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  1. Yes, but Numbers gets priority in the next pick.
  2. @YourMother the Edgelord @4815162342 @Blankments Congrats on writing 3 of my favorite movies of the year. You will all get the choice of an exclusive Y7 pre-read. Numbers is already granted a first look at The Epsilon Syndicate: The Art of the Dream since I techincally owed him a pre-read of the first film that he never got, but all other options are available, and numbers can get a second pick. THE GARDENS ABOVE Animation/Musical/Sci-Fi dir. Josie Trinidad An animated musical about an inventive young woman who lives among the clouds in massive steampunk cities. She helps the marginalized and strives to create a better world for all, but gets ensnared in a diabolical plot soon enough. With songs by David Hein and Irene Sakoff (Come From Away), the film promises to be a touching, unforgettable tale. 1906 Disaster/Epic/Drama dir. Brad Bird Based on the novel of the same name, chronicling San Francisco before, after, and during the 1906 earthquake. Before that even took place, a young reporter and kind-hearted officer of law were making the ground shake in their own way. A VERY BOUNTIFUL CHRISTMAS Animation/Musical/Comedy/Action/Sci-Fi dir. Noelle Stevenson It's Chirstmastime in the cosmos, and Cassie finds out that Santa is a time and space traveling entity. And he's got a bounty on her girlfriend's dad! A TALE FOR THE IMPERFECT Drama/Fantasy did. David Lowery David Lowery's emotional tale follows a married woman guided by a mysterious force on a journey of self-acceptance, letting herself be heard, and how small things can make the biggest difference in the world. AQUARIUS Crime/Thriller/Comedy dir. Josh and Benny Safdie A harried waterpark employee manager desperately tries to escape his past and build his name up in the tourist city of Wisconsin Dells, WI, while making a complete mess of his interpersonal relationships and inadvertently threatening to tear the town apart.
  3. @Xillix here are full grades for everything:
  4. 1. Thirsty 2. Paradise Island 3. The Most Wanted Man in Great Britain 4. Gateways 5. Spark: A Hero's Promise 6. Children of Eden 7. Borrasca 8. The Last Policeman 9. Hired Guns 10. Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. the Current Hollywood Landscape 11. Fiesta Loca 12. The Trapped Keeper 13. Plus One 14. Voicemail 15. Mass Effect: Ascension 16. Shiverin' Gulch 17. Lumberjanes: Secret of the Eye 18. Pokemon: The Cinnabar Conspiracy 19. Super Mario Bros. 20. TIE: The APP: The Jeremy Renner App - The Movie / The Thin, The Phat, and the Felon 21. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea 22. Little Black Bugs 23. The Power of Love 24. The Girlfriend Hoax 25. The Ancient Magus Bride and the King of Cats
  5. Full List: Thank you @4815162342 @Rorschach @Blankments @YourMother the Edgelord @Reddroast @SLAM! @Ethan Hunt @Xillix for making so many great movies this year!
  6. Okay so Gateways, Most Wanted Man, Borrasca, and Children of Eden aren't number one, so what is? This is actually a film I pre-read as an outline, one that I liked a good bit, as i kept thinking about it and watching it come together in its finished form, more of the pieces came together in this wild, sweet, progressive, hilarious, soulful, and genuinely joyous little surprise. It's something that's kept growing on my mind, and I wanted to recognize it by making it my number one film of the year. Without further ado... 1.
  7. 6-25 will be revealed in a completely random order. Pay attention to numbers. Let's begin. 14. 22. 25. 24. 18.
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