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  1. I'm still shocked that one is still getting a theatrical release. It's an absolute bomb in the making, especially after the 2016 flop and even without 'Rona. Dark Fate couldn't do it for Terminator, and The Suicide Squad also tanked. Sins of the father indeed. Maybe if the Feig remake didn't exist I could've seen it pull decent numbers, but it would still be coming off of a lukewarmly received movie like Ghostbusters 2.
  2. The Eternals premiere is going to be incredibly awkward, that much is certain. At least that one is finished and will likely dominate throughout the holidays as a result of the upcoming content drought.
  3. I wonder how far this movie is along. The premiere is next Monday so it's likely this thing is already complete and will be unaffected by the strike. It might be Marvel's swan song for the year though, depending on how things go.
  4. Yeah, I'm fully expecting a strike to happen now. You film buffs better start building up that backlog, because you're going to need one badly next year. Asian storytellers are going to be eating next year, to say the least. Squid Game proved that you don't need Hollywood's help in making a hit. Streaming services will just make influencer-centric reality content and acquire a shit ton of Asian stuff for the next year. If I were Marvel, I'd start thinking about moving at least Hawkeye closer to Christmas, because No Way Home sure as hell isn't making that finish line an
  5. I'm thinking a strike is happening at this point. 2022 is going to be a bit of a slog. At least this time it's for a good cause, and I'll have college keeping me busy. Maybe I should start collecting comics again.
  6. This thread really went places while I was gone. But the lukewarm numbers for Bond aren't as surprising as you think. Older audiences have been largely uninterested in returning to the big screen as evident by all the recent drama movies that opened to single digit numbers. And since they're the target audience for this IP, it's going to feel the heat. Still, the real meltdown, the one to rule them all, is still a couple of weeks away. If an established property like Bond ends up creating this much drama, then I'm utterly dreading the moment when the Dune OW estimates come in. It's
  7. It sounds promising on paper, but it includes the Wednesday screenings too and Thursday shows started a lot earlier than Spectre.
  8. A Spectre-like IM would get this to $84M, which seems a little high to me. Especially since Spectre started at 7 PM compared to 4 PM for this one. Let's see what happens.
  9. I'm thinking it opens lower than Spectre but higher than Quantum. Long runtimes are a huge gamble for non-Marvel movies, and older audiences (which are Bond's bread and butter) are not interested in going to theaters right now. I personally think little kids not being able to get the vaccine is a big factor here. A lot of these adults also happen to be parents, and they definitely don't want to risk the lives of their vulnerable children. Once that vaccine is approved, then I think we'll start seeing older folks returning to the movies. I'm honestly surprised no one online has brou
  10. Not too surprised Bond is looking like a disappointment. It's looking more and more like older audiences have permanently moved on from theaters as the past year has shown. This seems to be more of an American problem though, as evident by how Bond and Dune have been doing internationally. Leo really needs Bezos's help sooner than later.
  11. Part Two simply won't get made unless hell freezes over and this movie is a big hit in the States. Alita also did decently internationally, but it bombed in the US, so no sequel for you! Believe me, I would love to be proven wrong. But do you really think the GA will want to go out of their way to see a seemingly slow-burn, artsy movie based on a book they haven't read in a theater? They'll simply either skip it, or watch it from the comfort of their homes after seeing the word of mouth from the fans.
  12. Dune's an unknown property, so the only folks who will see this on the big screen are the die-hard film nerds and book fans. Everyone else will be staying at home and watching this on HBO Max, since it's not a big IP like Marvel or Fast & Furious and is therefore not worth the hassle. Prepare for another paltry $30M opening followed by a massive 70% drop. It's why I'm not fully sure if I want to see this movie just yet. On one hard, it looks great and I would love to be part of a big fantasy phonemenon since Lord of the Rings came out just as I was born. On the other hand, this
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