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Investments - October 2013

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Table updated in first post!




100% Captain Phillips



You cannot afford 100%. You have only 10M left. There's a link in the first post to the post where you can see the bank account of all players. ->



You can find bank accounts information here -> CLICK (updated every Saturday)


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100% captain philips




You have 80% left to buy until Level 1 Restriction.




Fantasy Box Office Game Rules

Investment Restrictions (applies as you invest more %)

    [*]Your ability to invest is restricted as you invest more in movies over the year. There are 4 different levels of restrictions. Each level is associated with a % of investments.

    [*]The following lists the 4 levels (5 including the unrestricted level) and the unmodified % level.

    [*]Unrestricted (< 1400%)

    [*]Level 1 Restrictions (> 1500%) - Cannot invest in any film until 3 weeks prior to release.

    [*]Level 2 Restrictions (> 2000%) - Cannot invest in any film until 2 weeks prior to release.

    [*]Level 3 Restrictions (> 2500%) - Cannot invest in any film until 1 week prior to release.

    [*]Level 4 Restrictions (> 3000%) - Cannot invest in any film until 1 day prior to release.

    [*]Purchase Restrictions (> 2000%) - Cannot purchase more than 1 film per week (whatever % or $)


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