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  1. I'm glad this movie is getting released. I'm glad it's not being split in 2 parts. I'm glad the main actor is doing fine ( guy almost died during the production ). I'm glad we'll be getting the ending. I'm glad the action scenes look like well filmed ( based on the trailer ). I'll be glad even if it flops or even underperforms. This is meant to conclude the series. So, we'll get our ending. Complaing about this movie, will lead you nowhere.
  2. If it gets an F score, it'll join the list of 20 movies with that score: 1) Eye of Beholder 2) Dr T and the Women 3) Lost Souls 4) Lucky Numbers 5) Solaris 6) Fear Dot Com 7) Darkness 8) In the Cut 9) Alone in The Dark 10) Wolf Creek 11) The Wicker Man 12) Bug 13) I Know Who Killed Me 14) Disaster Movie 15) The Box 16) Silent House 17) The Devil Inside 18) Killing Them Softly 19) Mother

    It seems this movie will perform really good. No need to panic!
  4. The Equalizer 2 | August 3 2018

    Let's hope they cast Liam Neeson as the villain. I would love to see Denzel vs Liam.
  5. Jeff Wadlow clearly did everything, except emulating Vaughn's style in Kick Ass 2, lol. Both movies were insanely different in everything.
  6. The Equalizer 2 | August 3 2018

    August seems to be the best month to release this flick,. I think it'll perform well. This is the first Denzel's sequel. I'm curious about it.
  7. I'm also curious about the rating for this movie. Will they try another R flick? If this one is cheap, then Fox might give us another R rated movie.
  8. Even though I'm not a fan of the director, I'm still excited to watch this movie. I've always loved the X-Men universe and let's hope Dark Phoenix surprises us.
  9. Exactly. Until Spidey gets defeated by Thor Ragnarok and Justice League.
  10. I had a great time with Despicable Me 3. My kids loved it. It wasn't the best of the series ( DM 2 is still the best one, imo ), but the experience was nice. I'm a fan and I'm curious about Minions 2 and the obvious future DM 4. I'm glad it performed well, because it means we'll get more of them. That's it. There are people who liked DM 3, and it's perfectly fine to talk about its boxoffice.
  11. That's because he keeps getting his 20 million for each movie he makes. His movies aren't expensive. Usually half of the movie's budget is going to pay him.
  12. What movies got a F score on CinemaScore? I know Wolf Creek is one of these movies. I still don't get how Wolf Creek got such low score.
  13. I'm just reading the user comments on RT... 1) "Worst movie ever, and I'm a Jlaw fan." 2) "Nothing happens until the last act." 3) "It's nothing like the trailer." The number 3 complaint is the one that keeps being repeated several times. I guess that won't end up well for legs...
  14. Audience Score is 50% on RT. Yeah, I think toxic word of mouth is coming.

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