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  1. Universal saved the Fast 9 saga from Coronavirus. I probably agree that it's the right decision from economical POV. Kudos
  2. Gattaca in my opinion is the best Sci-fi movie of all of times and specifically amongst the Sci-fi fandom community and this is a popular opinion amongst the sci-fi community. That movie was ahead of it's time about 20-30 years or even more. I would even go on to say according to my personal opinion Gattaca was probably the best movie I ever watched it had an impact on me growing up. I watched it few years after it came out around the 2000-2001 period. I even video recorded from a rental VHS I never do stuff like that normally because I am the type of guy who just watches a movie and moves on to the next movie but no this movie had an emotional impact on me. The movie used alot of time making a message come across and that message was the power ''HOPE'' the main character never gave up and had alot of hope, dedication and patience to reach a certain goal of his life and that you can achieve anything in life that you put your mind to if you work hard enough for that cause and dedicated. The setting of the movie was something to behold and for a movie that came out in 1997 it was atleast 3 decades ahead of it's time. A timeless movie and at times it felt like reading a book it was just creatively and artistically beautifully made
  3. What made GoT was due to cult following in the beginning but it seems like The Witcher has a bigger cult following when you compare them from the early stages and I would say the Witcher has already late-GoT run type of buzz currently. The Witcher will also experience piracy it's just the norm these days. @TMP Name me one tv-show that is in the same caliber as the Witcher on Disney+? Zero is the answer. Don't say the Mandalorian that would be laughable. Disney+ has no project that can currently compete with Witcher. I would say Amazon has a big Tv-Show coming up in LOTR(Lord of the Rings)
  4. How can you be so certain? Netflix has more audience than HBO and not to forget this thing is massively trending currently. At this point I wouldn't be surprised
  5. Excuse me for just barging in like this but I would like to go off-topic for a minute btw sorry not sorry for barging in. The witcher is coming to Netflix super excited about that and do you think it can become bigger then GoT? I am surprised by the ridiculous hype building up early on Aside from the jokes this thing seems to be trending everywhere and could perhaps become the next great megahit
  6. Do I need to explain this further what I meant by genre fatigue? O'right it's Fantasy/princess genre. Not sci-fi or other genre. I think it has something to do with many fantasy/princess movies coming out this year right after each other. waiting couple of months before releasing them again would have been the way to do it. Hence why Frozen 2 could flop due to fatigue but if M2 and F2 were released in different time like pushing them back couple of months or next year would have been more suitable. @Ryan Reynolds @narniadis The performs will entirely be based on if the audience feel like it. But I believe to many princess movies have come out the excitement won't be as last time
  7. I think there is genre fatigue currently amongst movie-goers worldwide which is why M2 is not doing as good numbers as it should. The same thing will happen to F2 (I suspect it will flop big time) where as SW9 will become a major hit.
  8. 840-855 seems little bit out of reach due to the OS weekend jumping 45-55 in your numbers. The realistic target is 815-820M
  9. The only movie that aged well imo is ''Logan's Run'' from 1976.. If it gets somehow HD remaster you would think it's a modern day Sci-fi movie. And not to forget the lead actress had amazing body on her
  10. I am worried for frozen 2 i think is gonna flop big time. Its light maleficient 2 and come right after each other
  11. Good take. I see it slighly as 50/50. This movie is the biggest surprise of the year by far. I kinda knew it was bound to reach great heights as soon as I saw the first overseas opening weekend both est and actuals. It was major surprise. I knew it was gonna be a hit in the US but not in OS markets
  12. You made 1050M prediction which was precise in the Aladdin OS thread. You went up in creds after that. I know your being polite and humble which is a good gesture but I think you deserved the shout out Posted July Posted July B (370/680)
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