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  1. Box Office Brazil: A Quiet Place - #2 1,9M Love, Simon - #4 807k https://www.screendaily.com/box-office/ready-player-one-wins-international-session-on-82m-/5128080.article
  2. Thanks to the church and its believers, haha The church says it is not doing this, but in reality we all know they are. Kind of a form of disclosure. But even for free, many are rejecting just like I did.
  3. My phone automatically translated and I did not realize haha Of these, only AQP is doing very well. Love, Simon has many empty sections; Early Man debute in a few theaters and sharing public with Peter Rabbit.
  4. Yes, I'm from Brazil and thanks for the reception. I wanted A Quiet Place and Love, Simon to do well at the box office here, but with the movie bought from the church taking sections, it will hardly happen. They offered me a ticket for free and I refused.
  5. I figured that would happen. Yesterday I went to see this movie and the section was empty. This coming weekend will be played, will premiere Early Man, A Quiet Place and Love, Simon. In addition to the continuation of the church movie and Ready Player One. I want to see who will do better.

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