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  1. So, in a nutshell: 1) Good number ( when you ignore context ) 2) Bad number ( if you add context, given the movie has a bad multiplier for its opening day ) 3) I'm torn on PA numbers. Maybe they wanted to inflate numbers or send a message that PA is also doing its part. 4) Many people probably aren't excited to see a solo movie for a character that's already dead. 5) Pandemic is far from over. Overall, perhaps everyone could be right in the discussion. Number is good and bad depending on perspective.
  2. That's a good number for MK, given it didn't have previews and it's also available on HBO.
  3. Numbers aren't good and that's a fact. Can they improve? Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, my kids want to see Tom & Jerry and this movie tomorrow. Gonna be a very long day...
  4. Wow, looks like garbage. I can tell this thing is getting an F CinemaScore, based on the trailer alone.
  5. I watched this cartoon on Rede Record. It was shown during the afternoon. Good times.
  6. I hope the acting is much better in the movie than it was in the trailer. That woman simply didn't care about her son aging 12 years in less than 1 day. The dialogue and lines are atrocious. "There's something wrong with this island"...Really?
  7. Is this getting a domestic release? It seems A24 still has to reveal a new release date, after delaying it a couple of times.
  8. I think Jenkins and Gadot should drop Cleopatra ASAP! That's a bomb waiting to blow up.
  9. This movie is the Iron Man 2 of the DCEU. Worse than the first movie, boring, irritating, messy, weak third act ( first Wonder Woman also had this problem, but here it was worse imo ). I actually had a better time watching Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad was bad but it was fun and made me laugh. Gal is still great, so she wasn't the problem at all, but everything else was very mediocre. The long running time didn't help. The story in this movie doesn't require 150 minutes.
  10. I think Electro didn't die in TASM 2. Can you kill electricity? Dr Octopus definitely died in Spider Man 2, though. Unless some kind of portal opened, lol. Goblin died in Spider Man 1, but there's Dane Dehaan's version from TASM 2 that's still alive.
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