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  1. Holy shit, if 32 holds it just might reach upper 70's, near 80 million.
  2. I would guess B+, but who knows for sure. I see the audience & critics scores are identical right now at 80% ... the audience score actually went up from 78% earlier today. Whatever the final weekend # ends up being (65-75) is kind of meaningless in the big picture because it's going to be so much higher than any other opening for the series by like at least 2.5-3x. Huge success.
  3. For a horror film this might be the craziest theater situation I've seen at my local AMC. Halloween will be playing on 3 of the 9 screens in the evening this weekend. Usually you would see nothing more than the single screen for a horror film. I don't even think It had more than 2 screens opening weekend.
  4. Still sitting at #3 on MT with 10.5%, makes sense that it's not really jumping up too much with the Tuesday business. In terms of the opening, if Universal thinks 50 that's pretty much the floor, as you know they don't like to be high and look bad if opens lower. We'll see about the '70' possibility. Mid 60's sounds about right.
  5. Um, where ... the last we heard, industry tracking showed it jumped from 40+ to 60+ late last week.
  6. The people who were in Hall H pretty much say this was shown to them in July. Fun stuff, maybe a bit too much, but WB has to be thinking with a busy December can't be holding back. Box Office wise, kind of more interested to see how this plays in China than in US.
  7. It's also tracking for 3 weeks out, could easily go higher once more promo is done in the coming weeks. I finally started seeing tv spots for it on Monday night. I think it will eventually do 60 million or so OW. lol ...
  8. It's primarily a Harley Quinn vehicle, bigger than any DC character not named Batman, Joker, Wonder Woman & Superman. Nothing bottom of the barrel in 2018 about her.
  9. Only ever saw Smollett in Friday Night Lights, but she was fine. Always been a MEW fan so I'm happy with Huntress. Now just need to finalize Renee Montoya, find a young actress for Cassandra & supposedly Black Mask.

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