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  1. Not sure if that's true, so let's wait and see.
  2. I think Deadline has acess to the reports or something like that. That or CinemaScore hasn't updated the page yet.
  3. Any idea about the CinemaScore for Happy Death Day 2U? Deadline says Alita got an A-, but didn't say anything about HDD2U
  4. What's the CinemaScore for Happy Death Day 2U? I'm curious. Alita got an A-
  5. Is the word of mouth good for Happy Death Day 2U? According to Deadline, Two and a half stars on PostTrak for the sequel.
  6. Looks good, I'm actually excited ( perhaps even more than my kids ).
  7. Blaze Heatnix

    Happy Death Day 2U | Feb 13 2019

    It seems that a post credit scene might give a hint to a third movie... https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3545961/happy-death-day-2u-end-credit-sequence-will-tease-really-bonkers-third-film-may-getting/
  8. Finally some CinemaScores... COLD PURSUIT (2019) LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART, THE (2019) PRODIGY, THE (2019) WHAT MEN WANT (2019)
  9. No CinemaScores this weekend? Miss Bala's CinemaScore was added like 2 days ago.
  10. Lmao, that's very messed up. Is she trolling or what?
  11. It looks ok, I guess? Original movies will keep going ( TV series ) and we'll also get that reboot. So, everyone gets happy, I hope.
  12. Hey, I want the PM too about the spoiler for Shazam. Thanks in advance.
  13. The Commuter made 119 million worldwide and it was released last year. It's a hit for Neeson.
  14. Wait, did Liam actually TRY to kill a black man or did he think about killing someone? You can't be punished for "thinking" if you don't even try anything. Besides, several reports have been different. It seems Liam Neeson said he wanted a black guy to try to attack him, so he could use that attack as a reason to strike back. I read the whole thing. I'm not defending or accusing anyone.
  15. His new movie is about revenge and I can see how he tried to come with his feelings from past years. I don't know what's gonna happen to his career, but he had a good run until now.

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