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  1. I agree that MCU’s supporting casts have been great. Brie larson’s supporting cast was fantastic. The support has really helped the MCU movie universe.
  2. No. There are LOTS of other reasons. But strong characters of both genders and characters of different ethnic backgrounds are a factor in their worldwide success.
  3. I am very happy for CM. With this second weekend in the bank nobody can take away its blockbuster status. That argument is over for good. I think it’s also important to note that a good percentage of CM’s supporting cast is African American. In fact I thought SLJ carried a good part of this film. Marvel dominates because they understand diversity and inclusion better than any other major movie franchise in cinema history. People can be mad if they want. Look at the results! I couldn’t be happier.
  4. Despite the decline in theaters, BP finished in the top 5 for the weekend. And it’s in its 11th week! IW did give BP a push. This is the first time in history that Marvell has had 2 movies in the top 5 in the same weekend. Amazing! This is a reminder that BP and IW are on the same team. BP benefited greatly from the Marvel Universe family. And there is no doubt that IW record weekend was helped with the expanded audiences BP brought to Marvel. Everyobody won.
  5. I wonder if BP will see a slight bump this weekend? It may be tough to notice with the theater losses. But this weekend’s per theater average will be interesting.
  6. I finally saw this movie yesterday. I loved it! It was fantastic entertainment. Its very fast paced. The two hours flew by. It was much better than I expected. Its a classic fun movie. Critics who dislike it take the movie too seriously. Its not advertised as "War and Peace." I would strongly recommend this film.
  7. If BP is that close, perhaps Mickey Mouse's deep pockets could find 5-6 million in "adjustments?" I would love to see this movie hit 700.
  8. I wish I could add to this impressive total that Black Panther was so good and so culturally significant that it was the first Western movie to open in Saudi Arabia in 35 years. The movie broke the 35 year ban on Western Films that had been in place since the mid 1980s. No other movie has ever done that!
  9. At these estimates the movie will finish with an approximate profit of 160-200 million. Nice haul!
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