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  1. How does one find a fanboy who also happens to be a competent uber movie producer? Producers like Kevin Feige don't grow on trees
  2. Maybe WarnerMedia shouldn't bother with their streaming service now.
  3. I wish Warner Bros would send George Miller a bouquet of flowers so he could give us some more Mad Max sequels.
  4. Any other studio head would've "replaced"/fired Snyder after the BVS performance. It's a good thing Tsujihara isn't running the show anymore.
  5. If the Avatar movies are released as disney movies, does this mean they aren't part of any pre-existing deals FOX made in the past?
  6. Can Warner Bros stream Legendary/sony movies like Blade Runner , Pokemon and Dune on their future streaming service?
  7. Is Disney the only studio who has a chance of being successful in streaming? What happens to the rest of studios when this happens?
  8. Who gets the larger share of the box office profit, Warner Bros or Legendary?
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