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  1. I'm not 100% sure but I think that films get approvement from the chinese government when they are expected to be released soon. It's the same thing with concerts. I think the christmas is happening and the only thing that will stop WB to release there is a second wave just as hard as the beginning of the pandemic. Btw, if it happens on December, they won't count with Brazil.
  2. Yara Flor. The Wonder Woman of the future is a brazilian indigenous woman for the event Future State.
  3. The christmas date was announced on September 11 (20 days before the October date), so I'm expecting a new date by the mid November. If the December date happen, they should release a final trailer by the beginning of next month. So far, DC only have TSS in 2021.
  4. There is a plenty of photos and videos in Chicago in this account.
  5. The fact that Matt is acknowledging that both Superman and Wonder Woman (and other characters as well) exists on the same Earth as Battinson is really really interesting. Barbara already said that the Flash movie will restart everything so let's wait and see... and yes I don't believe in a cameo not even a mention of no one in The Batman, but Battinson is the future of the franchise and if there is a Batman that they will work with, that's him.
  6. People are saying that this is The Flash logo on the Chicago set.
  7. It's actually a memorial for the Gotham's mayor.
  8. Judging by the fact that huge names of the city and lots of journalists are there, I think it's the funeral for the Gotham's mayor.
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