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  1. BOX perdition for NO TIME TO DIE North Amercia box office No Time to Die $88,000,000 NEW $269,000,000 NEW MGM
  2. Beijing tour cancel beacause of Virus
  3. James Bond film is very popular in Asia and Latin America if we turn the time back to 1960,1970,1980 at that time James Bond film is the biggest franchise in Asia just like marvel,even more popular than Europe,I don't know why Asia people don't like Bond film now.
  4. PS already start in some country
  5. I really want to know 1960,1970,1980's Hollywood movie box office in india,like Jaws,E.T,James Bond film
  6. Saudi All-time admission 1.Joker 532,614 2.Fast&Furious:Hobbs and shaw 269,349 3.The Lion King 247,847 4.Aladdin 231,760 5.Jumanji:The Next Level 215,916 6.Frozen 2 199,482 7.Maleficent2 193,409 8.Avengers:Endgame 193,409 9.Spider-man:Far From Home 174,848 10.Toy Stroy4 165,204 Avatar 2 can break 2m admission
  7. Bond film always popular worldwide,I hope new bond film can break 1b WW
  8. Frozen 2 break animated box office record in Nigeria,gross over N127m,and now Frozen 2 is the highest grossing film in all Africa market
  9. Frozen 2 become the highest grossing animated film in Belgium,and top 2 animatied film of all time in EMEA,after only Ice age3,EMEA total gross higher than Minions,Ice gae 4,Nemo
  10. Frozen 2 break animated opening record held by Toy Stroy 4 in Brazil
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