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  1. I usually never see brazillian films but I watched this one with my mom last week and it was SO FUN! Everybody was just laughing and having a good time. This strong performance makes sense. Word of mouth is very strong.
  2. Yeah. People know she will play a huge part in EndGame so I think it will perform on pair with recent Marvel solo movies.
  3. Loved her character in Homecoming.
  4. Brazil has so much potencial. It hurts me to think that Infinity War could have made $110 million+ with exchange rates from 2011-2012.
  5. In Brazil, everything is possible. But the movie would need to be as good as IW.
  6. This is the first time I'm hearing about this movie, I didn't even know it was coming out. In my town, it had zero marketing. This will probably appeal just to hardcore fans.
  7. https://cinepop.com.br/uau-venom-passa-a-bilheteria-de-deadpool-2-no-brasil-197653?amp&__twitter_impression=true Top 10 2018 according to Filme B 1. Infinity War - 237 million 2. Incredibles 2 - 144 million 3. Black Panther - 120 million 4. Nada a Perder - 119 million 5. Jurassic World 2 - 80 million 6. Jumanji - 77 million 7. The Nun - 76 million 8. Hotel Transylvania 3 - 74 million 9. Venom - 71 million 10. Deadpool 2 - 67 million Don't know why aquaman isn't listed
  8. Just saw this a second time and it worked much better. The first time it was very hard to take it in because it is a very slow movie and I didn't like the way things turned out in the end. But now, knowing the story and what happens, I could just relax and watch it for fun, paying attention to the details.
  9. At least I think Aquaman will be able to keep most of its screens due to strong word of mouth and given the fact that there's zero hype to Mary Poppins and Mortal Engines and Ralph will only release in January 4.
  10. Excellent movie full of action scenes and money shots. Great word of mouth coming in.
  11. Here in Brazil (and in other countries too), all Marvel movies from May were released in the last weekend of April. Since the first Thor in 2011 it has been like that. So I guess they just want the movie to release in all countries at the same time to avoid spoilers and increase the WW opening weekend.
  12. I've only seen people complaining on Twitter. Most people didn't even know that movie existed so they didn't care about what was happening. And the fact that the tickets were being distributed for free makes no one mad.
  13. And next year they will probably release a "Part 2" of that film and the same thing will happen again. R$100 million wasted.
  14. Nah. It was the same thing that happened with The Ten Commandments. The "Universal" church bought all the tickets and distributed them. Some of their staff stayed next to the theaters and offered the tickets to anyone passing by. In the end, all of the rooms were apparently sold out but there was hardly anyone watching because most people didn't use the tickets.

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