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  1. Disney don't need 'em. Sony doesn't need Disney either because killing Tony Stark got them to that billi movie as opposed to being the odd one out when Stark in movie = 1 billie post-2012.
  2. They own what matters re: Spider-Man. And they've gotten more brands since MCU's inception and even bigger brands since the Sony deal.
  3. The other TLK acronym was more than just people got tired. They managed to make one that alienates everybody by trying to cater to everybody in the most hodgepodge way possible. How those same IM writers ended up getting yet another blockbuster is beyond comprehension. Before that, these flicks were straight forward af. Pirates of the Carribean is more people got tired.
  4. Those Forbes/comicbook.com reports never specified. I know for sure Fox only had tie-in merchandising. Legit question, how much do those particular rights cost in full? The only scenario that would make sense in a 50/50 split is if Sony got back a significant portion, so they can chug on til' their pockets content on making how ever many Spidey flicks just to exponentially boost sales for everybody.
  5. Well at some point then, Sony sold the merchandising back in 2011. They got into this deal hoping they'd get their shit together with this IP and make sure it's bankable enough to keep holding on to it (even put in place penalty safe guards if they with Marvel didn't gross a certain amount). They managed to make the IP bankable + award-winning without Marvel. So, what's Sony's financial incentive for Disney wanting a bigger cut when they could have continued w/e deal they currently had in place?
  6. Dunno what the obsession is as almost every adaptation has been better than that "epic". They'll do House of M.
  7. It easily coulda/woulda/shoulda easily. It needed somewhere around 10 mil, but then the extension came the very next day as soon as they wanted the other 30. I'm hoping the next one doesn't feel the necessity to spend this much to make this kind of splash.
  8. Avatar didn't need the rerelease to claim the top spot. Are we done here? In 2020, there will be double the number of movies that crossed the 2 bil mark.
  9. Surprised by the amount of parody/deconstruction excised out of the books. Surprised how much more straight-laced the show's approach is to the material. Rogen & Goldberg were definitely not as involved for this one.
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