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  1. Dr.No 1962 box office achievements: First James Bond movie,break$10m at first run,after re-release the movie eventually gross $59.6m In oversea market,Is third movie cross 4m admission in Spain,Variety reported taht Dr.No break Spain all-time box office record(but I'm not sure about this data) Dr.No is 2th highest grossing film of the year in UK Dr.No release in South Korea in 1965,it attracted over 300,000 admission in Seoul city,at that time,is second highst grossing film of all time in South Korea market ,after another Bond film "From Russia with love". From Russia with love 1963 box office achievements: After this movie ,007 started to popular in the entire world,gross over $79m WW after re-release. From Russia with love is just insanely successful in Asia market,in Hong Kong,From Russia with love break all-time box office record with HK$2m,break box office record set by Ben Hur(HK $1.3m),First movie cross HK$2m in Hong Kong market. From Russia with love is extremely popular in South Korea,too.It attracted over 530,000 admission in Seoul City,break all-time record in South Korea,and hold the record for 12 years,beaten by 1977 South Korea Local film "Winter lady" From Russia with Love also break all-time box office record in Singapore and Philippines,and is the Highest grossing Hollywood film in Taipei of the year. James Bond is not popular in Asia nowadays,but in last century,Bond was extremely popular in Asia market, just like Avengers, Transformer or Fast and Furious. And of course,From Russia with love is also extremely popular in Europea,break opening box office record in UK,is the highest grossing film in UK of the year,and attracted over 2m people in Netherlands.
  2. James Bond have been popular in whole world for nearly 60 years Many people think James Bond movie is only popular in Europea,Asia people don't like Bond movie,but the truth is ,007 is extremly popular in every coner of the earth in last century. I collected some box office achievement of James bond series,to show that how James bond popular in the whole world in last century
  3. wow,DS second weekend gross will break all-time first weekend record except DS first weekend ,just madness,is there any movie can reach that achievement?
  4. Highest Grossing film in Argentina by year(1973-1983) 1973 007:Live and let die 454,877 1974 The Sting 1, 021,672 1975 Earthquake 538,987 1976 Towering inferno 448,577 1977 Jaws 964,362 1978 Close Encounter of third kind 738,848 1979 La Fiesta de todos(local) 1,700,999(I am not sure,it might break admission record in Argentina) 1980 Karmer vs Karmer 624,869 1981 Airplane 500,117 1982 Les Unset Les autues(French movie) 665,120 1983 E.T 2,929,749*(Break admission record) 1984 top grosser should be local film "Camila",but I don't know the number source:Argentina News *I checked on IMDB for some movie release date in Argentina,found some movie release date in this list is totally different from IMDB *Sound of Music in 1965 cross 1.05m admission in Argentina,break Argentina admission record,and James Bond film "Thunderball"break Argentina admission record,too.
  5. That is the other account of mine,never mind
  6. Highest Grossing film in Indonesia by year(1992-1997) 1991 Ghost 1992 Basic Instinct 1993 Jurassic Park 1994 True Lies 1995 007:Golden Eye 1996 The Independence day 1997 Unknown 1998 Titanic*(Break Admission record,first movie cross 3.5m admissions in Indonesia) Source:Variety international film guide
  7. Highest Grossing film in HongKong by year(1964-1999) Unit:HKD 1964 007:From Russia with love 2m*(Break Box office record) 1965 东江之水越山来(I can't found this movie English Title) 1.4m 1966 007:Thunderball 2.2m 1967 Dargon Gate Inn 2.37m*(Break Box office record) 1968 007:You Only Live Twice 2.08m 1969 Makenna's Gold 1.37m 1970 Tora!Tora!Tora! 2.37m 1971 The Big Boss 3.19m*(Break Box office record) 1972 Way of the Dargon 5.3m*(Break Box office record) 1973 72 Tenants of Prosperity 5.6m*(Break Box offife record) 1974 Games Gambler play 6.25m*(Break Box office record) 1975 The Towering inferno 5.71m*(Break Box office record for hollywood movie) 1976 The Pirvate Eyes 8.53m*(Break Box office record) 1977 007:The Spy who loved me 5.26m 1978 The Contract 7.82m 1979 007:Moonraker 7.86m*(Break Box office record for Hollywood movie) 1980 The Young Master 11.02m*(Break Box office record) 1981 Security Unlimited 17.76m*(Break Box office record) 1982 Aces go place 26.04m*(Break Box office record) 1983 Aces go place 2 23.27m 1984 Aces go place 3. 29.28m*(Break Box office record) 1985 My Lucky stars 30.74m*(Break Box office record) 1986 A better tomorrow 34.65m*(Break Box office record) 1987 Armour of God 35.46m*(Break Box office record) 1988 The Eight Happiness 37.09m*(Break Box office record) 1989 God of Gamblers 36.29m 1990 All for the winner 41.32m*(Break Box office record) 1991 Fight Back to school 43.89m*(Break Box office record) 1992 Justice,My foot! 50.21m*(Break Box office record) 1993 Jurassic Park 62.23m*(Break Box office record) 1994 God of Gamblers 2 52.23m 1995 Rumble in the Bronx 59.61m 1996 Police story 4 57.51m 1997 Titanic 115m*(Break Box office record) 1998 The Storm Riders 41.55m 1999 Ring 31.24m
  8. Highest Grossing Film in Malaysia by year(1988-1998) Unit:MYR 1988 Rambo 3 unknown 1989 007:Licence to Kill 3.6m*(Break Box office record) 1990 God of Gamblers 2 unknown 1991 Terminator 2:Judagement day 3.9m*(Break Box office record) 1992 Police story 3 4.76m*(Break Box office record) 1993 Jurassic Park 6.3m*(Break Box office record) 1994 Sembliu(local) 4.7m 1995 Unknown 1996 Police Story 4 9.3m*(Break Box office record) 1997 Titanic 11m*(Break Box office record) 1998 Who am I? 11.2m*(Break Box office record)
  9. Highest Grossing film by year in Taiwan【Taipei】(1980-1999) Unit:NT 1980 007:Moonraker 35M*(Break Box office record) 1981 007:For your eyes only 41.6m*(Break Box office record) 1982 Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost Ark 62.3m*(Break Box office record) 1983 E.T 67m*(Break Box office record) 1984 Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom 71.8m*(Break Box office record) 1985 Rambo First blood part 2 68.8m 1986 Police Story 51m 1987 ProjectA 2 71m 1988 The Last Emperor 117m*(Break Box office record) 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 90m 1990 God of Gamblers 110m 1991 Ghost 119m*(Break Box office record) 1992 Police Story 3 119m 1993 Jurassic Park 220m*(Break Box office record) 1994 True Lies 125m 1995 Die Hard 3. 158m 1996 The Independence Day 187m 1997 Titanic 387m*(Break Box office record) 1998 Armageddon 163m 1999 The Mummy 147m
  10. timeline of highest grossing film in Singapore (60s) 007:From Russia With Love--Liu Sanjie(Chinese film)--The Ten Commandments
  11. Highest Grossing film by year in Singapore(1972-1999) 1972 Fist of fury 859,000*(Break Box office record ) 1973 Enter the Dargon 818,000 1974 The Exorcist 557,000 1975 The Towering inferno 800,000 1976 Jaws 1,096,748*(Break Box office record) 1977 The Private Eyes 969,000 1978 Drunken Master* 1,460,000(Break Box office record) 1979 007:Moonraker 920,000 1980 The Young Master 1,100,000 1981 Security Unlimited 1,468,748*(Break Box office record) 1982 Shaolin Temple 1,721,731*(Break Box office record) 1983 Aces Go place2 869,342 1984 Shaolin Kids 1,251,349 1985 Rambo:First Blood Part2 1,656,286*(Break Box office record for Hollywood movie) 1986 Young Bid Boss 1,002,049 1987 007:The Living Daylight 1,465,194 1988 The Last Emperor 1,486,006 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1,670,000*(Break Box office record for Hollywood movie) 1990 Unknown 1991 Terminator 2:Judgement day 2,780,000*(Break Box office record) 1992 Once upon a time in China 2 2,450,000 1993 Jurassic Park* 4,500,000*(Break Box office record) 1994 The Mask 3,500,000 1995 Casper 3,200,000 1996 The Independence Day 4,570,000*(Break Box office record) 1997 The Lost World:Jurassic Park 6,230,000*(Break Box office record) 1998 Titanic 6,460,000*(Break Box office record) 1999 Star Wars:The Phantom Menace 3,370,000
  12. Highest grossing film by year in UK(1975-1999) £ 1975:Jaws 11,826,000*(Break Box office record,first Movie cross £10m ) 1976 One Flew over the cuckoo's Nest 7,824,000 1977 Star Wars:The New Hope 14,361,000*(Break Box office record) 1978 Grease 14,673,000*(Break Box office record) 1979 007:Moonraker 10,659,000 1980 Star Wars:The Empire Strike back 9,012,117 1981 007:For Your eyes only 10,398,000 1982 E.T 21,696,000*(Break Box office record,First movie cross £20m) 1983 Star Wars:Return of the Jedi 12,291,000 1984 Ghostbuster 12,400,000 1985 Back to the Future 12,170,000 1986 Crocodile Dundee 20,072,702 1987 007:The Living Daylight 8,160,628 1988 Who Framed Roger rabbit 15,612,005 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 15,923,268 1990 Ghost 23,241,978*(Break Box office record) 1991 Robin hood 20,214,246 1992 The Bodyguard 17,001,069 1993 Jurassic Park* 47,886,137(Break Box office record) 1994 Four weddings and a funeral 27,762,648 1995 Babe 20,280,379 1996 The Independence Day 37,128,685 1997 The Full Monty 52,232,058*(Break Box office record) 1998 Titanic 69,025,646*(Break Box office record) 1999 Star Wars:The Phantom Menace 51,063,811
  13. Highest Grossing film by year in South Korea(1971-1999) 1971 Notre Dame de Paris(re release):268,593 1972 Ben Hur(re release):419,331 1973 Fist of Fury:315,579 1974 Heavenly homecoming to stars (local):464,308 1975 Ja in her pride(local):361,213 1976 The last hard man:237,937 1977 Winter lady *:585,775 (Break Seoul admission record held by 1965 movie '007:From Russia with love') 1978 007:the spy who loved me:545,883 1979 Drunken Master*:898,561 (Break seoul admission record) 1980 The Young Master:436,631 1981 007:Moonraker:387,790 1982 007:For your eyes only:500,243 1983 An offical and a gentalman:563,533 1984 E.T :630,500 1985 The Killing filed*:925,994 (Break Seoul admission record) 1986 The Mission:525,630 1987 Platoon:576,924 1988 Die Hard:701,893 1989 Indiana jones and the last Crusade:491,010 1990 Ghost*:1,683,265 (Break seoul admission record,First movie cross 1m admission ) 1991 Dance with wolves:984,978 1992 Basic Instinct:970,180 1993 Cliffhanger:1,118,583 1994 The Lion King*:920,948 (the only animated film which take the first place in South korea market) 1995 Die Hard 3:979,666 1996 The Indenpence day:923,223 1997 The Lost World:Jurassic Park:1, 001,279 1998 Titanic*:1,971,780 (Break Seoul admission record) 1999 Shiri*:2,448,399 (Break Seoul admission record)
  14. This post is mainly used to discuss the box office data of some international markets box office data in the past century, such as annual box office rankings, Timeline of highest grossing film in some market , etc. I have collected a lot of historical box office data in some international markets
  15. This is all what I have,I will look for more country
  16. UK: Ghost~Jurassic Park~The Full Monty~Titanic~Mama mia/Avatar~Skyfall~Star Wars The Force Awaken Hungary: Titanic~Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace~Harry Potter 1~Mama mia~Avatar~Star Wars The Force Awaken New Zeland Titanic~The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the ring~Avatar UAE/Middle East: Titanic~Avatar~Mission Impossible 4~Furious 7~Avengers Endgame South Africa: Titanic~Avatar~Furious 7~Black Panther Thailand: Jurassic Park~Independence Day~Titanic~Suriyothai~Pee Mak~Avengers Endgame
  17. Colombia : Titanic~Avatar~Ice age 4~Furious 7~Avengers Infinity War~Avengers Endgame
  18. Jaws Break Spain all-time record(source:Variety)
  19. USA+Canada: Gone with the wind~Sound of Music~Gone with the wind~The Godfather~Jaws~Star Wars~E.T~Star Wars~Titanic~Avatar~Star Wars The Force Awaken China: True Line~Titnaic~Transformer 2~2012~Avatar~Transformer 4~Furious 7~Monster Hunt~The Mermaid~Wolf Warrior 2 Japan: Titanic~Spirited Away Singapore: Jurassic Park~Independence day~The Lost World:Jurassic Park~Titanic~Spiderman3~Avatar~The Avengers~Avengers:Age of Ultron~Avengers:Infinity War~Avengers:Endgame India(Hollywood): Pretty Woman~Jurassic Park~Titanic~Spiderman3~2012~Avatar~Furious 7~The Jungle Book~Avengers Infinity War~Avengers Endgame Hong Kong: Jurassic Park~Titanic~Avatar~Avengsrs Endgame Taiwan: Jurassic Park~Titanic~Avatar Philippines: Titanic~Spiderman3~Avengers~Iron Man3~Avengers Age of Ultron~Captain America:Civil War~Beauty and Beast~Avengers Infinity War~Avengers Endgame Indonesia: Titanic~Spiderman3~2012~Harry Potter and Dealthly Hallows.Part2~Avengers~Iron Man3~Furious7~The Fate of the Furious~Avengers Infinity War~Avengers Endgame Brazil: Jurassic Park~The Lion King~Independence day~Titanic~Ice Age 3~Avatar~Avengers~Furious7~Avengers Age of Ultron~Avengers Infinity War~Avengers Endgame Mexico: Jurassic Park~The Lion King~Independence day~The Lost World:Jurassic Park~Titanic~Spiderman1~Finding Nemo~Shrek2~Ice age2~Spiderman3~Ice age3~Avatar~Toy Story3~Avengers~Coco~Avengers Infinity War~Avengers Endgame Argentina: Jurassic Park~The Lion King~Titanic~Minions~Toy Story 4 Netherlands: Dance with wolves~Titanic~The Lion King(2019) Spain: Beauty and Beast~Jurassic Park~The Lion King~Titanic~Avatar
  20. BOX perdition for NO TIME TO DIE North Amercia box office No Time to Die $88,000,000 NEW $269,000,000 NEW MGM
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