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  1. Delta is just spreading through Europe. I think lockdowns will happen in September. Shang Chi is fucked. I agree though, looking at how BW is performing OS, i think F9 would have done way better than BW in normal times
  2. I think this will release this year. They just announced that Japan release date is the same as US, Nov 19. And tickets go on sale in Japan on August, 6. 🧐
  3. That would be depressing. Although, i can't see what will beat it (besides Spidey, if it releases this year)
  4. I think some movies can't be moved anymore. Like Bond, no way that moves again. And most movies delayed from last year will probably keep the date. Bond movie will show if adults are willing to come back to the theaters. It's not only about Shang Chi, young people are back, let's see if adults are stepping back in theaters
  5. About trailers for the upcoming late fall/winter movies (Matrix, Spidey, WSS etc) i don't expect anything until September. I think studios are still waiting to see how Delta variant is spreading. Also, the OS market needs time to recover. Who knows, maybe some movies will be moved to next year.
  6. Free Guy will surprise. Reminiscence is DOA, unfortunately for Rebecca Ferguson. ugh. She has the worst luck
  7. And BW's Imdb score will go down. It always happens a few months after the release
  8. Streaming is happening for a number of years. Has Netflix made any A-lister? Crickets... Scarlett worked hard to get where she is. She's been acting making her resume since she was a child.
  9. I think the bigger issue here is that A-listers like Scarlett are terrified of streaming. They won't get paid from the tickets sold, who knows how they'll calculate their salary from streaming minutes watched.
  10. Disney is playing dirty by releasing her salary. I hope Scarlett wins!
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