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  1. This is getting out of hand, I think. Can you imagine if Tobey and Andrew really aren't in the movie and we get 3 Spider Men played by Tom Holland? The backlash would be unreal. It would be toxic for the movie's performance.
  2. That would be the first comic book movie with an F CinemaScore. Other than The Avengers ( got a D ), most got anything above C ( except for Fant4stic, which got C- )
  3. So... Venom 2 is fresh while Eternals is rotten. Catwoman, Green Lantern, BVS, Elektra and Eternals all share the same B CinemaScore Are we living in the Multiverse of Madness already? I'll believe if Morbius ends up being fresh on RT.
  4. Welcome to Raccoon City? I'm very excited for this movie. I won't lie. It looks miles better than the ones with Jovovich.
  5. This movie is gonna be the new RT consensus. Barely rotten // Barely fresh- It'll keep changing to rotten/fresh after every couple of reviews. XD
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