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  1. This movie hasn't been promoted at all. I discovered it by accident when I was looking for a Jason Statham movie called Blitz ( old movie ). Somehow the trailer for this robot dog movie popped in and I got curious and surprised to notice this thing is getting released next week XD
  2. Blaze Heatnix

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Impressive for Meg, movie was a ton of fun!
  3. I discovered this movie 2 minutes ago... Trailer: It seems to be getting a wide release. By the way, the movie is already leaked online, if anybody cares...
  4. The Equalizer 2 is definitely going to make 100 million domestic. It's at 123 million worldwide now, with tons of new markets yet to get the movie. The Equalizer 3 is happening.
  5. Most of Statham movies performed really well overseas and the budgets ( most of them ) weren't high. Mechanic 2 made 21 million domestic and 100 million overseas, meaning 121 million worldwide.
  6. Mile 22's CinemaScore taking way too long to be added... I guess the cliffhanger ending won't be everyone's cup of tea. I'm curious about it.
  7. Wow, that would suck. The cliffhanger is brutal in this movie. Crazy stuff.
  8. Lone Survivor was from the same "actor-director duo" and it was a hit ( from both critics and audiences ).
  9. 39% now. There are only 697 user ratings, though. Probably there are some users who hate Wahlberg too. It's hard to predict what's going to happen to this one.
  10. That's great!!! The only flaw is that it's not being directed by the same dude who directed Unknown, Non-Stop, Run All Night and The Commuter. So, this isn't part of the "Coulet Serra" universe! XD
  11. Blaze Heatnix

    Wednesday Numbers: Crazy Rich Asians 5M

    Mile 22 should make 22 million opening weekend just for the laughs.
  12. How the hell does Slender Man have a 30 million budget before P&A? Even the promotion was minimal for this movie. Movie simply came and went away. Not even CinemaScore did care about putting the D- report on their twitter. Did Joey King get a 20 million paycheck or anything like that?
  13. So, it seems Slender Man almost got the F CinemaScore https://deadline.com/2018/08/august-audiences-get-hooked-on-meg-shelling-out-44m-45m-early-sunday-am-box-office-1202444210/ The movie received a D- CinemaScore. On CinemaScore, 56% females turned out for this PG-13 while males repped 44%. Both sexes gave it a D-. But there were a lot of F’s mixed in the CinemaScore reporter card including 18-24 demo (30%), 25-34 (13%), 25+ (26%), and 50+ (3%).
  14. Impressive numbers for Slender Man, given its D- CinemaScore. I'm curious about the legs. I'll be watching The Meg soon.

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