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  1. This is maybe the most post modern thing I've ever seen in terms of contemporary film developments.
  2. I'd honestly prefer 8/26 substantially if only for the reason that I'll be going to Toronto on September 6-10 and want to get as much reading done as I possibly can before then. But Labor Day is fine.
  3. The Farewell did $350k in 4 theatres. That's the same PTA that The Big Sick had. Could have a very nice run ahead, especially since it's much more of a crowd pleaser than most art house films of its ilk.
  4. Unplanned hadn't been released in Canadian theatres before this weekend. It inspired a shitstorm of controversy that inadvertently led to free publicity. Glad to see it was at least frontloaded from Friday.
  5. Smh why deprive us of a universe where two Tom Hardys exist
  6. I saw The Last Black Man in San Francisco today and honestly it does a really good job of capturing the kind of tone I want for Paradise Island. It won't be too long, but I'm really excited to start putting it together.
  7. I'm cool with the 21st. And that's saying something given my current predicament!
  8. Good call, @Slambros. Like Reddroast said....there's a lot going on but essentially Butch Hartman can go fuck himself.
  9. Some bad news (and good news) for @cookie: The bad news: The good news:
  10. @CayomMagazine JPOP band AKB48 will sing an extended version of the cartoon song "Minkey Momo" for the movie XJ9. Their cover will play over the end credits and feature briefly in the film.
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