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  1. Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    Huh? It's all but assured to hit $700m. It needs just a shade over 2 million dollars. It will eek over that milestone over the next couple weeks.
  2. $60 million 3rd weekend is awesome for IW. Would definitely keep $700M well in play.
  3. Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    I feel like both films benefited each other greatly. IW from BP's success and BP's late legs from IW. It's a mutually beneficial relationship, in so many words lol.
  4. Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    Considering a few months before release people were projecting around a $700m worldwide total for BP (which would've still been solid), IW's record breaking run doesn't take anything away from what BP did in almost doubling those projections. Comparing a standalone film to a team up epic 10 years in the making isn't really applicable either.
  5. Cherry picking out some of the worst CG effects in BP and trying to act as though the majority of the film was of that quality is disingenuous and way too try hard. In the scenes where it was glaringly obvious, yes, it was an issue... but thankfully the movie is greater than the sum of its parts and it's only a small hiccup that isn't immersion breaking. If anything, the fact that the CG effects are looked at and generally agreed upon as the weakest part of the film is a credit to the quality of the film as a whole as well.
  6. Some people are determined to feel disappointed just for the sake of being disappointed by having placed these ridiculous expectations in their minds of what IW was going to do. Eternal pessimists looking for something to complain about. Calling a 110+ 2nd weekend "horrible" is so out of touch with reality I don't even know where to begin.
  7. Monday Numbers - A:IW 24.74M

    Insane Monday # for IW. I mean, what else can you say at this point. Internationally it is just straight up ridiculous too. Great Monday for Black Panther as well. Chances at $700m are what, 80%?
  8. Monday Numbers - A:IW 24.74M

    Interesting post. The fact is, Black Panther doesn't have a comparable in terms of anything else Hollywood has ever put out in terms of faithfully executing a film that could (and did) appeal to not only the still woefully underserved minority audience, but general audiences of every creed from every walk of life. I think you're misunderstanding Black Panther's impact beyond the fact that it was another incredible installment in Marvel's string of Phase 3 runaway successes. Besides being an excellent comic book film, it had an intriguing and multifaceted antagonist, a titular character who audiences were excited to learn more about, a locale steeped in African culture while at the same time celebrating Afrofuturism in a way its never before been depicted on screen and an important sociopolitical message tastefully weaved throughout in a way that perfectly complemented the other aspects of the film. Comparing Black Panther to what has come before it, those films and television shows you mentioned that had minority leads as protagonists, is an insult to what Coogler and company put on the screen. Not because they weren't good or important but because they didn't come close to putting it together in as good a manner or with the quality Black Panther did. To say "nobody" was waiting for Black Panther is insulting to those who have waited their entire lives to see a film like BP. I mean, the box office figures speak for themselves when it comes to Black Panther's place amongst Super Hero films even beyond the MCU but judging by the cultural zeitgeist is created (thanks due in large part to a massive amount of non-traditional movie goers feeling like they needed to see the film), I'm not sure your interpretation of what people were or were not waiting for is entirely grounded in reality.
  9. Is this poster serious? Or are they just confused, deplorable and desperate for attention in a thread that should be celebrating IW's historic OW? I can't quite tell.
  10. How is Black Panther even still doing this? Insane stuff. What a run.
  11. The last few pages of this thread definitely would've broken every box office record if it was released as a drama. I have to lurk more often.

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