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  1. Imagine what it could have made if it wasn't so bad
  2. Apollo2xx


    73 million in Brazil will be very tough. Exchange rates have never been worse.
  3. Previews for Shazam today are kinda weak, but we should wait for the weekend to see how it does. By the way, Endgame tickets are selling like water. Pretty much all sold out.
  4. Apollo2xx

    Monday numbers - Us 6M

  5. Could have something to do with the fact that ex-president Michel Temer just went to jail.
  6. Thursday ticket prices are the same of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's probably the worst movie going day.
  7. Fortunately, Coco managed to find an audience after flopping in brazillian theaters. It became very popular after its digital release and many people who watched it at home posted on social media how much they loved the movie and how it made them cry.
  8. The fact that Captain Marvel outgrossed JL's OW here in Brazil still blows my mind. I had no idea it could happen.
  9. Bohemian Rhapsody's 655m OS-China is only behind Infinity War on 2018 highest OS-China grossing movies.
  10. Apollo2xx


    Don't know about that, but it's doing huge numbers, bigger than BP, WW, AQM and only behind IW.
  11. My favorite is Skyline Pigeon. But I don't know if it's going to appear in the film.

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