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  1. He's already in another Earth, considering BatKeaton and Supergirl are filming with Barry. So maybe he is a attorney here.
  2. He also said that Idris Elba's Bllodsport is in prison for putting Superman in the ICU after taking him down with a kryptonite bullet.
  3. Btw, the production was working under the title 'Necrus', which is a lost city in the comics.
  4. I liked it. Wan started following Teresa Palmer on IG. She looks like Amber so maybe she will be Hila?
  5. I wonder if Andy will show us some teaser like David did with Shazam 2 this week. We can't even expect pics in public locations since they are filming in studio only. But I believe that they will keep everything for the Fandome. This is probably their biggest fan event since BvS.
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