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  1. The three biggest Renaissance films together in the top 3.
  2. FFH numbers are kinda disappointing. It was such a great movie. It should be at R$100m+ by now.
  3. I knew it. It was the 2nd most anticipated movie of the year here (after AEG) and BATB did amazing numbers here in 2017. Should have good legs too.
  4. I really hope the movie is good, because that Hakuna matata clip got me worried about its quality and box office.
  5. Honestly, I'm not interested in sitting through a movie that I have seen twice just to see 6 minutes of new footage after the same 3 hours. I'll just wait for Youtube.
  6. It is nowhere near the hype beauty and the beast had and that lion king is having, but it could surprise if it's good.
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