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  1. Amazing hold for DM4! Higher 2nd weekend than DM2 which opened bigger!
  2. So Longlegs is guaranteed to beat Hereditary, A24's biggest horror movie? Both DOM and WW? Would be impressive. I keep mistaking Longlegs for an A24 film. Hereditary Theatrical Performance Domestic Box Office $44,069,456 Details International Box Office $36,873,194 Details Worldwide Box Office $80,942,650
  3. Batman who is human regularly fights super-powered beings like Mr Freeze, Clay face, Poison Ivy, Bane and occasionally gets into dumb fanboy fights with Superman yet somehow is not immediately crushed. Sam has just as much going for him with his wings, tech and shield. Also Red Hulk looks to be Sam's dumb fanboy fight in this movie.
  4. Just cut up Part 2 into 3 episodes and put it on MAX as a streaming series! They should at least TRY to get their money back!
  5. Just cut up Part 2 into 3 episodes and put it on MAX as a streaming series! They should at least TRY to get their money back!
  6. Emma Stone was due for a disappointment. Law of averages. Not everything can be a winner.
  7. Not much competition for DM4 this weekend or the next. A romcom and rated R horror this weekend then Twisters the next, which looks to be in big trouble going by slow presales.
  8. Not really. All you need to know is that the main character Gru is a former villian turned into secret agent working for the good guys. He adopted girls and got married. If you liked DM4 see the earlier movies. Also these things are called the Minions and are suppose to be his sidekicks, but have taken over the ENTIRE franchise.
  9. I'm really excited about the Gladiator vs Wicked weekend. The ultimate dad movie vs ultimate mom movie. Perfect counterprograming. Both studios clearly spent a lot of money on both. It will be really epic!
  10. Gladiator 2 cost more than the last 2 Alien movies directed by Ridley COMBINED. Just goes to show how expensive movies have gotten.
  11. Those saying 1 billion is the benchmark for G2 is setting themselves up for disappointment, or are straight up trolling when it come under that. Also budget for this movie is insane! Did they build a real life colosseum? Isn't Connie Nielsen the only returning actor from the original from the trailer?
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