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  1. Blaze Heatnix


    Movie was great! I can't believe the budget is just 160 million. That was insane.
  2. Already leaked...There's a cam online. Leaks have been fast lately...
  3. Isn't he producing it, though? Yeah, he also produced A Quiet Place and the movie was great. Perhaps Bay should stay as a producer.
  4. Berserk creator will have a field day with the movie. It uses the same symbol... That being said, this movie looks fun!
  5. Blaze Heatnix


    Competition will kill legs in the next weeks. Aquaman, Bumblebee and Mary Poppins will cut a ton of things. WB should be glad FB 2 might be able to make more than 600 million worldwide.
  6. Blaze Heatnix

    Mortal Engines | December 14, 2018 | Universal

    The whole movie already leaked... Holy crap, even Aquaman leaked too.
  7. The fact that Kevin Feige reviewed the script, gives me hope for this movie. https://comicbook.com/marvel/2018/12/07/x-men-dark-phoenix-kevin-feige-reviewed-script/
  8. It seems whoever said it was Endgame because of Dr Strange's quote ( we're in the endgame now ), was DAMN right!
  9. Damn, Captain marvel trailer will have a ton of dislikes. Have you guys watched the latest Marvel videos? They're getting disliked like hell because of folks wanting to see Avengers 4 trailer.
  10. With that 18% Audience Score, I'm waiting for a D CinemaScore. That's way too low and the movie has barely been released.
  11. Really weird marketing so far...I mean, they haven't even revealed the damn title yet. Anyway, Infinity War trailer got released last year on November 29th. So, if Marvel is following the same pattern, a trailer could get released tomorrow. We have no title, no trailer's announcement, nothing, nada. I would like to get a name at least.
  12. So, it seems the solo movies ( Wonder Woman / Aquaman ) are better than the "group movies" ( Justice League, Suicide Squad, BVS ) WB/DC will have to learn how to deal with several heroes in the same movie.
  13. Great news, I'm happy to see such good reactions. Wan started with a Saw movie. What a way to go, Mr Wan!
  14. If Sony can't use Tom Holland, then they should give Miles Morales Spidey a go. I mean, didn't the Kraven's writer said we would see Kraven vs Spidey? So, something is going on. Spider Man can be Peter or Miles. Peter is in MCU, so Miles can be used.
  15. Blaze Heatnix

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    How much has Venom made in china, so far?

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