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  1. I would delay every "big movie" and blockbuster to the next year. Lower budgeted flicks could be released this year. If studios think they'll lose money ( which they'll, no doubt ), then they should think about losing the least ammount of money. I also would advice delaying everything to 2021, but is that even remotely possible? Can cinemas survive until a vaccine ( if it even works ) gets ready? I would release New Mutants as a sacrifice. Perhaps 1500 / 1600 cinemas and that's it. Just to see what happens.
  2. Saint Maud still not delayed. I guess it's getting released next week...
  3. Looks like Brazil is the country with the highest number of recovered people from the virus... https://noticias.r7.com/saude/brasil-ultrapassa-marca-de-1-milhao-de-recuperados-da-covid-19-05072020?fbclid=IwAR0XgSZzDETqjSO3rFb0RieUgdGxLKF4if_3jnyrapIdw_ZDzsgLwZmaXSo
  4. I went back to rewatch every Kickboxer movie and they're still quite fun / funny, lol. I never knew there was a Kickboxer 5 ( Redemption ), so it was a shock.
  5. Looks like some cinemas are getting open again...For those who live in São Paulo, it looks like that way. Not sure how is it going everywhere. Lots of stuff reopening here in Rio de Janeiro. So far, no cinemas yet, but kinoplex puts a July 30th date. So yeah, not that far away.
  6. Why hasn't Saint Maud been delayed yet? Is it really getting a wide release on July 17th?
  7. September. In Brazil, the day always comes before the month. If it says 10/9, it means September 10th.
  8. Is this movie keeping that release date?
  9. Yeah, someone said The Conjuring 3 would have to get a whole month of reshoots, but I don't know if it's even happening. If so, perhaps this is what's going to delay the movie to next year ( if that's confirmed btw ). It seems Malignant also didn't test well, but I don't know anything about reshoots.
  10. I thought Malignant would be the one getting that release date. Unless Malignant replaces The Conjuring 3 this year.
  11. Someone said this movie would get a full month of reshoots...Is it even getting released this year?
  12. I think Spiral ( aka Saw 9 ) will have to move again. There's no way Lionsgate keeps the same release date with a freaking Godzilla vs Kong flick. It'll be a freaking massacre.
  13. Yeah, cinemas are totally closed here in Brazil. It seems they might reopen on July, but let's wait.
  14. https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2547666/looks-like-the-candyman-reboot-wont-have-the-typical-theatrical-run
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