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  1. Google lists a release date for 2 years from this Nov apparently
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody A Star is Born The Grinch (franchise) (animated remake)A Quiet Place (franchised) Crazy Rich Asians (franchised) (two sequels forthcoming) The Meg (franchised) (what monster shark movie isn't?)Ready Player One (😂🤣)Peter Rabbit (franchised) (sequel next year)The Mule Rampage A Wrinkle in Time It (franchised) (sequel out this year) Coco Dunkirk Get Out The Boss Baby (franchised)The Greatest Showman Split (franchised) (Unbreakable Cinematic Universe) Wonder Girls Trip Baby Driver (franchised) (Wright's forthcoming first sequel ever) Murder on the Orient Express (franchised) (sequel next year) The Secret Life of Pets (franchised) Zootopia (franchised) Sing (franchised)Moana (franchised) Hidden Figures Trolls (franchised) (sequel next year) La La Land Central Intelligence The Legend of Tarzan (franchise) (what number is this in the Tarzan saga?)Sully Bad Moms (franchised) (the Christmas sequel)The Angry Birds Movie (franchised) (sequel out this year)Arrival Passengers Sausage Party Inside Out The Martian The Revenant Home (franchised) (tv spinoff) Straight Outta Compton San Andreas Daddy’s Home (franchised) Kingsman: The Secret Service (franchised) (prequel next year) The Good Dinosaur (franchised) (woah, a DTV sequel...WDA still did those?) Spy Trainwreck American Sniper The LEGO Movie (franchise) (LEGO Cinematic Universe)Maleficent (franchised) (sequel out this year)Big Hero 6 (franchised)Interstellar Gone Girl Divergent (franchised)Neighbors (franchised)Ride Along (franchised)Into the Woods Lucy The Fault in Our Stars Unbroken Mr. Peabody and Sherman (franchise) (21st century tv spinoff)The Maze Runner (franchised)The Equalizer (franchised)Noah Edge of Tomorrow (franchised)Non-Stop Imitation Game Iron Man (franchised) (Marvel Cinematic Universe)Hancock Wall-E Kung Fu Panda (franchised)Twilight (franchised)Horton Hears a Who (franchise) (animated remake)Sex and the City (franchise)Mamma Mia! (franchised)Gran Torino Marley and Me Slumdog Millionaire Wanted Get Smart (franchised)The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Four Christmases Bolt Tropic Thunder Bedtime Stories Journey to the Center of the Earth (franchised) Eagle Eye Step Brothers You Don’t Mess With Zohan Yes Man 10,000 BC Beverly Hills Chihuahua Pineapple Express 21 Valkyrie What Happens in Vegas Jumper (franchised) (tv spinoff)Cloverfield (franchised) (Cloverfield Cinematic Universe) Transformers (franchise)I Am Legend Alvin and the Chipmunks (franchise)300 (franchised)Ratatouille The Simpson’s Movie (franchise)Wild Hogs Knocked Up (franchised)Juno American Gangster Enchanted The Bee Movie Superbad I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Hairspray Blades of Glory Ghost Rider (franchised)Meet the Robinsons Norbit The Game Plan The Bucket List Bridge to Terabithia Beowulf (franchise) Disturbia Cars (franchised)Night at the Museum (franchised)The Da Vinci Code (franchised)Happy Feet (franchised)The Pursuit of Happyness Over the Hedge (franchise) Talladega Nights Click The Departed (franchise) (American remake)Borat The Devil Wears Prada The Break-Up Dreamgirls Failure to Launch Inside Man Open Season (franchised)Eight Below Nacho Libre You, Me and Dupree Eragon Monster House Chronicles of Narnia (franchised)War of the Worlds (franchise)Wedding Crashers Madagascar (franchised) (Madagascar Cinematic Universe)Mr and Mrs Smith Hitch The Longest Yard Fantastic Four (franchise)Chicken Little Robots Walk the Line The Pacifier The 40 Year Old Virgin Fun With Dick and Jane Flightplan Monster in Law Are We There Yet? (franchised)Brokeback Mountain The Dukes of Hazard (franchise)March of the Penguins (franchised)Constantine The Exorcism of Emily Rose (franchise)Four Brothers Sin City (franchised)The Interpreter The Passion of the Christ Meet the Fockers (franchise) (uhhh...Meet The Parents was 2000) The Incredibles (franchised)The Day After Tomorrow National Treasure (franchised)The Polar Express Shark Tale I, Robot Troy 50 First Dates Van Helsing Farenheit 9/11 A Series of Unfortunate Events (franchised)Dodgeball The Village The Grudge (franchise) Collateral The Aviator Million Dollar Baby Starsky and Hutch Along Came Polly Mean Girls (franchised)Anchorman (franchised) The SpongeBob Movie (franchise)The Notebook Man on Fire The Terminal Garfield (franchise)Ray Ladder 49 Christmas with the Kranks White Chicks Sideways Success drives an industry and that shift from what used to be the highest grossing movies market to now tells the story just fine. At a relatively different scale, yet just as pervasive, Look at all the horror, action, and scifi movie franchises. There was certainly more than enough straight-to-video sequels prior to streaming. Batman & Superman weren't the only superheroes being franchised before Marvel really got going. This whole cinematic universe trend can't move any slower.
  3. Is that recent Film Gob vid a good re-cap of previous pages?
  4. If this has the legs of the last two it won't make a difference.
  5. Can Glass be a funny book movie? Just got around to Alita and it looks like 2019 so far is without a well written cbm.
  6. The guy who has a cut or two or three for every movie?
  7. Just going to have to give it the necessary legs for them to go for it.
  8. That will be a first for the MCU. They've always gone for "Ultimate" or attempted the closest thing to it. Heck, Thor's endgame was being the hippie schmuck he was intro'd as in those books. The Tim Story movies were hardly Ultimate.
  9. I hear Supergirl & LoT operate in reverse. Can confirm on LoT...Supergirl is just slightly more tolerable I guess.
  10. From all the "middle rung" cbm's being pumped out thus far the standard has seriously shifted to where movies like Last Stand & SM3 are somehow head & shoulders above, especially in the way those movies are written will actually be lauded than scorned.
  11. What's the current bet now? the two Rock movies? I totally forgot about IT 2.
  12. So, how much of the movie feels like it's been changed due to apparently what they originally had was too similar to Cap Marvel? Also, how much does it feel it's been changed from a 2-parter?
  13. More movies. They don't look at one movie of a franchise & go, "this other unrelated movie is doomed." See above. LEGO get by on so little, but they have hundreds of hours worth of content. One Toy Story knockoff of ten others goes under, whoop di doop. No because scifi/fantasy have been impacted most. Illumination could do the industry a favor by making more movies like Sing, not musicals necessarily...just not as dumb as the average kid's movie.
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