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  1. Just read something about Costner's character that might throw viewers off. Interested how audiences will react and what the scores will look like lol.
  2. Jumping in a little late to the "audiences want original ideas" talk. I've always found audiences mean they want IP's that haven't been milked to death yet. They want something familiar, but in a fresh coat of paint. It's why you can take Dune - a story that's been copied over and over - and turn it into a 700 million blockbuster. It's why Barbie and Mario were the biggest films of last year. It's why Last of Us and Fallout are massive hits for television. Audiences don't actually want original ideas. That want stories from other forms of media that are treated with respect and of high quality. Then when those are done, and the nostalgia has been milked decades later, they move onto the next untapped IP with potential.
  3. Bucky is def in Thunderbolts because they don't have faith the concept will sell the film alone. Shame they're not growing their friendship further when it's the thing people like most about Mackie's Cap.
  4. There's a couple of action scenes they can add. Denis has been good at showing scenes only mentioned in the book.
  5. I love, love, love Villeneuve's foray into sci-fi. But I'd love to see him tackle another realistic drama after Rendezvous with Rama and Dune Messiah. Prisoners and Sicario gave me a sense of dread and anxiety I haven't experienced since and that's because they feel like reality.
  6. Poor Things stole Barbie's lunch. No two ways about it. Poor Things is R-Rated (nearly NC-17) Barbie. It goes further in its exploration of the same messages Barbie had to restrict itself because of its rating. Barbie is baby's first Feminist lesson while Poor Things is a Freshman majoring in Feminist Studies at university. It even overtakes Barbie's cinematography with its own experimental camerawork. If Poor Things didn't release last year, Greta and Margot would be nominated.
  7. Somewhere along the way Marvel forgot the massive team up films (Avengers, Civil War) weren't just culminating the most recent story, they just huge chances for a character to steal the show and break out. Avengers allowed Hulk to be a scene stealer while Thor and Loki got a boost in popularity. While Cap wasn't the best character, he still got a boost by association. This paid off as Thor 2 and Cap 2 had decent increases. But it also helped the OG team feel closer as Cap and Widow teamed up in Cap 2. Age of Ultron didn't have a break out character, but allowed Wanda and Vision to become well known to general audiences and they eventually found their fan bases. Civil War was absolutely essential in Black Panther and Spider-Man becoming as huge as they were. But having that built in trust with Cap and Tony starring made sure those two were exposed to audiences who didn't really know who T'Challa was yet and putting faith in another Spider-Man so soon after Garfield's. Them waiting for Kang Dynasty is killing the anticipation of a new Avengers team. Kamala should've made her big screen debut in an Avengers film in a scene stealing role. Shang Chi needs major exposure as his debut film was in the middle of COVID. General audiences know nothing about Sam Wilson's Cap. These character absolutely needed an Avengers film with already beloved characters like Spidey, Strange, Hulk, maybe Thor or Bucky on the team to bring exposure to them. Even Cap Marvel would've benefitted from having a significant role instead of a 5 minute cameo. Now we're left waiting on an Avengers film that may or may not happen before the phase ending extravaganza with a team that barely knows each other and may lose to set up Secret Wars and every nostalgia cameo they can find. Edit: Forgot how Infinity War, Endgame, and No Way Home made Strange as well.
  8. Ryan Reynolds wishing he wasn't joining the MCU so he could make this joke next year.
  9. If Cap 4 is a team up film, then Marvel/Disney might seriously consider calling it Captain America: New Avengers.
  10. I have an anecdote regarding Captain Marvel. I taught children overseas in Asia a couple years ago. I showed Endgame's opening and final battle for the last day of the semester. When Carol carried the Guardians' ship to Earth, one of my girl students went "Wow." Then when Cap Marvel beat up Thanos, she couldn't hold back her excitement and yelped in joy. After class, she asked me who Cap Marvel was, then she said she would watch her movie at home. This shit matters, worldwide, and Disney/Marvel deserves all this failure for not capitalizing on Cap Marvel's brief popularity following her film and Endgame.
  11. In a way, I think the negative press about presales is creating a game with audiences. How low can we get this opening weekend?
  12. Still don't understand that decision. We already had the loss of Chadwick in real life and T'Challa in universe. Why did they need to add Queen Ramonda to that? It made the film unnecessarily bleaker.
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