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  1. As long as it comes out ... it's been 3 years since the last one and this has been in the can for 2 years. It's pretty much the only big movie I was really pumped for this fall (that's not on HBO Max)
  2. With Venom jumping to October 15, they should move this up to October 1st. Unless Blum going to go back on his word about delaying this film again ... he said come hell or high water it's releasing in October 2021.
  3. It bombed financially overseas in China where movies ARE making money. It's bombed in the sense of not going over anywhere CLOSE to the level of WW critically with audiences.
  4. There's creative decisions being made in both those movies that any reasonable person would say ... HOLY SHIT, this might not really be what the vast majority of the viewers want. They seemingly gave Patty got all the power in this film due to WW and this is what she felt people wanted ... and a large number seem to be turned off. Now she's moving to a Star Wars property. Good luck to her, because that fan base is just as crazy. I mean personally, I found WW84 and BOP to be 'okay' but fuck, both those films bombing should have been seen coming.
  5. Honestly the two things that really worked for me was the cute end credits scene with Lynda Carter ... and Beautiful Lie playing during the climax. Love that piece from BVS. Again rest of movie was very mediocre and it seems Patty probably should have been talked out of some choices.
  6. It was fun. Definitely went way too far in the cheese aspect, but I liked the characters. CGI was a mess at times, but still felt like a 6/10, maybe 7/10. Mid credit scene was fun and I liked the callback to a previous piece by Hans Zimmer in another DCEU movie.
  7. Man, negatives always seem to fall in waves. Had 4 straight negatives before a few positive.
  8. That's true ... and the idea of Frosty not liking Wonder Woman is beyond absurd. Dude likes almost everything.
  9. Very excited at the idea of JLD actually moving forward in the near future. I kind of dont expect JJ actually directing this movie as I just think his goal is Supes.
  10. This media spin for Disney Star Wars is nauseating. It's not gonna finish within 75 million of TLJ.
  11. WB killed Doctor Sleep by not promoting it. I saw little to no advertising on tv. Between this and their being so slow to begin pushing awareness to big films coming out early next year like BOP and Godzilla vs. Kong is bewildering. It's like new people in charge of marketing doing things totally different and outside the lightning in a bottle of Joker; everything they put out has either been disappointing or simply okay from a box office perspective in 2019. BTW I really liked Doctor Sleep so this number is very disappointing.
  12. Even with what I thought was a good show and the cliffhanger ending left me really upset ... it premiered to over 18 million viewers and by the end of season 2 was cancelled with less than 4. That was with only T3 being a sore spot for some viewers. Doing a new show now would be DOA after the last decade of bombs.
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