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  1. Saw it today and loved it. I thought it was perfectly paced, very funny, all the fight scenes were awesome (with very good coreography and editing) and Margot Robbie was once again perfect in the role. Just wish there was more time to develop the other characters, but maybe that could ruin the pace so I thought it was fine. Also, I thought Ewan McGregor was a good villain, maybe a bit over the top, but that was probably their intention. Definitely recommend.
  2. Minha Mãe é uma Peça 3 surpassed Nada a Perder to become the highest grossing Brazilian film.
  3. Minha Mãe é uma Peça is way too popular. Frozen probably won't beat it this weekend.
  4. Great number but I'm not surprised. Should have very good legs but of course not near the first one.
  5. Just watched Minha Mãe é uma Peça 3. Great movie, a lot of laughs and theater was packed. Probably the best one in franchise. And even though I think the movie should upset some conservative viewers because it has a lot of gay content, I don't care about those people.
  6. I'm a huge fan of musicals and I went to watch this today. Even though there's some good things about this movie, I can't exactly recommend this to anyone because it's terrible. It doesn't actually have a plot, it's just one song after the other, and most songs don't work and all of the musical numbers are uninspiring (I can't believe that it was directed by the same guy who did Les Mis). It gets boring after the 4th song and it's such a drag, even for musical lovers. I think the main problem is they forgot that a movie must have a script to keep audiences interested. It looks like they just made a copy of the play, but lacking the good dancing and energy. And yes, Jennifer Hudson singing Memory is incredible and Francesca Hayward was not that bad, but it doesn't take away the fact that, in general, it's a horrible movie.
  7. Yeah, TROS is way more crowdpleasing than TLJ but that shouldn't have much of an effect here in Brazil.
  8. Just saw it and liked it very much. Some things could have been better/different but it's a fun and entertaining movie (way more than TLJ).
  9. Frozen is crazy popular here. If it wasn't for the ER, we could be talking about at least 40m.
  10. I don't know why. But I have a feeling that it will flop in Brazil, especially with the horrible ER.
  11. Don't know why it received such a low cinemascore. I enjoyed the movie very much and the people at my audience seemed very into it.
  12. End of November/beginning of December and it lasts until the end of January.
  13. I watched it on Friday and thought it was just fine. But apparently it's getting very good word of mouth in Brazil because everyone seems to love it. Will be interesting what it's going to do in the next few weeks.
  14. Saw the movie yesterday wanting to enjoy it but it was never possible. The movie is so slow and so boring that it made a story with great potencial become something so dry and emotionless. Brad Pitt is good but he didn't have much to do besides looking down or talking in a very slow way. The people at my theater didn't seem to enjoy it much. There was at least two people sleeping next to me and there was a guy snoring very loudly.
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