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  1. That's what I mean when I said non-Spidey Marvel movies. Although, yeah technically just non-Spidey superhero movies in general in the 2000s. There were plenty in the ballpark of Thor, TFAvenger, and TIHulk.
  2. From just box office reciepts, people were opening up to Hulk, Thor, & The First Avenger not much differently from other non-Spidey Marvel movies. It was Iron Man and then The Avengers that really kicked the doors off for the rest of the franchise.
  3. A huge risk to people who don't know the amount of toys you could sell. RoboCop, an original IP, was milked for all its worth within that first wave of comic book movies. Hulk has had middling adapted material since the Lou Ferrigno show. Most of Thor's origin movie is split off from the Norse God goodness. Not enough RAH RAH jingoism in Captain America. The movie even specifically pokes fun at that in his OG costume because Steve Rogers is now apparently more boring than that. Feige's genius starting out is that he stuck to the grounded way of doing things before we get to Whedon's Transformers. GOTG is something you'd expect a decade ago, primarily from tv...not sure why that genre fizzled out. Captain Marvel if it follows the formula, should be scratching that GOTG itch. To supercede Black Panther, it'd have to be a little of everything MCU.
  4. Either overestimating Vin Diesel's star power or overestimating the other comic publisher who's just now deciding to make a movie. Would love if it happened just because the market isn't that competitive especially compared to the 90s.
  5. Aquaman to the contrary, if SS wasn't clear enough already, is more proof that the movie in front of you matters most rather than what came before and what comes next. The self-advertising phase of mega spinoff franchises can die off swimmingly.
  6. But that's also when he went by the other name. The marketing speaks for itself in how much folks are riled up. I'm just waiting for the reveal of other characters, so I can boost my projection...unless they want to keep that under wraps before release.
  7. That baby boomer generation is not a good measure of gauging interest. like Jonah Hex? Watchmen?
  8. Black Panther had music by Kendrick and The Weeknd. Songs played constantly on the radio. Black Panther had #WakandaForever. Cardi B used it in one of her songs several months after. Black Panther had this.
  9. Hobbs also supposedly retired to spend more time with his kid since the end of F8
  10. Hobbs & Shaw Under FF9 Club not enough chicks not enough cars
  11. Vanessa Kirby was in Mission Impossible last year - "the mission is compromised" David Leitch did a self-aware action comedy with an antagonistic cyborg last year that's a lock.
  12. It's a weird advertisement. I get product tie-ins. I even got creative and absurd marketing like Deadpool. He even did one with some playground kids dressed up in X-gear. This is we're going to film some kids show their support for the DVD cover blurb. Maybe they're saving this for the documentary.
  13. When you sratch your head, you have no idea what's happening. It's a confused expression. I took it one step further by scratching so hard I'm bleeding

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