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  1. Great Kid don't get cocky
  2. This 34% increase is good IF the drop for Wednesday is under 30% I have no idea if this international number is good or bad
  3. 41% increase. Sounds good to me, I hope it holds.
  4. Well I just checked and Aquaman last year had a huge increase. I don't think TROS will have the same
  5. Good number oversea Maybe it would reach 1,1 billion
  6. He is 3,1M would be good. 68% drop is better than aquaman last year and in line with The hobbit and two tower drop
  7. Let's take ZackM number for Sunday (SW) : 8,75M What would be a good monday ?
  8. IF 15M is the real number then 500 millions will happen without any push from Disney.
  9. If this go up as it did the last few days maybe $12M for TROS that would be good and around 37 millions WE
  10. So I guess we won't have any early update today. I think 9 millions would a be a nice result and 10 millions would be great. But I expect 8,5 million (50% drop from yesterday)
  11. @edroger3 Thank for the update. Can rise beat jedi in "presenze" ?
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