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  1. Worth noting: With May Day holiday falling on a Wednesday, a lot of people will book the Thursday and Friday off to make it a long weekend. A decent proportion of people will have been off work. Still a good sign for legs though.
  2. I guess $50M+ implies a ~$180M weekend is possible, which would retain $1Bn as a possibility. To be honest, I don't think $1Bn is realistic at this point, excepting very strong late legs. TFA's $937 is the target to look for at this point. We should probably be looking for a ~$160M weekend for that, so around $45M tonight.
  3. Great post, solid reasoning. I've been thinking along the same lines myself. And yes, I agree, this next weekend and the following weekdays are key. EG needs at least a $20M lead after the third weekend or things will become difficult.
  4. Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat are holidays, Sunday is a working day. Should make good money Wed to Fri.
  5. I agree. Anything in the 34+ range will be a very good showing, after a $38M Monday.
  6. Bit early to say that... But it shows how heavily saturated the weekend was. Demand far exceeding available supply. Definitely showing heavy spillover.
  7. I'm hardly an "expert", but a $95M third weekend seems incredibly optimistic. $140M second weekend seems reasonable, but anything over $80M would be very surprising for the third. $70-75M would be a strong showing.
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