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  1. @CayomMagazine The power is kicking off. Ian Jones-Quartery (OK KO! Let's Be Heroes) will direct Y8's Powerline while Tony-nominated actor Jeremy Pope will voice the electrifying title character. Hourglass Pictures is working closely with Sebastian Peters and Mark Dindal (Both of whom are executive producing the project) but we've yet to recieve an answer on how - and if - the film will fit into their existing Disneyverse.
  2. At this point the extension period will be nearly as long as the original period itself lmao (I'd be down for an extension)
  3. So Angry Birds joins LEGO and SLOP as 2019 CGI sequels that made less than half of their predecessors. And all starred Tiffany Haddish. Huh.
  4. Very strong for GB. Should get close to mid 20s for the weekend.
  5. Also I'm confident. @Xillix please up the Lumberjanes (May 20) theater count to 3,751.
  6. @CayomMagazine In two years, see eye to eye.
  7. @cookie Lumberjanes will be posted tonight. It's around 8k words. Also gonna get to work on AllurOC next.
  8. With the Numbers/Riczhang double whammy I was emotionally devastated at first, but now these reviews make me laugh my ass off.
  9. A few review quotes from 2.0 for what I just posted: "A masterpiece." "Fails in the most spectacular fashion." "Excellent. The best film of the year." "This is plot/character idiocy of the highest order."
  10. Okay, let's fucking dump this thing. THE ACADEMY Genre: Drama/Period/Sci-Fi/Romance/Action Date: January 21st Theaters: 2,781 Director: Garth Davis Cast: Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Jeremy), Dayo Okeniyi (Roger Steinman), Ed Skrein (George Jacobson), Kate Mara (Sandra), Miranda Otto (Becky), Cam Gigadnet (Billy), Jack Reynor (Peter), Harry Shum Jr. (Tony), Cara Delevigne (Maya), Ellen Page (Penny), Jeremy Irvine (Elliott), Nicolas Cage (President Carson), Gabriel Byrne (James Thurgood) Runtime: 139min (2hr, 19min) Rating: R for violent content, some sexual content, use of drugs, and language Budget: $60 million
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