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  1. Blaze Heatnix

    VENOM | 127.2 M overseas ● 217.0 M worldwide

    Venom is at 407 million worldwide now, but its overseas numbers haven't been updated for a while. So, I guess it's gonna be at 455/470 million worldwide.
  2. I had a ton of fun with Venom. it was a great surprise. Critics didn't enjoy it, but audiences really embraced it. Period. Halloween looks like a good movie too. Venom and Halloween are entirely different movies based on entirely different subjects and aimed at entirely different audiences. Jamie Lee Curtis's tweet is really uncalled for, imo. Unless she was just tweeting for the lulz, which may be possible or not. Actors/professionals should stay out of that kind of discussion. What's the point of mentioning Venom? I mean, Halloween is getting huge numbers and it's already a sucess. Both movies are performing very well, so Jamie should relax and enjoy her own sucess.
  3. That's a big wtf, imo. Laurie gets killed in the first 10 minutes of this movie, lol. General audiences were probably pleased, I guess.
  4. I liked Scream 4 too, but the 3 or 4 fake opening scenes weren't necessary. It got old fast. On the other side, I watched Halloween 2 ( the sequel to Rob Zombie's Halloween ) and I don't know how this movie didn't get an F CinemaScore. There were some dream scenes in the movie ( one was almost 15 minutes long ) and many things didn't make any sense. It wasn't pooled, I think. That explains the lack of a CinemaScore. Anyway, if this new Halloween manages to get a good audience review, then perhaps B+ is where it should go.
  5. What kind of CinemaScore can we expect for Halloween 2018? I could expect a B+/B. If audiences are really enjoying it, then perhaps A-. Unless it disappoints and gets a B- like Scream 4. Thoughts? Are audiences loving this movie? I'm curious.
  6. Blaze Heatnix

    VENOM | 127.2 M overseas ● 217.0 M worldwide

    Overseas numbers haven't been updated since last Sunday. I predict smething between 360-380 million worldwide happening tomorrow.
  7. I finally watched this movie. It was ok... The C- CinemaScore was way too harsh, imo. I guess people were expecting some kind of John Wick spin-off, full of action. Yeah, this is not.
  8. Of course he said that. He wants to be elected, lol. Anyway, theater was full today, so i guess numbers will be better for the week. XD
  9. No, thanks. I don't want a man who thinks Venezuela is a democracy. I won't derail this topic, though. I just gave my piece about the whole ordeal, lol. No Haddad, hopefully.
  10. Hopefully not. Is he even the real candidate, by the way? The real one is arrested, and the last thing we want, is a criminal ( arrested and doing things behind the jail ) being the President. Haddad is a corrupt man, just like PT overall. I think Bolsonaro wins easily.
  11. Yeah, it seems Bolsonaro is gonna be the next president in 3 weeks. Theaters weren't empty, but the election had some effect. I expect better numbers for the next week and weekend.
  12. Venom 2 is 100% happening. I think Sony should focus on Venom 2, considering the post credits scene. No Morbius movie for now.
  13. Blaze Heatnix

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Is Venom going to be released in China?
  14. I think they even hired the same guy who wrote The Equalizer 1 and 2, to write this movie. It might happen.
  15. Wow, I really enjoyed Venom! Theater was 100% full, there were claps and everybody had a good time with it. I can't believe that I even considered not watching this movie because of critics. I'm glad that I trusted my sixth sense. Hardy was insanely great, the action was quite good and the running time was excellent. I'm also glad that it had a simple story without references or trying to set up 1000 new movies that won't probably happen. I guess Sony did learn something after what happened to TASM 2. Post credit scene had a ton of people excited. I want Venom 2. They'll definitely need the R rating this time ( for obvious reasons ).

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