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    Currently obsessed with Victoria Justice, Nina Dobrev and always Kristin Kreuk. :) (Yes, I'm a Lana fan ... kiss my ass.)

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  1. Except Johns has pretty much lost power now. He's not in charge of these films anymore post Justice League debacle. It's Walter Hamada.
  2. I guess the screenings were in NY tonight. RT critic who usually hated DC films in recent years, but loved Aquaman.
  3. No need to break it down to a pissing contest ... CM made more opening weekend, and it will have to get a healthy multiplier to pass Wonder Woman overall in the US. Overseas ... well, MCU is a beast. CM should get close to 1.1 billion. but having seen both, I agree with @CJohn
  4. and if WW 1984 looks good and if stuff like Shazam continues to build the brand, it will probably do 150-170 as well.

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