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  1. Black Panther's been living in your head rent free for the past *checks calendar* 10 months now. I absolutely fucking love it how much this movie bothers you.
  2. Unfortunately fudging 20 million is a little tougher than $40,000... just slightly tougher.
  3. A fudge job of 40 thousand dollars... give me a break. Nobody will ever care about such an infinitesimal amount that pushed Black Panther over the mark. And it certainly won't make the accomplishment any less legitimate or notable.
  4. svetlana99

    Thursday Numbers: MI6- $5.63M

    I mean, Black Panther was less than 50k away from $700m. The push is peanuts compared to the fudge and help other films get to hit milestones.
  5. Black Panther continuing to make the haters, or rather a particular obsessed hater in this thread, seethe. Love it. Well deserved wins for it and couldn't agree more with previous posters thoughts on Danai. I've long felt that her character on the Walking Dead did a disservice to the range and depth she's capable of displaying as an actress and hopefully Black Panther is the vehicle that allows her to develop into one of the next big stars in Hollywood.
  6. I, for one, find Black Panther excellent and well deserving of breaking the $700m barrier. But yes, we get it, you didn't like Black Panther and have been hoping for it to fail since its release. Not sure what you get out of reminding everyone about your views towards this film but okay.
  7. Next year I wouldn't be surprised to see TLK hit $800m Domestic and $2.2b WW. I have a feeling that Avengers part 4 isn't going to hit the heights some seem to think though. A $235m OW, $600m Domestic and $1.7b WW haul seems like a fair bet at this point in time.
  8. svetlana99

    Tuesday's Numbers: Ocean 8 - $6.22M

    You're ignoring the Black Panther hype effect for IW at the same time. In either case, these hypothetical adjustments are just that. Just as it is with BP, even though it did receive a late legs boost from IW, I think the same arbitrary claim for IW could be made and who knows if it makes $50m less domestically if Black Panther's hype didn't drive up interest amongst segments of the population who became fans of the MCU and were intrigued by IW due to Black Panther.
  9. svetlana99

    Tuesday's Numbers: Ocean 8 - $6.22M

    What the hell is happening in this thread. Also, please hurry up and get to $700m BP so the naysayers and doombringers who think it's going to stall out a couple hundred thousand short can be optimistic and cheerful for a handful of seconds.
  10. Hopefully this is just ignorance and not being willfully dense. Because it's painful to read.
  11. Thought I'd taken a hard right turn to the cesspools of Reddit for a second and had to double check I was on BOT seeing those terms littering this thread. But yeah, just seeing them written is straight up laughable and I can't imagine keeping a straight face if I heard them uttered in real life. Though, and I think it was this thread, the brief "soyboy" discussion earlier reminded me that the first time I ever heard that I thought it was referring to a new Starbucks craze. Wish I never learned the actual meaning of that one and could've lived in ignorance.
  12. svetlana99

    Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    Yeah, that poster's motivations and agenda with BP has been obvious from the start. First person I've ever ignored on here.
  13. svetlana99

    Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    Huh? It's all but assured to hit $700m. It needs just a shade over 2 million dollars. It will eek over that milestone over the next couple weeks.
  14. $60 million 3rd weekend is awesome for IW. Would definitely keep $700M well in play.

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