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  1. Imagine seeing Avatar in 2009 when there was no breakthrough tech, No Force Awaken no Infinity war. James Cameron did what other can't even imagine of and he's going to do the same thing again and again by pushing the technology to new level.
  2. I'm afraid I have to agree that other movies will decrease. Only if Avatar 2 makes 12B then I think there's slightest chance of others to decrease 100M to 200M WW from A2.
  3. 1 Avatar Fox $2,788.0 $760.5 27.3% $2,027.5 72.7% 2009^ 2 Titanic Par. $2,187.5 $659.4 30.1% $1,528.1 69.9% 1997^
  4. It's 57.70m yuan better than expected.
  5. Avengers: Endgame directors explain why Superman is "difficult" to get right The Russos talk about adapting the Man of Steel for film In an interview with Business Insider, Joe Russo said that the Man of Steel was "a very difficult character", adding: "You have to find an emotional flaw or weakness in the character in order to make them vulnerable." Anthony expanded on this point, stating: "The more powerful a character is, the more difficult [it is] to deal with that character on a narrative level. "As storytellers, and the way we explore characters, we always look for vulnerabilities in characters because that's where characters become interesting. They're superficially interesting in their strength, but they get much more depth when you find where they don't have that kind of strength. "In general, the more powerful a character is, the more tricky that is." https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a25569385/avengers-endgame-directors-explain-why-superman-is-difficult-to-get-right/
  6. Then it will be best DCEU movie to date. Your comment tells me it's better than WW right ? That's nice.
  7. Google fibre and 5G won't even reach 1% of this

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