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  1. I mean Reddit does skew American, where those movies don’t make much( relatively),also tons of users on reddit hate these movies .
  2. Oh I agree with you . FFH is not overperforming , atleast domestically. Though overseas it's a subjective question depending on how much it makes. The thing is , normally studios present their expectations similar to the first film even if they know it's gonna make higher. The problem here is Sony expected 125m 6-day performance which is way lower than Homecoming. Now I am confused that despite Tom Holland's Spidey being more popular , why did they predict that number ? Even if we say they are being conservative, it was just too low ? So did they really thought that FFH isn't gonna make more than Homecoming, or they based their projections on something else( like dates , marketing spread etc) ? In this case were we wrong in expecting 200 M for FFH , or are we used to having MCU overperform at box office
  3. I think the worry here is how big the marketing costs are for this film. Apparently Annabelle creation had spent 100m dollars in Marketing despite only having production budget of 15m
  4. Oh I agree With you, though marketing by Tencent helped in those 2 cases in my opinion.( Yes , I know Venom and Aquaman both had really good Maoyan score)
  5. Yeah I think a lot of people may share your opinion, and in my opinion bland is worse bad in box office
  6. Stop. No, Marvel characters are still licensed, Disney doesn't own Spiderman , Disney didn't own X Men , so it makes no sense for them to force on others. Don't speak like a fanboy ( which will give bad rep to other MCU fans like us which they already get, because some MCU fans feel superiority over others, say the stuff about how Spider- Man should be owned by Disney and how X men should be quickly integrated into MCU)
  7. Thank you . One more question , so an import film earns closer to 23% rather than normal 25% which we consider when calculating profits ? ( I know it's just 2% difference, but we could use 23% from now on when we would consider calculating profits)
  8. I want to discuss something ( I don't know if this has been discussed before in this Sub) What are the branch office numbers which are depicted in Maoyan . Are these numbers earned without tax ? ( Normally I have seen those numbers around 7-8% below cumulative total ) There is also a section which clearly depicts that the earning goes 22.93% for film, 52.27% for theatre's and 24.80% for other stuff ( which I don't know anything about ) Edit: This percentages are on the branch total not cumulative The same split goes 36.67% for film , 52.27% for Studio and 11.08% for other stuff for Chinese films ( Mainland China, because I just saw a Taiwanese film which had split as mentioned before) Can someone tell me are these figures ( splits) accurate .
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