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  1. Once WOW starts kicking in after the movie's ending, things will get ugly...lol
  2. Some people are saying this movie has a shitty ending like The Devil Inside Many critic reviews also stating that. Humm... Same thing happened to The Grudge. Hell, this movie even has the same producer from The Grudge! lol
  3. Several users are saying this movie doesn't even have a real ending. It suddenly ends... I'm reading user reviews on letterboxd. Most are very negative
  4. There's a fresh review on RT now ( guy probably broke the embargo ). He's a top critic who also gave a fresh review to The Grudge, so that probably doesn't mean much. Other than that, movie is invisible.
  5. Looks like it's official. Movie is called SPIRAL: From the Book of Saw https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3601806/saw-title-spiral-from-the-book-of-saw/
  6. No reviews yet...Bad marketing // promotion. Wow, is the movie really that bad?
  7. I watched the trailer again and I still don't get why doesn't the girl simply leaves the house, once weird stuff starts happening... The whole thing looks dumb and badly planned.
  8. This doesn't look like the traditional horror movie many might be expecting to see. Looks like something directed by Ari Aster. I'm really curious about it.
  9. If it has a chance, Universal probably ignores it...lol This movie is getting dumped.
  10. Officially rated PG for action, some violence, rude humour and brief mild language https://www.filmratings.com/Content/Downloads/cara_rating_bulletin.pdf
  11. It's not a red flag, it's a lie. The writers didn't work on Transformers: The Last Knight and Men in Black: International. That user is lying.
  12. Uh? They're NOT responsible for Transformers:The Last Knight or Men in Black: International. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1948885/?ref_=ttfc_fc_wr2 https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2332952/?ref_=ttfc_fc_wr3
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