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  1. Deadline's $464 million profit was based on $900 million total box office, but considering a re-release for the Oscars, it will probably be nearly $1.1 billion. So it's totally possible and maybe will happen. Insane.
  2. 6 weeks at #1 in the UK... the first movie in 19 years to surpass 5 weeks at #1 I mean WTF
  3. To think that this will make $730M OS w/o China and Aquaman (top grossing CBM internationally) grossed $814M OS with China... I believe in $100M+ in China for Joker if it was released so imagine a $830-850M OS final run...
  4. It will surpass Black Panther ($70.6 million) in the UK and the top 3 CBM by solo characters will be like: The Dark Knight ($89.1 million) The Dark Knight Rises ($90.3 million) Joker ($72-75 million) Taste. 🤡
  5. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/joker_2019 Now in 508 reviews. Officially the most reviewed film on Rotten Tomatoes, surpassing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (507 reviews)
  6. ‘Joker’ Joins ‘Hustlers,’ ‘Parasite,’ ‘Knives Out’ And ‘Us’ In Painting A Sharper Portrait Of Inequality https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2019/11/06/the-connection-joaquin-phoenixs-joker-shares-with-jordan-peeles-us-bong-joon-hos-parasite-rian-johnsons-knives-out-and-jennifer-lopez-and-constance-wus-hustlers-box-office/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  7. How ‘Joker’ Is First R-Rated Film Topping Huge $1 Billion Box Office https://www.forbes.com/sites/markhughes/2019/11/04/how-joker-is-first-r-rated-film-topping-huge-1-billion-box-office/#4260a7cb31bb
  8. 1 Black Panther $1,346,913,161 2 Iron Man 3 $1,214,811,252 3 Aquaman $1,148,161,807 4 Spider-Man: Far From Home $1,131,831,806 5 Captain Marvel $1,128,274,794 6 The Dark Knight Rises $1,084,939,099 7 The Dark Knight $1,004,558,444 8 Joker $934,000,000 9 Spider-Man 3 $890,871,626 10 Spider-Man: Homecoming $880,166,924 Currently #8 by solo characters and #13 general list.
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