98M... https://deadline.com/2024/06/box-office-inside-out-2-record-bikeriders-1235980501/
  3. I was so certain that Despicable Me 4 was a lock for the highest grossing family film this summer. But after this movie made $30M on a Wednesday, I may have to rethink that...
  4. I suspect that's part of why we're going to something a bit more familiar.
  5. The last two entries (while I liked them) were very polarizing. The marketing is more or less made for people who wanted something that resembles the feel of the other movies.
  6. Not officially, no. Though it was shot in Budapest, Hungary to save some money on the budget. And since this was originally a Hulu movie, I can't imagine costing more than Prometheus or Covenant.
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