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  1. I'll be going to a Monday afternoon matinee for a reason. Less people. First Monday should be more manageable, and I'm not waiting until the almost as crowded Christmas weekend a full week later.
  2. Where were all these critics complaining about nostalgia when The Force Awakens was released?
  3. If Mei is the Hulk, hopefully there wont be a crappy beat down with CGI monster in the finale.
  4. I can definitely see them doing Miles Morales Spidey movies once Holland decides to stop doing more. MCU seems to be making legacy chracters like with Falcon taking up the mantle as Cap.
  5. Shocked they are not releasing 2nd NWH trailer to show with Eternals. I guess they will be attaching 2nd trailer with Ghostbusters?
  6. Reviews have slowed to a trickle. The flood should be this Thursday and Friday before we get an idea of what the overall score will be.
  7. I hate that this is going to D+ after 30 days which is way too soon, but Disney gotta sell subscriptions.
  8. Eternals need to do higher than $173m dom (F9) if the top 5 Dom this year is going to all be superhero movies. We will see what happens.
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