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  1. The King's Man being released in such a crowded space was likely intentional on Disney's part. There was little to no hype or desire for any more Kingsman after the second movie poisoned the well. The Mouse likely foresaw this and decided to quietly dump it, thus getting rid of a tainted brand that serves no purpose within his glorious empire. At least Vaughn himself has the movie rights, so he can take it elsewhere after this. Whether or not anyone would want to continue the existing series remains to be seen. Wouldn't be too surprising to see it take the low budget TV/streaming r
  2. Much like the US, the UK is also going to receive an IMAX rerelease of Dune starting this Friday. Is $400M closer than we think?
  3. China is more or less done with mainstream Hollywood beyond the occasional odd Snake Eyes or Encanto. So $2B is going to be very tough. It also doesn't have a strong brand name as a failsafe akin to Marvel nor the strong fandom for horror movies. This is shaping up to be one of the most interesting movies in recent years. It'll either be a monster hit or gigaflop. Nothing inbetween. And Disney inherited all these sequels from the old Fox regime may I add.
  4. To this day I'm still disappointed Detective Pikachu didn't really end up going anywhere. I'd much rather have Legendary doing Nintendo movies based on weird high-concept ideas than the Minion Factory and their soulless machines. Shame. Hopefully Illumination stays away from Kirby at least. The thought of James Corden as Dedede is nauseating to say the least. That being said, I don't think Endgame is the sole reason as to why Pikachu underperformed. The first trailer was likely seen as a fun proof of concept/parody trailer by the general public and there ultimately wasn't much inte
  5. Scream 4 redux incoming? I have a sinking feeling it's going sub-30 for the 3-day weekend. Would be a very disappointing result for a B+ CinemaScore which is basically A+ for horror.
  6. Nice to hear! Do you think that $50M 4-day target is still viable? I think it'll narrowly miss it at this point.
  7. Kinberg must have some serious dirt on a bunch of Hollywood executives, because I really don't see any other reason as to why he keeps getting work after the cinematic charisma vacuum that is Dark Phoenix.
  8. I also watched the first movie earlier today. I can definitely see why it's a classic. I'm hoping to get through rest of the series over the weekend before I go back to binging Daredevil (I intend to start Season 2 next Monday. I might also watch The Defenders since it's apparently important for Season 3, but I don't care for the other Netflix characters).
  9. Opening weekend and total in the US, I assume. That user tends to be pretty pessimistic.
  10. I feel like the reviews are going to be important for this movie, especially since chapter 4 doesn't seem to have left fans wanting more. We all know what happened to Dark Fate, The Suicide Squad and Matrix 4. Fingers crossed the Sins of the Father curse is finally broken with this movie!
  11. We should be getting first impressions for this movie today, right?
  12. Not a terrible decision, since this movie doesn't quite have to wow factor that something like Spider-Man has. Not worth seeing in theaters to most people during the rise of Omicron. April seems a little excessive but whatever. Knowing what happened with Delta I don't think this will be a recurring thing since it might have subsided by the time The Batman is out. I'm fully expecting Scream 5 to go day and date on Paramount+ at this point though. That's another move that I don't think people will be braving the Omicron storm for. It's not like Scream 4 did too well, and I'm just not
  13. Go watch Matrix Revolutions sometime and you'll see where that apathy comes from. It happened to Terminator Dark Fate and The Suicide Squad too.
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