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  1. Just saw the movie! In my opinion, on par with the first one. I think the action is better, but the humor is not as witty, and some gags are repeated so much throughout the movie that they become unfunny.
  2. I have the feeling that fans are going to dig this one. It has been made pretty clear that score aggregators mean next to nothing.
  3. At what hour does the review embargo end?
  4. I agree with you. I also think Ultron is a better movie than the first Avengers, despite having that awful scene in the cave. Age of Ultron delves more and better into the characters, and not just in the farm scene, which I obviously love. There is something unique about Whedon, which is that he captures the character's voices perfectly. Also, it has one of my favourite moments in the entire MCU: when the Avengers are fighting in the church, there is a moment when the real Ultron gets thrown out of it, and Thor, Iron Man, and Vision throw lasers at him. That is pure superhero crazyness, all the more glorious because it is the first time we see the Vision throwing beams out of the stone in his forehead, without any kind of presentation, because of course he can do it! I think this works so well because of how Whedon builds all the superhero nonsense in the previous scene. And this comes sadfully unappreciated. In my opinion, right now there is no one better than Whedon when it comes to handling superhero movies, and I think that Avengers and Ultron make for a diptych apart from the rest of the MCU that is far more intersesting. This is the MCU's very own TLJ.
  5. So that means that Enfys Nest is Rey's mother? Did I just start the speculation?
  6. Completely unexpected. They really are trying to turn the tide with the movie, we can give that to Disney. I guess we will have reviews two weeks before it opens worldwide.
  7. I think it is gonna do fine, even though how much it will earn will depend on how good the movie actually is.
  8. This is exactly why I have a hard time believing all those reports. This kind of movies get a lot of media attention, and its fanbase doesn't help. I think we all should give Alden some credit before throwing him under the bus.
  9. I stand by my opinion that TLJ will be kind of reivindicated by those who were left disappointed. I am also a big star wars fan and really passionate about it, and the franchise's new status quo is kind of dubious because we had never had a new star wars movie every year. I have some friends who say that they are making a lot of movies set in the universe, but in my opinion one movie in a year is not a lot. Not at all. I am really excited about Solo, more than I expected to be considering that I think it is a bad idea to make a movie about the character without Harrison Ford. By the way, and completely offtopic, I have just seen Kenneth Branagh's "Peter's Friends" and I think it is a lovely movie. So much as to have the need to write these lines :op
  10. She did a serious mistake with Solo, yeah. But in my opinion, she has also made some very good decisions. We have only seen three of the new star wars movies, so it is early to say wether she is a good person for the job or not, but imo she has made more good decisions than bad ones. And firing someone almost at the end of principal photography is undeniably serious... But also shows that she cares about the project in hands. She could have just called it a day and think that the movie would make a lot of money either way. Just look at how much the transformers movies do, and they are terrible.
  11. Dude, that is one of the most sensible comments about Kennedy I have seen in the internet in a very long while. I agree completely with you.
  12. In my opinion the acting coach thing will only pop up if Alden is not good. If he delivers, it will be mentioned as an anecdote. I know it is only one role, but I was quite impressed by him in Hail Caesar. I can't see how he could be bad in Solo.

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