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  1. Sorry if it seemed that way. It was not my intention. I'm pro vaccine, i 'm just a little pessimistic
  2. Should have went ahead and delayed it to next summer. Late fall is when infections numbers surge
  3. I too think that'll ultimately be the thing that'll happen. The virus is way ahead of the vaccination. The mutations are making vaccinations useless. But i have to ask, how will herd immunity be achieved if the virus keeps mutating and people become reinfected? It'll take years
  4. The situation in Europe and Latin America is a disaster and this movie needs OS to recoup its huge budget
  5. The MI 7 move is crazy. John Wick will make the date. It already started filming. I assume Mi7 will move
  7. I removed that part. Let's wait. the news is about to drop apparently. i wonder what the new date is. december? or the MI7 spot
  8. Apparently the movie will move off the July slot. A guy who has inside info said it's still staying in 2021.
  9. It won't be shown because of Prince Phillip's death. BBC One and BBC Two have now suspended all non-news programming for the rest of the day. Edit. it was Postponed to Monday
  10. edit. it seems to be so many cases because
  11. Great trailer. However, i'm surprised by the low hype. It's Angelina in an action role, expected more reactions. It has very low youtube views
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