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  1. Yes I know exactly which one you meant. It was a joke because thise scene was changed for the special edition and I'm a smug who like the original better. Here it is if you are interested (3:33) :
  2. I get what you say. But I think I want to see Solo again, and I'll definitly recommend it. I cannot say the same with previous entries.
  3. I really really loved the "Here they come" and Asteroid music medley during the Kessel Run. The other tunes were okay, I didn't care for them as much. It's a shame that's they have to use the original score so much but that medley was well placed and made sense considering they were both chased by Ties and flying into an asteroid field.
  4. I think you meant to say : Till they run into a dead end
  5. @Auteur Panda Sorry maybe I am an idiot but I don't get how Star Wars with these list placements : Number 1 Placements: 1 Top 5 Placements: 4 Top 10 Placements: 7 Top 25 Placements: 14 Can top Titanic with these list placements : Number 1 Placements: 4 Top 5 Placements: 8 Top 10 Placements: 12 Top 25 Placements: 15 I am of course just interested in the numbers and not discussing wich one should be over wich one as I love them both
  6. I don't get why people like part 2 over part 3. Yes the first one is clearly the better movie but I still can't follow the plot of part 2 and I don't care about the characters. I like part 3. Ridley scott got 3 movies ? Alien, BR and ?
  7. Why ? I'd love to study it, I'd love to study any of Fincher's movie
  8. Are you talking about Gwen Stefani ? Do you mistake them on purpose ? Cause I certainly did
  9. What do you mean ? How can it change your view on T1? I mean I get the whole hommage thing but it does not change T1? Or does it ? I don't thing the plot changes, but even if it does, it does not make it a lesser film. Edit : Nevermind I've read the rest of the thread

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