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  1. Some hope https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/apr/2/hydroxychloroquine-rated-most-effective-therapy-do/
  2. China doesn't want the truth to be revealed. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8173363/Wuhan-doctor-went-public-spread-coronavirus-goes-missing.html
  3. People protesting against the quarantine here in Brazil https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=m8r2qXg8vqY&feature=emb_logo
  4. You can't fight the vírus or help contaminated people if you don't have any Money. I don't know where do you live, but money is definitely not infinite here. If you break the Economy, you break any country. Can you find Jobs if your country literally has broken? In less than 3 weeks, there'll be riots here. It's so predictable.
  5. Thanks. We hope things get better. Not everyone has a home based job like me, so I feel for them. So many friends, so many people losing their Jobs.
  6. Who are you to tell me what to believe? It's not just about what he says. I literally went to streets some hours ago to buy food. People are saying the same things and asking the same questions ( "what will I do without Money", "how will I survive with 3 kids and no Money nd no Jobs" ). Who should I believe? You? You don't even live here and you don't know what happens where I live. It's quite unfortunate to see posts like yours.
  7. Bodies will be piling in the streets from unemployed people without Money to buy food. Hell, bodies are probably piling if people start fighting others for whatever they find to eat and live.
  8. That's what's happening here in Brazil. Thousands of Jobs getting lost. It's freaking crazy. That's why the President is asking for a new approach ( sick people and/or people from the risk group stay at home and others will slowly return to work ). It's a very hard situation. So, yeah, I try to look at both sides.
  9. The first case of coronavirus happened 1 month ago. We've been facing this situation for a little more than 1 month. Nobody knows what'll happen next week or next month. I doubt we'll have 10000 cases next week already. Besides, there have been reports of people getting cured. So, the numbers will have to change. Like I said, nobody knows but everybody knows our Economy can't stop. We'll see what happens.
  10. Oh, I won't take any pick. I've worked home-based for almost 10 years. So, I'm used to stay at home. However, I'm worried about others. The situation is getting horrible. We're thinking about the long haul. Yeah, it's a disaster what's happening in NY and Europe. A insanely huge disaster. However, we can't stop our Economy here. Soon, people won't have Money or a job. What do you think it happens when there's no food left and people literally have no Money and no Jobs? Chaos. Something will have to be done. We hope the new approach will help the Economy.
  11. Nobody knows for sure, but we definitely can't fully stop and our Economy can't stop, unfortunately. We'll have to learn how to handle this. Soon, the unemployment will be higher than the contamination itself. We've had News of markets and shops being attacked. Employers are even going to the streets to ask the quarantine to stop, because a lot of them are literally breaking. It's a very hard situation https://tribunadaregiao.com.br/noticias/artigo/empresarios-de-maringa-fazem-carreata-pedindo-reabertura-do-comercio
  12. So far, 77 deaths here in Brazil. There are plans to reopen shops and other things. Our Economy is different. Many people are already losing jobs and they won't have any Money left to buy food and pay bills. It seems we'll have a different approach. Whoever is part of the "risk group" ( Young people and old people with previous diseases ) will have to stay at home, while the others will slowly come back to work, but not at the same time.
  13. Here in Brazil, so far: 970 cases and 11 deaths ( all of them were people above 60 years old with previous diseases like diabetes ) Health Minister said we should expect cases do decrease only on September
  14. So far, we've had 7 deaths here in Brazil. All of them were people above 60 years with additional diseases.
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