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  1. Oh man I'd have to think hard about this. Don't get me wrong i think it's going to be huge and I'm so incredibly excited for it but 200 million?? I don't know if there is THAT much of an audience for it.
  2. Verrows

    Thursday (03/14/2019) Numbers - Early Estimates.

    Middle school for me was between elementary and high school, grades 7 and 8. At least in the BC interior where Im from.
  3. I think domestic it will match and worldwide it will top the first one. But either way i can't wait to see this! The teaser looked so good!
  4. I agree with JB33 this is very well said
  5. I am really looking forward to Bond 25 and I love Daniel Craig. He got me into the world of Bond! Also I hope hes in it for a few more. Regarding the future, I am going with Richard Madden for the new Bond. I think we need to go with someone younger again.
  6. Yes you convinced me enough to join. I like James Cameron but i think im way more of a JJ Abrams fan!
  7. Ugh reporters and "analysts" just fuel the stupid wars between marvel and DC fans. So ridiculous. Btw at first I thought this looked kinda corny but it grew on me and then the new trailer sold me so I am dedinitely seeing this on opening night.
  8. Woa this thread is nuts! I can see how it would be kinda fun though lol. All I can say is am I the only one who doesn't have a "side" and likes both or at least just likes one a little more (aka Marvel movies are better...so far...but I still LIKE DC)? I definitely don't like the Zack Snyder ones but I loved Wonder Woman and Aquaman was good. I also think Shazam looks a little corny but also really fun (and funNY) so I am going to see that. IDK i just think the picking a side and wanting one comics company to beat the other is so stupid. Like they are not sports teams!!!
  9. There it is! Thats my problem. It's not the file size thing because I didn't even get that far. Anyway thanks guys! Looking forward to some good discussion here.
  10. Hi everyone I'm new here! I was referred by a friend (Hey @JB33!!). I love movies and I am just learning about the whole box office thing. Quick question....why can't I upload a profile photo?

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