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  1. didnt expect this to be rotten on RT ... I though Shane Black is the Billy Wilder of this generation.
  2. Chinese audiences do seem to prefer tough guys. The mostly known and liked hlw stars in China have all beenaction heroes.
  3. firedeep

    Halloween over 80 million OW club

    could this be the first 100m+ horror opening
  4. This is the 2018 Christmas tentpole to flop
  5. firedeep


    300m OS locked
  6. hoping for 50m/90m/72m 210m weekend down 60% from OW, 930 cume
  7. AM2 looking to land on 840m, a multiplier of about 1.8x. What prevented it from reaching 2x? 1. it opened on the last weekend of the summer, which boosted the opening. 2. its WOM was not good enough, certainly not as good as Thor2, looking back. 3. MI6 opened on its 2nd weekend.
  8. Meg turns to be one of the most profitable films of summer 2018.
  9. agreed. 530m is very possible, maybe even higher.

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