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  1. I'm ready for the trailer. Orm, Mera & Manta look cool ... Jason looks like he did in JL so no surprise. The trolling that goes on in these threads is so fucking pathetic it makes it people not even want to post here. People need to grow up and move on.
  2. WOW, I am so excited for this trailer and seeing the movie. Those pics are excellent.
  3. The other thing is Fantastic Beasts second weekend was Thanksgiving which helped aide things ... and didn't really have anything run into it until Rogue One.
  4. Fantastic Beasts didn't open to 65 million overseas ... even if Solo legs it out to a 230 or so finish in the US, it's not even a guarantee to beat out fucking Rampage worldwide. Horrendous result for Disney, but I think they'll survive Solo & Wrinkle in Time.
  5. It's the first major Star Wars movie I haven't been to opening night since Attack of the Clones. LOL Nobody was dying for this film and if their next solution is Boba Fett, it's going to be an even bigger disaster.
  6. God damn, Deadline doing their best to try to make it seem like it's not a dog shit # for a Star Wars film. LOL
  7. The third films in previous trilogies actually had something to push people to return for ... Luke facing off with his father one last time ... or Anakin becoming Darth Vader. What the fuck does Episode 9 have to excite people to return?
  8. Deathly Hallows 2 Midnight was one of the 2 best 'midnight' showings I've ever attended ... was showing on 5 screens, which I'd never seen before at my theater. Usually if you had more than 1 at that time of night it was a shock. Crowd went wild for everything. ... also, The Dark Knight was just ridiculous at the time. I know why they don't do the midnight thing anymore, but the feeling is a bit different at a 7pm/8pm showing. Regarding IW, seems we have a typical enormous day/weekend, but expectations may have gotten the best of some people. I saw the film last night and really enjoyed it.
  9. Dude, do you realize you're likely responding to the same guy who's word you approve of on 'another board'. LOL his takes on reddit & 'the other board' are identical, and match up in terms of when they've been said. If you believe in the Shape, you probably should believe in the ViewerAnon, because I suspect they're the same person. Very excited by the Halloween news and can't wait to see a trailer.
  10. Well, to be fair, Viewer Anon has become pretty reliable when it comes to screenings. He pretty much spoiled Justice League on reddit (to the dismay of many DC fans) after seeing it at a screening and had ticket proof. He's kind of the go to guy for this crap. Also, The Dark Shape on KJ has mentioned seeing it and talked about it there. @grim22 talked about it in this very thread. I mean ... yeah, it's adding up. I mean, I know you're all about John Carpenter's words ... but people lie in this business every day. It's likely he said that because the story had negative connotations. I don't know ... doesn't really matter .... there have been some horrible Halloween movies over the years and I've seen every one of them multiple times, so I don't really care, I'll be there opening night.
  11. He also liked Wonder Woman (although I remember him being very skeptical of it based on early rumblings) ... so yeah, good to hear. I don't expect a trailer til closer to comic con, but DAMN, I'd like to get a glimpse of Wan's Ocean Master & Black Manta.
  12. I had read they were going to 'age' the mask since it had been 40 years, and based on the poster looks like did a good job as it still looks like the original mask style, just all dinged up. Also love that the font on the title is the same style as the original films. Probably the movie I'm most looking forward to in the 2nd half of the year.
  13. The EW review was bad (C-) ... hilarious thing is that the reviewer was talking up all his recent bad choices/movies ... including Jumanji and talking about how his goodwill might run out if continues. It's like WHAT ... a movie that only opened to like 40 million & ended up making 400+ in the US and nearly a billion worldwide might help hurt his goodwill. LOL Either way, can't say the movie excites me very much though.
  14. Seriously, they made people wait an extra 90 minutes for THAT. That was pretty terrible.

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