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  1. I don't know...Way too much forced. I mean, people are saying Paramount had to delay the movie, spend more money and change a lot of things just to generate buzz? It could be easier. They could have leaked a bad design ( the real one was already done ) on purpose and then pretend they worked hard to fix something that never needed to be fixed. That doesn't matter, they're getting my money on day 1.
  2. Yeah, the whole thing looks very plausible, including the twist and who's playing the killer. I have no idea.
  3. It happens all the time, bro. All the time. XD That being said, I feel bad for reading the whole thing ( if it's true ). This movie probably had a huge budget, considering the cast and the huge person they got to be in the movie ( besides Rock and Jackson )
  4. ViewerAnon, I've read news about the movie's plot getting leaked. I got some info ( including a huge actor that is part of the cast, but hasn't been revealed yet ) Do you know anything about it?
  5. This is making less than Dark Phoenix worldwide. I can't see this thing making 252 million worldwide.
  6. She didn't watch the full movie, just some parts because she was curious. Anyway, I started watching R rated movies when I was 6.
  7. I haven't watched the new Terminator movie yet, but I'm not in a hurry... Yesterday, my 7 years old daughter asked me why didn't Skynet just send a Terminator to kill baby Sarah Connor. I had no answer.
  8. Anything after Terminator 2 doesn't make any sense. They wrote themselves into a corner with the second movie. A baby would get why it doesn't make sense making more movies beating that dead horse.
  9. Looks good, but I'm not impressed or excited. Definitely not "day one" movie, but perhaps "second weekend" movie. I'm not rushing to watch it.
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