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  1. How does one find a fanboy who also happens to be a competent uber movie producer? Producers like Kevin Feige don't grow on trees
  2. I wish Warner Bros would send George Miller a bouquet of flowers so he could give us some more Mad Max sequels.
  3. Any other studio head would've "replaced"/fired Snyder after the BVS performance. It's a good thing Tsujihara isn't running the show anymore.
  4. If the Avatar movies are released as disney movies, does this mean they aren't part of any pre-existing deals FOX made in the past?
  5. Can Warner Bros stream Legendary/sony movies like Blade Runner , Pokemon and Dune on their future streaming service?
  6. How did he write the script for this movie so fast? It's only been a few months since he came on board, how is this possible?
  7. Is Disney the only studio who has a chance of being successful in streaming? What happens to the rest of studios when this happens?
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