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  1. David Ehrlich said this movie is a little more commercial than Solaris...
  2. I've just watched it and I really enjoyed this one. This is not exactly a Rambo movie, but a movie featuring Rambo and it works. A review said this movie works like a Taken movie, with Rambo replacing Mills. It's exactly that. I think Stallone was great in this. His age is definitely showing, though. Be warned, this is not a movie for kids. Yeah, it's obvious but I've seen people bringing babies to see Deadpool and Logan. Theater was full and everyone enjoyed it.
  3. I was right, they are saying exactly what I thought they would say. They never disappoint, lol.
  4. I've just read spoilers. Yeah, critics will hate the hell of the movie, lol. Fans will love it, me included.
  5. Lmao, I was right. I found this review. It even starts talking about the USA / Mexico relationship... Critics are very predictable. They can't review a damn Rambo movie. They need to bring Trump in. lol https://www.tnp.sg/entertainment/movies/movie-review-rambo-last-blood
  6. Can't wait to see the RT consensus for this one... "Filled with toxic masculinity, this new entry might satisfy the gorehounds but offers nothing else to root for." "Irresponsible, irritating and toxic. Not even Rambo can save himself from bloodletting" "Too much testosterona, too much gore, too much violence. Too much, even for Rambo" I still think some reviews will mention the scene where explosions make some kind of "wall" and will say this one resembles the wall that Trump wants to build against the mexicans ( who are the villains in the movie ). I'll be surprised if they don't say anything about that scene.
  7. Based on the trailer alone, you can tell this movie is gonna get bad reviews. I mean, critics won't like the fact that the bad guys are mexicans.
  8. Is the running time only 89 minutes? That seems very short https://bbfc.co.uk/releases/rambo-last-blood-film
  9. Lots of reviews giving bad scores ( 1/5, 3/10, D, F ) on RT. You guys can expect a very bad CinemaScore for this.
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