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  1. $866 million domestic isn't happening though. $850 million is the ceiling. $835 million isn't out of the question as the floor.
  2. Yeah, it's looking like Endgame is going to finish in the 835-850 million range. Which is still, of course, fantastic. Some on here understandably were excited with the prospect of a billion after the OW and thought TFA was "locked". I was optimistic too but I figured that restraint and caution should have been exercised considering no movie had ever pulled in those types of numbers. Legs were always going to be a question mark considering the uncharted waters.
  3. With the Chinese market continuing to expand and Africa being a market that will boom in the future, not to mention inflation, I don't agree that $2.8 billion is the cap. Not even close.
  4. Considering people thought 300 million domestic was a reach before Black Panther released, does it really matter? It shattered every expectation and then some. Nothing takes away from the incredible box office run of that film. As a standalone original entry nonetheless which makes it even more remarkable. Decent hold for Endgame this weekend. If that Sunday hold for Pikachu transpires, solid outing for it as well.
  5. I'd be positively shocked if Endgame gets even a sniff of a Best Picture nomination. Agree that its late legs have the potential to be pretty solid though.
  6. Can't wait to watch this. The television spots have been knocked out of the park. $150m OW and $450m DOM total seems like a good ballpark to hedge bets on. Hope it can break $1 billion WW as well. And kudos to Brie for her important, accurate and relevant commentary. I hope she continues to be a voice that speaks up regardless of a very loud and vocal ignorant minority.
  7. The acting in Black Panther was one of the film's strongest suits, especially compared to the majority of MCU films. The deleted scene between Okoye and W'Kabi was particularly noteworthy and remains my favorite dialogue in any of the films. Letitia Wright was spectacular as Shuri though. She found the perfect balance and put some wonderful levity and charisma into the character.
  8. To me, this franchise is the greatest modern trilogy alongside the Rise/Dawn/War of/for the Planet of the Apes trilogy.
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