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  1. Dr.No 1962 box office achievements: First James Bond movie,break$10m at first run,after re-release the movie eventually gross $59.6m In oversea market,Is third movie cross 4m admission in Spain,Variety reported taht Dr.No break Spain all-time box office record(but I'm not sure about this data) Dr.No is 2th highest grossing film of the year in UK Dr.No release in South Korea in 1965,it attracted over 300,000 admission in Seoul city,at that time,is second highst grossing film of all time in South Korea market ,after another Bond film "From Russia with love". From Ru
  2. James Bond have been popular in whole world for nearly 60 years Many people think James Bond movie is only popular in Europea,Asia people don't like Bond movie,but the truth is ,007 is extremly popular in every coner of the earth in last century. I collected some box office achievement of James bond series,to show that how James bond popular in the whole world in last century
  3. wow,DS second weekend gross will break all-time first weekend record except DS first weekend ,just madness,is there any movie can reach that achievement?
  4. Highest Grossing film in Argentina by year(1973-1983) 1973 007:Live and let die 454,877 1974 The Sting 1, 021,672 1975 Earthquake 538,987 1976 Towering inferno 448,577 1977 Jaws 964,362 1978 Close Encounter of third kind 738,848 1979 La Fiesta de todos(local) 1,700,999(I am not sure,it might break admission record in Argentina) 1980 Karmer vs Karmer 624,869 1981 Airplane 500,117 1982 Les Unset Les autues(French movie) 665,120 1983 E.T 2,929,749*(Break admission re
  5. That is the other account of mine,never mind
  6. Highest Grossing film in Indonesia by year(1992-1997) 1991 Ghost 1992 Basic Instinct 1993 Jurassic Park 1994 True Lies 1995 007:Golden Eye 1996 The Independence day 1997 Unknown 1998 Titanic*(Break Admission record,first movie cross 3.5m admissions in Indonesia) Source:Variety international film guide
  7. Highest Grossing film in HongKong by year(1964-1999) Unit:HKD 1964 007:From Russia with love 2m*(Break Box office record) 1965 东江之水越山来(I can't found this movie English Title) 1.4m 1966 007:Thunderball 2.2m 1967 Dargon Gate Inn 2.37m*(Break Box office record) 1968 007:You Only Live Twice 2.08m 1969 Makenna's Gold 1.37m 1970 Tora!Tora!Tora! 2.37m 1971 The Big Boss 3.19m*(Break Box office record) 1972 Way of the Dargon 5.3m*(Break Box office record) 1973 72 Tenants of Prosperity 5.6m*(Break Box offife record) 1974 Games Gambler play 6.25m*(Br
  8. Highest Grossing Film in Malaysia by year(1988-1998) Unit:MYR 1988 Rambo 3 unknown 1989 007:Licence to Kill 3.6m*(Break Box office record) 1990 God of Gamblers 2 unknown 1991 Terminator 2:Judagement day 3.9m*(Break Box office record) 1992 Police story 3 4.76m*(Break Box office record) 1993 Jurassic Park 6.3m*(Break Box office record) 1994 Sembliu(local) 4.7m 1995 Unknown 1996 Police Story 4 9.3m*(Break Box office record) 1997 Titanic 11m*(Break Box office record) 1998 Who am I? 11.2m*(Break Box office record)
  9. Highest Grossing film by year in Taiwan【Taipei】(1980-1999) Unit:NT 1980 007:Moonraker 35M*(Break Box office record) 1981 007:For your eyes only 41.6m*(Break Box office record) 1982 Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost Ark 62.3m*(Break Box office record) 1983 E.T 67m*(Break Box office record) 1984 Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom 71.8m*(Break Box office record) 1985 Rambo First blood part 2 68.8m 1986 Police Story 51m 1987 ProjectA 2 71m 1988 The Last Emperor 117m*(Break Box office record) 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 90m
  10. timeline of highest grossing film in Singapore (60s) 007:From Russia With Love--Liu Sanjie(Chinese film)--The Ten Commandments
  11. Highest Grossing film by year in Singapore(1972-1999) 1972 Fist of fury 859,000*(Break Box office record ) 1973 Enter the Dargon 818,000 1974 The Exorcist 557,000 1975 The Towering inferno 800,000 1976 Jaws 1,096,748*(Break Box office record) 1977 The Private Eyes 969,000 1978 Drunken Master* 1,460,000(Break Box office record) 1979 007:Moonraker 920,000 1980 The Young Master 1,100,000 1981 Security Unlimited 1,468,748*(Break Box office record) 1982 Shaolin Temple 1,721,731*(Break Box office record) 1983 Aces Go place2 869,342 19
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