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  1. Weak sales. Interestingly "Abominable" will receive 20 mill in OW
  2. In Russia, Abominable ticket sales are going very well. All Thursday tickets sold out
  3. Hellboy made $ 1.38M on Thursday ... ahhh about 17m OW you can not dream. I wonder how much Hellboy will earn for OW
  4. Hellboy became a box-office leader in Russia, earning $ 480,941 for Thursday. http://kinobusiness.com/news/liderstvo-v-rossiyskom-kinoprokate-zakhvatil-khellboy/
  5. "Hellboy" is waiting for a hellish failure, 18 million is top bar
  6. Blogger’s Note (04/04): On the eve of their premieres, some changes: Shazam! from $59.5 million to $52.5 million Pet Sematary from $28.7 million to $34.7 million https://toddmthatcher.com/2019/04/01/april-5-7-box-office-predictions/ Nobody believes in large box office Shazam
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