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  1. That Endgame may beat Avatar's numbers and may not beat Avatar's numbers at the same time. It beats Avatar's domestic numbers, but it doesn't beat Avatar's overseas numbers despite beating Avatar worldwide.
  2. It's interesting that Endgame has made more domestic than Avatar, but Avatar made 2 billion overseas alone, and Endgame isn't making that overseas. Even if Endgame makes more than Avatar worldwide, Avatar's overseas numbers are still untouchable.
  3. Street Fighter was amazing! One of the best "bad movies" I've ever seen. I had a ton of fun. Very fun and enjoyable.
  4. John Wick franchise is impressive. Second movie made 30 million for its opening weekend. Third flick makes 22.6 million on Friday alone.
  5. Logan was bloody as hell, but that wasn't a problem to China...
  6. I read the whole thing on reddit ( MCU spoilers page ). There's the description and some small videos ( most of the other videos got deleted ). So, take care with spoilers
  7. This movie just got leaked ( at least, the last 10 minutes )... There are reports everywhere, and spoilers...:(
  8. They really could get a John Wick / The Equalizer crossover in the future. The Equalizer's writer even talked about this, last year. He would like to see both Keanu/Denzel kicking ass.
  9. The director is the same guy who did Saw 2, 3 and 4. He has a lot of Saw experiences. Saw 2 and 3 are probably the best Saw movies after the first one. So, it's good to see him back.
  10. Movie is called Organ Donor, for now...It's just a placeholder. Jigsaw was called Legacy, at some point. It's definitely being called Saw or Saw + something else...
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