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  1. After watching TLJ again, I got the feeling that Rian Johnson just went on to read every possible reddit/4chan/youtube/NeoGaf theory. Then he basically focused on making a movie unlike anything that could have been previously predicted. The problem is that he was more focused on NOT being anything, than being a thing, forgetting to tell the story in the process, lol. I think the same thing happened to Lost. The creators denied fan theories but the creators themselves never had the endgame.
  2. Star Wars isn't MCU. They really need to stop releasing a movie every year. Not only that, but we get a sequel and then a prequel, and then a sequel again. The universe really needs to move forward. Prequels are in the past, and the past already gave us the original trilogy ( and Rogue One ). It's time to let it go.
  3. Some theaters are empty here. The strike is really affecting a lot of things... Things are getting complicated.
  4. Movies like Spider Man Homecoming and Suicide Squad had drops higher than 60% for their second weekends, but both went on to develop good legs after that. So, Deadpool 2 could perfectly behave like them. The fact it's R rated and has no 3D only helps it, by the way.
  5. Deadpool 2 is a R rated movie without 3D and without China to boost its overseas numbers. It's doing great for a sequel. There's nothing wrong with it. It's going to be really profitable. X-Force is probably a real possibility ( I'm pretty sure it'll get made, either by Fox or Fox/Marvel or whatever it is gonna be in the next years ). There's no need to be angry or sad about it. Solo is another story. Less than 500 million worldwide might happen, but I still think 500 million worldwide is possible. Anyway, not good when movies like Justice League and even X-Men Apocalypse ( which I loved by the way ) ended up doing more. Infinity War could stop making money 2 weeks ago and the movie would still be considered a sucess. It has nothing to prove.
  6. Solo seems to be a good movie, but you have to check your expectations at the theater door. Besides, Power Rangers 2017 got a higher CinemaScore ( A ).
  7. How the hell are people saying that Deadpool 2 flopped, when in fact it has almost made 4 times its budget? It's also R rated and has no 3D tickets. Deadpool 2 is a sucess. Solo isn't.

    Solo under Justice League worldwide is now a possibility...Damn.
  9. So, my mother went to watch Solo yesterday. I told her to check her expectations at the theater door. 3 hours later, she called me and said there wasn't any expectations to be checked, and that's why she went to watch Deadpool 2 instead.
  10. The strike isn't over. Media lied. The Government tried to force a fake deal, but the truckers confirm the strike continues. Things are far from over, unfortunately.
  11. I won't be watching this movie, but I hope you guys enjoy it ( if you end up watching it ). Really not my cup of tea. I've just watched the trailer again and that thing really managed to turn me off. I'll save money for now.
  12. Rogue One made 523 million overseas ( China's numbers included, being 69 million ). If the possible final China number ( less than 20 million total ) is real, there'll be trouble. 523 million overseas won't happen. If Solo is dropping to half of Rogue One's numbers at some places, that's even worse. Sub 350 million overseas ( maybe a little less ). I would say 600/623 million worldwide might happen, but it's not locked.

    Sub 255/265 million domestic and 250/300 million overseas. Less than 600 million worldwide, in my view.

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