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  1. AdamKendall

    MLK Weekend Thread: Glass - 3.7m previews

    Well, as of yesterday it was at 1.037 ... probably 1.04 going into Friday. I'd guess it's close to 1.07 billion after Monday.
  2. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/christopher-mcquarrie-mission-impossible-films-back-to-back-1202986902/ Notice how they talk about how they're filming back to back due the series popularity ... and not due to the fact that Tom Cruise is turning 57 years old this year. Oh well, should be good stuff. They really need to think about wrapping Ethan Hunts story though ... at some point Tom will not be able to do this crazy shit anymore.
  3. All true, but just wait until Disney puts out the next 'MPR' type film/property with prestige, and guess what people will be suckers again because they just can't help themselves. I mean, we really had people who were expecting grand-parents to take their families to this film in droves. I saw it written all over the place. How delusional can people be in 2019? 300-400 always seemed laughable and I could never understand the fascination on this board for it.
  4. That WhatCulture article wasn't big on Warner Bros in 2018. lol Projected 300 for Aquaman, gonna do 1.1+ billion. Projected 250 for Ready Player One, did 583 million. Projected 180 for Meg, did 530 million. Projected 130 for Tomb Raider, did 275 million. The projection for all 4 films is still 300 million below where Aquaman might finish.
  5. You're giving them WAY too much credit considering how shitty their multipliers are so often. LOL
  6. Well, it's gonna sink after opening weekend, and that should help late Aquaman legs. LOL
  7. AdamKendall

    Tuesday Numbers: AQM $3.9M +51%

    Yeah, with these overseas holds it's beginning to look like missing 1.1 billion is gonna be tough. Looks like 780 million + 335 to me right now.
  8. Oh shit, forgot about B&TB ... yeah, I don't see CM doing 175+. 125-140 range I could see.
  9. You think it's going to do more than 166 million OW? I mean, anything is possible, we'll see.
  10. Damn, critics got absolutely blown the fuck out with that win.
  11. VERY VERY outside chance it could reach Skyfall, but will probably miss it. IMO almost zero shot at Civil War unless it unexpectedly blew up in Japan (which it almost certainly won't) The goal should be passing The Dark Knight Rises at 1.084 and get to #24 all time.
  12. The total makes sense but AQM didn't do 56.2? Was like 44.

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