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  1. If that happened LUMBERJANES would have been nominated for Best Picture and nothing else.
  2. Please remove the following. The Epsilon Syndicate: Art of the Dream Be More Chill BH3, or Marion, Cassie, and the Great Supernova of Y8 The Epsilon Syndicate: Operation Copycat Hotel Amora
  3. I am relinquishing all rights, include the following. Wallace and Gromit The Prince of Egypt * Psychonauts * Bounty Hamster * Fun Home Ragtime She Loves Me (the musical) Bingo Love (the comic) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Recess Strawinsky and the Mysterious House Lumberjanes * Come From Away (the musical) Chibi Robo Thunderbirds 1906 (by James Dalessandro) Clue My Life as a Teenage Robot * Pac-Man Atlantis: The Lost Empire Blacksad Neopets Six Starlight Express de Blob iCarly Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends The Oogieloves Powerline (A Goofy Movie character) @Blankments now has full rights for OH, HELLO! and BILLION SURPRISES TOYS and all characters therein.
  4. it's okay - i know you meant nothing wrong by it. For future reference, it is kinda the thing you ease into a bit.
  5. I didn't even vote for TOB in that category, sorry @Ethan Hunt.
  6. @YourMother the Edgelord I wouldn't tag the winner, since it kinda reduces the suspense.
  7. @CayomMagazine Reservations available during the Academy Awards.
  8. @CayomMagazine Marjane Satrapi (The Trapped Keeper) will helm The Feedback, crime dramedy starring Asa Butterfield, Nicholas Hoult, Lana Condor, Anthony Ramos, Madison Iseman, Jared Harris, Meagan Good, and Ben Foster. Diablo Cody will pen the script. After a mysteriously disastrous pop culture convention makes it debut, one of its staffers (Butterfield) discovers a sinister reason why things fell apart, tracing back to its unscrupulous convention chair (Hoult). The film will reportedly release some time in fall of Y8 but air during the festival circuit.
  9. THE AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE ANNOUNCES ANNUAL TOP 10 FILMS FOR YEAR 7 An annual tradition for the American Film Institue, they are pleased to announce the top 10 films of Year 7. Using statistics from both the Critical Consensus thread and the Review Aggregation thread, this list was created for AFI's top ten films. Films that made the top 10 in both threads were automatically included, while films with the next lowest sum of rankings filled any gaps. Without further ado, the films are below, listed in alphabetical order.
  10. Top 5 Guess: 5. Megalo Box 4. Countdown City 3. Laika 2. Miss Blakk for President 1. Notorious
  11. 1. Tower of Babylon 2. Laika 3. The Scavenger Wars: Part III 4. Miss Blakk for President 5. Countdown City 6. Notorious 7. Hilda and the Midnight Giant 8. Birdwing 9. Roman Fever 10. Toons v. Reality 11. Fatal Attraction 12. Green Lantern Corps: Home 13. Dear Evan Hansen 14. The Final Cut 15. Megalo Box 16. Pillars of Eternity: An Ancient Legacy 17. The Gift of Life 18. The Long Way Home 19. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 20. Should You Imagine? 21. Finders Keepers 22. Scooby-Doo: Cult of the Creeper 23. The Ends of the Universe 24. The First Month 25. Looping
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