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  1. Absolutely. I'm a shameless simp for theatres but when I had a look at Shazam and noticed tickets were $2 more than Creed for the same screen it really hit me that this is getting out of control and that I value my money more than a hobby. Only two dollars but it's the principle, unless you're privileged enough to not even notice this stuff. I still love the cinema and will never quit going but I am starting to become much more selective. Shazam is out. A lot of MCU films from now on are out (though my investment in the story and these characters will always make me somewhat more forgiving).
  2. I think you're right, it's just that people (both the audience and critics) are becoming less forgiving.
  3. Splurged on IMAX tickets for this. Looking forward to it!
  4. There's a sizable middle ground between high art and "toy commercials" lol. Nuance, as usual, is missing here.
  5. Is this even really a horror? It looks like a straight up comedy with a whacky iteration of the Dracula character. I get where you're coming from though.
  6. The MCU is starting to resemble the Fox X-Men movies. Quantumania specifically reminds me of when X-Men Origins: Wolverine had a big opening and dropped 69% on its 2nd weekend en route to a 2.11x final multi ($179.9M off an $85.06M opening). Feeling the same kind of thing for Quantumania. Maybe between a $220M and $230M domestic finish.
  7. For sure. Those big 2nd weekend drops are just the nature of the beast for pre-Christmas mega openers, regardless of reception clearly. The only instance where that effect is mitigated is when the calendar configuration is such that the movie opens on the 18th so Christmas lands on the following Friday (as we saw with TFA in 2015).
  8. It's not so much about the reception to Quantumania or any other past MCU film. It's about the quality of those projects (which obviously correlates to the reception) and the lack of faith in the creatives behind those projects going forward. Now I realize none of Waldron, Loveness or Waititi are involved with F4 but the stink comes from Marvel Studios in general. I enjoyed Wandavision but I know I'm not putting a lot of faith in Matt Shakman to deliver here. As for the writers, I don't know anything about Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer but again I'm not exactly inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt at this point. We can only hope they become another Markus and McFeely.
  9. I guess I just find big tech owning a major news source equally egregious even if the situation isn't 100% comparable. Just my own opinion though.
  10. Yeah this thought came to me as well. That's what it feels like, even if the lawsuit has merit on its own.
  11. If this sticks to June 26 I'm hoping we get a Monsters University/World War Z situation where both this and Flash flourish. Those two both opened on June 21, 2013 and Monsters finished with around $82M and WWZ around $66M. For the record I'm not talking about doing the same numbers. The numbers will be different but I hope both are strong. In this case though it will be the live action (Flash) opening over the Pixar movie. Imagine something like $100M+ for Flash and $50M+ for Elemental. I think is box office nerds could really use a fun weekend like that! More and more I'm hoping that Disney is bold enough to let Elemental stick to that date.
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