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  1. time for something funny: Universal perfered to release Yesterday instead of H&S on Aug 16. (F&S now on Aug 23)
  2. It does not work that way. Banning HLW would not affect him or them a bit. During Mao regime, CCP leaders and their families had always been able to enjoy the latest western films and products while the people struggled for food.
  3. not if it heats up this is China. there would never be formal notice about the ban if it happens. Maybe it's just the one side decision of some sole studios. But anything terrible incoming is possible given the circumstance.
  4. will not affect films already dated or in release
  5. China has banned American actors from appearing in Chinese films and shows (ie working in China), per FTimes. A full ban on American contents could begin any minute, like the ban on Korean contents since 2017.
  6. some were but not all. otherwise Sun-Wed drops woudnt be that ugly. yes they can. it's that the authorities (if they want) can refuse whatever dates studios pick and suggst a different one. there is usually room to discuss but things dont nessarily end up as studios have wished.
  7. no. Aug 1 is PLA Day. a propaganda movie opens. Aug 9 is fully occupied. Sep is protection month.
  8. H&S refused to open on July 26, afraid of slaughtered by LOOKING UP. Stupid Universal prefer a late Aug release.
  9. 'Little Little Wish' is officially killed by censorship even better for TLK and the Rock
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