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  1. CAYOM Academy Awards - A New Idea

    Sounds good - Unless @cookie, @Rorschach, and @Electric need more time to finish their lists, expect the nomination process to begin the day after Actuals end.
  2. Bastien's Twitter Reviews

    Rorscach and Electric will save the day! (BTW you've given Spark, Shadow, and B&F great reviews so we're good )
  3. Hello, CAYOM'ers! Looking towards the Academy Awards this year, the process was simple in the past. We would create a nomination thread to post our ballots, then a tiebreaker thread, and finally, the nominations are announced. I'd like to suggest a change to this process, seeing what all of you think: Ballots for Nominations via PM: I know this is a big change from what we've customarily done in the past, but I think it would be a good change for two reasons. First off, it allows our selections to be more free of bias or outside influence, making them seem potentially more genuine. Secondly, it creates a bigger feeling of suspense and excitement once the actual nominees come out. What are your thoughts on this?
  4. Bastien's Twitter Reviews

  5. Bastien's Twitter Reviews

    @cookie I can update the Critical Consensus list if you'd like
  6. Bastien's Twitter Reviews

    Yay! Thanks for #5!
  7. CAYOM Magazine

    Awesome, thank you!
  8. CAYOM Magazine

    Sorry bout that - let me know if you'd rathrr have MacLaren
  9. CAYOM Magazine

    HOURGLASS's Y2 LINEUP FULLY ANNOUNCED - PART 1: After a debut year of beloved, ambitious, and exciting titles, Hourglass Pictures is thrilled to offer another year of exciting and cutting-edge titles sure to appeal to all kinds of moviegoers. In February, expect the release of Train 38, directed by James Wan. Following an environmental conference in Paris, a presenter (Kate Winslet) boards an underground train from Paris to London. As the train stops underground, mysterious events begin to occur, sparking distrust and fear among the trains' passengers, all leading to the discovery of a truly horrifying secret. Train 38 also stars Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Audrey Tatou, Gemma Chan, and Ciaran Hinds. The next month marks the release of Michelle MacLaren's Cyber. In this "period" piece, an aspiring senator (Michael B. Jordan) whose career is sabotaged by a bigoted governor (Bryan Cranston) is recruited by a band of hackers, led by an eccentric and volatile genius (Jonah Hill) and his girlfriend (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Fusing elements of poltical drama, thriller, and comedy, Cyber promises to be a truly unforgettable ride. Summer will bring The Simulation, directed by Alex Garland. Imagine a truly perfect world, one where we never felt any strife, where we could feel true freedom and have everything we ever want and need at our fingertips. At what cost would this world come? The Simulation stars Joseph Gordon Levitt, Lupita Nyong'o, Ewan McGregor, and Liam Neeson. A month later, expect the release of Countdown, directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Inspired by the pulpy adult-driven thrillers of the 70s, Countdown follows the plot of an NYC Detective (Denzel Washington) and an esteemed doctor (Angelina Jolie) who must work together to find - and shut down - a bomb that could destroy the city's biggest hospital. Bigelow said that it will be different from her collaborations with Mark Boal, but will definitely explore various social and political issues. Now for something far lighter: The Lonely Island meets Renaissance England in Jorma Taccone's The Scoundrels. Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer play William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, and Ben Jonson respectively, three of the era's best playwrights, not to mention best buddies. Deciding to pool their talents for one "mega-play", their friendship is tested and egos butt heads, and Europe will never be the same. PART 2 COMES LATER TODAY.
  10. Bastien's Twitter Reviews

    Wait a sec... @Bastien, you gave Me and My Shadow an A, right? I'm surprised it didn't show up in the top 25 then
  11. Year 1 - The Critical Consensus

    The gap will only grow once your list comes in.
  12. Year 1 - The Critical Consensus

    Aside from Seeing Her, Spark Rising, and White Hurricane, the Best Original Screenplay field seems FAR less competitive than the Adapted field
  13. Me and My Shadow and Spark Rising look like they're definitely in the Top 10 - fingers crossed for high rankings!
  14. Lol even I'm shocked at how well it's doing - it never really lit the world on fire in 2.0, nor did I intend for it to do so.

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