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  1. 4 DC movies next year: The Batman (March 4), Black Adam (July 29), Flash (November 4) and Aquaman (December 16). 🤩 Excited to see which movies will be released on Max, since Hamada said that the plan is to release four in theaters andtwo on Max starting in 2022.
  2. Amazing trailer. Looks like they decided to show us the characters first, and the next trailer may focus on action scenes. "Kidnapping" I hope we can see what happened to her after BoP.
  3. Remember that Superman and Metropolis were mentioned on a Gotham's news paper and Superman and Wonder Woman's costumes were seen in a Halloween party when they were filming months ago... so I wouldn't be surprised. I already said here that I think that Reeves will build his own DC Universe and give to us his Batman V Superman. I don't think Cavill will be back and a new Superman movie directed by JJ will be set on the same earth as Battinson.
  4. I would easily call him to direct a live action version of the Harley Quinn series or Gotham City Sirens.
  5. Gunn said he's a few days to finish the movie and we will see the trailer before May. The movie also has a few surprise roles.
  6. Hollywood stays on track with UK shoots despite tighter Covid quarantine rules | News | Screen (
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