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  1. WB will re-release 'Wonder Woman' in Japan on August 14. It will be a remastered version in terms of sound and image. Maybe the new trailer will debut there.
  2. I would love to see this on Xmas. Now I'm curious for the new Aquaman and Black Adam dates.
  3. The Conjuring was moved to June 4, 2021, so I'm just waiting for a new date for next year at this point. Maybe at the DC Fandome?
  4. June. please. The Suicide Squad in October and The Batman in December.
  5. He says: Bale did an amazing job (...) my face will be covered most of the time (..) I have an idea to differentiate myself from the last Batman but I need to wait for production to start to see if it works.
  6. I like him. I don't have much to say because he only played teen movies but I can't see much screentime for him. The only problem I see is that he is very young and probably will be very different from the rest of the cast. Btw, it's now obvious that this won't be released in 12/2021. Hoping for Wonder Woman, The Batman and Suicide Squad in 2021 and Black Adam, Flash and Shazam 2 in 2022. Aquaman on first quarter 2023.
  7. 6 noms: • Best Picture • Best Actress • Best Supporting Actor • Best Supporting Actress • Best Female Director • Best Adapted Screenplay The second most nominated movie with Da 5 Bloods (6) and behind Shirley (7).
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