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  1. I was dissapointed in this episode..it was so dark, i had to crank up the brightness to 250% to understand what was going on...and the Night King died too easy...
  2. I liked it, its a 7/10 from me. My favourite part is Wonder Womans theme, this one:
  3. Holy shit, the VFX look terrible. The scene of both running together reminded me of The Amazing Bulk...
  4. DoctorWho


    lol, i just finished season 2...
  5. DoctorWho


    I was talking about these: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheContinuum/comments/24um1u/the_continuum_season_3_webisodes/ Anyway i found out they're supposed to be watched after each s03 episode.
  6. DoctorWho


    Does anyone know when I'm supposed to watch the webisodes? Before or after season 3?
  7. I loved it,lol. The bad robots were so funny ...and the fight scene in the shop, with all the star wars sounds was excellent, probably the best part of the movie I give it 8/10
  8. Im watching...but im not really a guy who write/speaks a lot, i like to listen/read what other have to say
  9. Damn, the fight scene at the end of episode two was so good.
  10. What? Kane was bad at first but now he's is a good guy.i want him to be in charge going forward..and I also like the actor.
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