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  1. Just because some people went to see WW doesn't mean they will go see JL. WW had an usually large audience of females and older people for a superhero movie.
  2. JL's 121 minutes runtime would make it the shortest DCEU movie ever 143min MOS 151min BvS (theatrical cut) 123min SS (theatrical cut) 141min WW
  3. The most punchable face in history!
  4. Looks like Thor 3 is going to be a comedy. As long as Marvel doesn't try to mislead audiences with the marketing, I don't see why that should be a problem.
  5. I thought that was Black Panther since that movie is actually closer to Avenger's release?
  6. The first Guardians of the Galaxy was just 2 hours and 2 minute long with credits, and it did a great job introducing its completely unknown characters and also tell a story. So a good superhero team movie with that short runtime can be done.
  7. Marvel is smart to take advantage of Hems' talent at comedy. These end of the world plots is something I am always found lazy about superhero movies.

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