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  1. thing is, Disney already have enough IPs which are as profitable as DP. They dont need Deadpool.
  2. I doubt DP3 ever happens ...
  3. I simply don't get, why some/most people on the forums constantly think this looks bad. Even RPO made more than 500m.
  4. We may have got another ‘’Long Journey‘’ on hands—— ali and E1's Peppa: https://www.caixinglobal.com/2019-01-18/gangster-peppa-pig-goes-viral-in-sweet-chinese-new-year-video-101371733.html
  5. Bumblebee is so leggy. I am impressed. almost 3x. same as aqm.
  6. I want to go crazy and open a DP2 first 10 days (because it only has 10 days in theaters) over AM2 club ...
  7. this one looks more interesting than HC. An increase is certain at least.
  8. also, the version to be released in China is PG13, which is rotten on RT.
  9. Ant-man numbers for Dp? Any one?
  10. So that's why Fox made this "Once Upon a Deadpool" and released it domestic with a pretty steep expense.
  11. how? Sales agents/copyright-owners are almost always pre-paid before the film gets released. No one will license a film without advance payment.
  12. In short, Tencent vastly overpaid for Bumblebee. They must have hoped the movie would make 1.5B.

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