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  1. That's not HORRIBLE for Dolittle since it'll probably play well enough to families to get to a 20m weekend, but agaisnt a 175m budget, Universal will still be seeing red.
  2. @CayomMagazine Upon Bridgette Lundy-Paine's coming out as nonbinary, their character in Josh and Benny Safdie's AQUARIUS will be rewritten to reflect this. The film will not draw attention to their gender identity but acknowledge it as a reality.
  3. I do think that UG could end up pulling a Phantom Thread, but it was hard to use guilds and awards as a compasion point since it came out relatively late in the season.
  4. Right now, we need more of a sign that it's gonna play to the industry. Sandler not getting a SAG nod is a bit worrying for its further aspects, but it can recover if it gets more guild support.
  5. If Uncut Gems does really well in its expansion and gets a PGA nod, I actually do think it has a shot at getting the 9th spot. With The Farewell underperforming so far, A24 might as well go all in on this one.
  6. A Very Bountiful Christmas Cancelled, Third and Final Bounty Hamster in Y8 Due to a lack of promising leads in the writing department, as well as general consideration for Hourglass Pictures' long term strategy, Noelle Stevenson, David Soren, and studio CEO Michelle Haywood have made the decision to pull A Very Bountiful Christmas from development. The filmmakers were struggling to find a satisfying angle to take the project, and were also worried about letting the franchise drag on for too long. To that point, the third Bounty Hamster project, Marion, Cassie, and the Great Supernova of Y8, will be released in early Y8 and will be the final installment of the trilogy. Plot details are being kept under wraps until then, but David Soren and Noelle Stevenson are returning behind the director's chair, and the film is said to be one of the trippiest things the studio has ever done. Sophia Lillis remarked that the script is among the most surreal - yet hilarious and heartfelt - that she's ever read. Reportedly, the saga will end with 3 to take advantage of the heightened love of the saga from Two Lonely Bounty Hunters in Y5 and prevent the franchise from becoming burnt out and staying past its prime. Hourglass Pictures has declined to mention what would be taking its place in the Y7 schedule.
  7. Released November Y6, and attached to Jingle Hell (Green Band Version attached to Paradise Island). (NOTE: The film will premiere in March Y7 at SXSW.)
  8. @Alpha I know that this was not an easy decision to make, but sometimes it can be a hugely liberating burden off your back. I respect anything that will allow you to move forward more confidence and happiness in both your work and your own personal life. Sending LOTS of love and good vibes.
  9. I am completely floored and overjoyed. Thank you all so much for giving PARADISE ISLAND the award for Best Picture. This was a story I dreamed of ever since I saw reports on climate change destroying homes and cutting ties between people and all they had for no reason but geographic proximity. I wanted to tell a story to showcase the danger and toll that climate change has on our planet and our people, and that we truly are the cause of it. That said, we have something worth fighting for when we stand together and refuse to leave anyone behind. Our hearts may call to different places, but I know that deep down, we are part of a species truly cares about each other. Not only is it what we do, but it is what we must do to continue our survival and fight for a brighter future. Ever since joining CAYOM, I have loved working with your incredible voices and stories, and this year in particular was incredible. From @YourMother the Edgelord's magical, inventive, and heartwarming GATEWAYS to the debonair charm and exhilarating thrill of @4815162342's THE MOST WANTED MAN IN GREAT BRITAIN, down to @Rorschach's sobering slow-burn nail biter BORRASCA and the magic, soul, and commentary @Blankments weaved in CHILDREN OF EDEN, any of these films would have made an incredible choice. And that's not even mentioning the wondrous, fun, and lively films created by @SLAM!, @Ethan Hunt, @cookie, @Reddroast, and @Xillix. This is, indeed about all of us. Thanks for helping us create this space to let our imaginations run free, to show each other our own slice of the world, and to realize that in this bizarre, messy world, we are not alone, and we have something worth cherishing. Thank you.
  10. Holy shit, I'm legitimately blown away by the love Paradise Island has been getting. Thank you so much. Don't wanna jinx it for the last stretch though!
  11. Sounds like you need to manage your risks a bit more.
  12. This looks pretty great. Excited to see you branch out to smaller scale films.
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