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  1. Standard Sunday now is -30%, Monday -60%. Next Friday Ralph and Johnny looks weak (relatively, <50m OD for the two), and Friday after basically nothing opens.
  2. Venom 1.9B probably happening,that would be $300m+ in most favorable ER.
  3. $50m total is still possible ..........
  4. Keep following CBO for just one year that you will be able to tell Tommy is apparently beating Depp this weekend.
  5. by my calculation, heading to 1.7B, latest trend based. You mustnt be afraid to project bigger. why flat? 75-80m Friday, 144-153 Sat, 100-105 Sun.
  6. Pikachu has Avengers3/4 level buzz
  7. firedeep


    seems weak OS performing
  8. Kevin Feige is the last person on the planet who is happy to see the success of Venom. Bob Iger, the second last.
  9. The drop was produced by DOM. DP2 is more enjoyable than the first.
  10. iF it goes nuts (again) bumping close to 50%. I will no longer consider 2x impossible.
  11. WOW, what a shocking opening. Inexplicable. that's almost doubling ODs of normal solo superhero movies.
  12. firedeep

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS

    more like 350m
  13. forget about 2.5x even 2x will not happen. It is superhero. But perhaps you can expect a bigger OW.

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