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  1. Movies have introduced multiple characters for decades and done so sufficiently in 2 hours. You're over-inflating the general audiences needs when it comes to movies like this. It's a comic book movie.
  2. Good ... audiences might have revolted if it was 2 hr 50 minutes. (I'd prefer 2hr 15 minutes, but whatever, lets see how it flows) The fanboys (myself included) need to realize that studios aren't going to just solely cater to them, because they already have their money.
  3. It will be a flashback. The first trailer from last year has them burying a mother box ... and Snyder put out a storyboard of Bruce learning about the past, so I'd guess he gets a history lesson from Diana.
  4. While I'd love to see even higher, I kind of am feeling that 160 opening and 370-400 finish. I suppose it could finish above Wonder Woman, but I'm afraid the late legs might get clipped by SW and not having quite the repeat business/word of mouth that film had in the summer.
  5. No, based on the buildings in the scenes, it likely is taking place in Pripyat by Chernobyl, so no one there in 30 years.
  6. 2 hour run-time ... while I'd usually prefer a superhero film to be about 15-20 minutes longer, I can't say I'm shocked given the talk of certain aspects being removed from the film. Even though I didn't hate BvS (theatrical) that movie was 150 minutes and it FELT IT at times, so if Whedon can trim down some of the fat and just make a smooth team up film, fine. Love all the new spots and clips.
  7. Youtube version ... TV Spot seems to have a few moments that are likely early rendering of color grading (the Aquaman launch from the Batmobile). Also, weird how they flip shots for some reason. When WW says lets go in the red skies place, she's been 'flipped' and also later when she clashes her bracelets the image is flipped.
  8. The 1 minute Instagram version of the trailer just aired on Fox during Packers-Cowboys, with the Clark/Lois intro added before it. I love some of the added shots in that one.
  9. Love this shot. So much more done to the landscapes with since the first few trailers. Love the red and man, the Batman scene with lightning creates this image.
  10. Hmm, with the twitter emoji's coming out and magazine promotion, figured would be this week. (Still could be) Next week is the final Star Wars trailer, so I doubt they'd want to release it next to that as it will be overshadowed. Also, with Gal hosting SNL and on Tonight Show this week, would be good time to promote movie. Hopefully soon, as I'm pretty excited for new footage.
  11. I think you know the answer given iJack's GoTG2 & Spidey predictions were even higher than this if I recall. Either way, it's not the thread for what this will lead to, so just given iJack his prediction, and we'll see what happens in November.
  12. Man, at this pace It is gonna push 350 domestic and 600+ worldwide.
  13. No chance in hell WB cuts their legs off (especially worldwide) by releasing Bond 2 weeks later. HOWEVER studios really going to just have to say fuck it and move into January, September, October, etc, because there's just not enough prime real estate in these big month anymore with Disney controlling animation, Star Wars & Marvel.
  14. So in other words, we're to believe Blade Runner & Kingsman are more anticipated than It, which is going to crush both. Look Thor 3 is going to do awesome, but it's just the next MCU movie in the conveyor belt, it's not opening to 150+ million.

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