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  1. You forget Nazha:Mo Tong Jiang Shi,which gross $700M in China. I guess Avatar 2 has a little chance to overtake WW2 because Avatar 1 break China box office record at 2009.
  2. Did Hollywood have any chance to beat China box office record? Even Avengers:Endgame only take the 4th place in China. only Avatar:The Way of Water has a little chance,but really small
  3. https://www.sacnilk.com/quicknews/Saaho_Day_12_Box_Office_Collection__All_Language?hl=en This is my source,now I don't know who's data is right.
  4. I guess Frozen2 can hit $160-180m in Japan
  5. Ne Zha now is top 3 of all time in Beijing by admission movie title Beijing admission 1.Wolf Warrior 2 6.46m 2.Titanic. 5.67m 3.Nezha. 5.38m 4.Dying to Survive. 4.12m 5.The Wandering Earth. 4.03m
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