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  1. 2kt09

    Dax's movie fight showcase thread

    Bautista's been at this game for quite some time if any of you recall Man with the Iron Fists. I don't expect this "crossover" to disappoint. I also plan to get around to these two:
  2. All of a sudden this looks like something Hawley made. That's called House of M, not Dark Phoenix.
  3. Same continuity or not...you're talking about being dead by retirement age, which for superheroes constantly having to cancel the apocalypse sounds like a fair predicament.
  4. 2kt09

    Dax's movie fight showcase thread

    Skip it. Waste of talent. Best not CG heavy fights in a 2019 movie so far have been in
  5. There isn't ever much to say about whoever has to play the token black comedian/tertiary sidekick in a major tentpole production. WB has already put out 4 LEGO movies, 2 Fantastic Beasts (second one is scarce with beasts), 1 Ready Player One The implication of those other aforementioned WB movies is that they found a recipe that works. In the case of Wreck-It-Ralph & The Angry Birds Movie, the same method applies: how much of the same stuff can you vary? Jumanji WTJ is a whole 'nother level in metafiction. Sony has no idea the gold they just mined.
  6. They hired some voice actors to do the animal noises while the celebs throw in their lines after. It's the new normal for subtitles.
  7. Hollywood finally pushing back against the soccer mom takeover with this flick.
  8. I was suprised how well it did work. The range of emotion and expression was impressive. That IS the argument. They spent all this money and labor just to do that gimmick.
  9. ...hope you don't mean the Gaston x Lefou stuff
  10. This was back when Dreamworks was perfecting that eyebrow raised smirk - in their prime. The live action disney movies?
  11. well then this must be the "Venom" of PG movies
  12. There's also more innuendo than your avg kid-friendly flick...I don't even remember Jack Black being this raunchy in his recent flicks
  13. The kind of jokes they have Reynolds throwing around seems like it's geared to an audience older than the "family-friendly" crowd.

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