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  1. Literally the only place where Pika's numbers are considered disappointment is this forum. Anywhere else the film is considered a success. Sonic wouldn't survive where Pikachu was and that's a fact. DP was on track with what WB predicted it would make and it was easily there most successful non R rated film of the year. Anyways Paramount needs this cause they haven't gotten much in the W column and this is a breathe of fresh air for them.
  2. There's been a lot of Sonic V Pika literally in every thread. The last 3 pages of the Sonic thread for example. Paramount having a hit is what matters. Any studio besides Disney being successful is a good thing.
  3. It makes as much sense as you saying Sonic's 4 day is a comparison to Pika's 3 days. Why not do Sonic's 4 days with Pika's 4 days.
  4. This is exactly why comparisons between the two is not sustainable. Pikachu opened up with a ridiculous amount of competition including the highest grossing film of all time. Not to mention new blockbusters week after week after week. Sonic meanwhile's only competition is the lowest rated opening in the DCEU. It's next competition is a Pixar film getting zero buzz and a Disney live action that is doing everything possible to turn off domestic audiences while catering every which way to a country that is not even bothering going to theaters for a very good and serious reason. Wow Sonic's 4 day matching Pikachu's 3 day. So it couldn't match Pikachu's 4 days...good to know. None of these comparisons work, and in every which way possible Pikachu beats Sonic by a landslide. And that's with the amount of ridiculous competition Pikachu had. Just celebrate good video game films and hope this is a positive step forward for the genre. Also this is a thumbs up for Paramount.
  5. Depends on second weekend drop I guess. Sonic has way less competition then Pika did but depending on what it does this weekend plus the drops will ultimately determine things. Pika made 144M DOM. I doubt Sonic is touching Pika's WW. Not enough popularity for Sonic OS.
  6. Pika made 5.6 in it's previews. Sonic made 2.6 less then that.
  7. So much for it beating Pikachu. Which was what people are saying around here. Celebrate good video game films, it's only good for the genre and God does the genre need good movies.
  8. I mean at least we both acknowledge it's trash. Not a fan of the Pika and Sonic competition. Why can't we embrace both, are we forgetting these two tried to save each other from the snap? There's clearly no animosity.
  9. People seem to forget how much competition DP had and was still able to be successful. Sonic could not survive where Pikachu was. Sonic in it's place now has room to soar especially with such lackluster releases on the horizon and BOP being a flop BO wise. I don't think Sonic will make more then Pikachu but here's hoping WB takes notice and gives Pika 2 a better release date. And Paramount needs a win. This is a win for video game films and Paramount a non Disney studio. It's more then welcome. With Pika 2, Mortal Kombat, and Mario on horizon hopefully the video game movie genre only goes up from here.
  10. So far Sonic is looking at a 4 million preview. Which could lead to a around 45 million weekend. In my area for preview night Sonic is doing decent. No showings are sold out. But they are semi full.
  11. The games literally were some of the highest selling hand held titles of all time but go off I guess. The success of the games also is why they created the anime and not to mention the trading card game. Why people feel the need to compare this to DP is beyond me. A successful video game film is a success for all. DP was a success, this is looking to be a success. That's great, and now there's hope for a future for video game films.
  12. I think for the sequel they should bring in Red played by someone like Tom Holland. Pikachu and Baby Yoda were superior and the stars only difference is Baby Yoda was not supposed to be the star. Pikachu was.
  13. This guy lifted the curse. As of this post Sonic dropped to a 69% We're not gonna have a clear trajectory till likely tonight in regards to the tomatometer.
  14. Who knows what video game films will start coming soon thanks to the success of Pika Pika and now Sonic. Of course we'll get sequels for both. We've got Mortal Kombat and Mario. Hopefully Disney will bring in Kingdom Hearts into the mix when they see how well video games can perform as films. Though TBH I'd prefer a Disney + KH series. Persona 5 screams Netflix Live Action Adaptation.
  15. 45-50 M OW. Really good. It also helps that BOP is such a huge flop so many theaters will likely be giving this the big screens the entire day instead of just mornings and matinees.
  16. On the plus side box office for Sonic looks promising, not DP level but still a good thing especially for Paramount. It's gonna be refreshing to start seeing more video game movies. We got Mortal Kombat, Detective Pikachu 2, Mario, and likely Sonic 2 coming.
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