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  1. Minha Mãe É Uma Peça 3 became the highest grossing local film in history here in Brazil, with R$144m one month. I liked this film and it is much better than that of the quack minister.
  2. Frozen drop was bigger than I thought and to make matters worse there is still Jumanji next week.
  3. Minha Mãe É Uma Peça 3 is about to become the most successful local movie of all time.
  4. Yes it is. The theaters are very busy this month, the sections of both are crowding.
  5. Minha Mãe é uma Peça overtook Frozen on Thursday. Apparently the fight will be tense this weekend.
  6. wow phenomenon I won't be surprised if he passes Frozen next weekend, this movie is very strong.
  7. Paulo Gustavo is the king of Brazilian cinema. It's been weeks already and the movie has returned to the top spot. End of the year has his other film that will pump hard at the box office.
  8. I think it will flop a lot, no one comments on it here..
  9. At a time when Brazilian national cinema is down, seeing Minha Vida em Marte (My life on Mars) going super good is phenomenal. Okay, it's a comedy and this is the only genre that Brazilians like about national films, but it's nice to see they still have good box office.
  10. I said it wrong, anyway. The dollar is at 3.87. This data is box office mojo, much more accurate. Every Friday they update. That was the week of the premiere. Dragon Ball debuted at 1.7M https://www.boxofficemojo.com/intl/brazil/?yr=2019&wk=1&p=new
  11. https://www.omelete.com.br/bilheteria-brasil/10-janeiro-2019 Here it is in the local currency, but the dollar's price is at 3.84. Disputing against 2 other animations hurt him.
  12. Here in Brazil, this movie is not bad at the box office. It made 3.5M so far and is in the top 5. The big problem was the fierce competition that did not let the film stay in the top spots.
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