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  1. This is probably why Waterston is barely in this one. Rowling is such a petty bitch.
  2. If the world was fair and just, then this would easily outgross the original. Watching this inevitably bomb won't be fun, to put it lightly.
  3. Rave reviews did not save In the Heights and it sure hell won't save this. The stench of the first movie, the dual HBO Max launch, mediocre marketing and the pandemic still limiting the potential of theaters everywhere make for a highly toxic and lethal cocktail. I wouldn't mind traveling to a parallel universe where not only was this the Suicide Squad movie we got back in 2016, but also the pandemic never happened. I'll always wonder how well it could've done.
  4. Both this and The Suicide Squad are coming out this Friday in my region. Take a wild guess which one I'll go out of my way to see on the big screen.
  5. Assuming this kills the GI Joe film series for good, this article is a rather depressing read: https://screenrant.com/snake-eyes-producer-hasbro-shared-universe-reaction/
  6. Almost all of those reactions calling it "fun" are concerning. Whenever I see that buzzword I just know the actual movie's going to underwhelm me.
  7. No Way Home is absolutely slipping to 2022. That much is looking certain at this point. I wonder if they're going to try and push up a Disney+ show slated 2022 in order to make up for all the forthcoming movie delays.
  8. Don't even get me started on that thing. I imagine that is why we haven't heard virtually anything about No Way Home. Wouldn't be too shocking to see it slip to next year.
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