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  1. Shazam made $365 million and WB green lighted his sequel and another spinn-off about his main villain. All that probably because of the acclaim that the movie received. Moderate success with acclaim like Shazam > Huge numbers with disaster reviews (deserved) like Suicide Squad.
  2. 2020 Box Office Predictions http://thefilmconsole.com/2020-box-office-predictions
  3. Peter Sarsgaard’s Comments About The Batman Have Us Very Excited For The Movie https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2488337/peter-sarsgaards-comments-about-the-batman-have-us-very-excited-for-the-movie
  4. Jacqueline Durran (Costume Design) just received her 7th Oscar nom. She makes an stunning work. Hopefully "The Batman" can be added on her list of Oscar nods.
  5. I'm expecting something under or the same as Shazam judging by the DOM numbers. With the same (or less) OW, it won't surpass $150M DOM. Then I hardly doubt it doing over $300M OS. DOM - $130-150M Mexico - $15-20M UK - $12-18M Brazil - $12-15M South Korea - $10-15M France - $10-12M Russia - $8-12M Japan - $5-10M Indonesia - $5-8M Germany - $5-7M Spain - $5-7M Italy - $5M Taiwan - $3-5M Australia - I don't know judging by the current situation of the country = $230-280M At the same markets, Shazam did $250M and $70M on the rest excluding China. So it might end with the same numbers but without China. Maybe I'm being too pessimistic but I'm really seeing this scenario.
  6. Stunning numbers. DC finally had huge numbers in the UK in a long time. France, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Spain and Mexico 👏 👏 👏 Not to mention a lot of countries that the film made history like Greece and Egypt.
  7. Screaming @ the 11 Oscar nods The biggest movie of the year is also the most nominated movie at the Oscars. whew
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