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Welcome to Now that's Awesome reviews, where I rate film sbased on how awesome they are. By awesome I mean how well made they are and if I like it or not. 


To get us started here's to the first weekend of the year: 



Basically, it could have been better. I'm not a fan of horror films but for some odd reason those that I do like are found footage films due to the fact that they seem realistic. This didn't do it for me though. Good concept of the miners in Chiles ut bad direction.


C- (Not even close bud)



It's certainly entertaining, I'll give it that but I expected more from the this film as well. The Ring is a cult classic in Horror films and it just didn't live up to it. What saved it for me was the performances given by the cast. Chastain and Bale saved the film.


C (Far from being awesome)


Ship of Lies

This is probably the best film coming out this weekend. What makes most thrillers watchable is the fact that they have well known actors we already know and love, but take that away and what do you get? A so-so story. Ship of Lies does the exact opposite. The lack of A-List celebrities under the direction of Nick Hurrah works in the films favor and makes it an enjoyable thriller. Excellent performance by David Tenant, and for a film of this type, Ship of Lies does the film genre justice.


B (Awesume)

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Alice in Horrorland

I'm not sure how to feel about this film. It was enjoyable, I'll give it that, but it lacked something else for me. It reminded me of Sucker Punch in a way and I wasn't a fan of the movie. The concept is interesting and I feel it will appeal to a certain crowd, but it just didn't do it for me. It's not a bad film at all, in fact it's fun and if you want to have a good time at the movies, go see this film. Just please, don't bring the kids.


B- (Kinda sorta awesomish)



Tortoise Run

If I were like two years old I would probably like this film. Even at that age I still wouldn't know if it were good enough, I would just like the fact that there's animals on the screen. I don't have much to say about this film. Maybe, you'll be better off taking your child to see Alice in Horrorland. Just kidding.


D+ (Kinda Awful) 

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Among the Imposters 

I recall reading these books when I was in elementary school. Unfortunately, my library had them always checked out or they failed to order them. These books for their word count and their length are really good and as a tween I really did love them. It’s no surprise when I saw these books greenlight I was super excited.


Does the film adaptation live up to the book? How can it not live up to it if it’s exactly how the book is. The suspense is still there and the characters did a decent job in portraying these roles. Unfortunetely, I would have loved to see some originality. A few risk here and there could have made this film really awesome. Maybe more dialogue. I can’t hate the film, because I liked the book. This movie could have been really awesome if the time was taken to actually try.


B (Book = movie = awesome?)


Dystopia, USA

Not gonna lie, I’m not a fan of spoof movies unless they’re the first two Scary Movies, but this was surprisingly funny. I’ve always been fascinated by dystopia societies, which is why I adapted The Giver back in CAYOM 1.0 (still somewhat bitter that I couldn’t release it here, I still have my version if anyone wants to give it a read one day, for fun). I loved how this made fun of films of that type and I found it humorous. The cast made the film funny and I’ve always been a fan of Andy Samberg. If you want to have a decent laugh, go see it.


B (If it makes me laugh, it must be somewhat awesome)

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Change of Heart 

What works on page doesn’t always work on screen. Jodi Picoult’s novels have always been a hit or miss for me. I’ve never read this novel, but from the film adaptation I probably won’t read it. It was kind of boring and I felt it dragged too much as the film’s main focus is the trial. Even though Bourne isn’t guilty, the audience will still be conflicted with him having the death penalty to save the child’s life. It’s decent at most.


C+ (Como se dice…not that awesome?)



There’s nothing I enjoy more than a sports drama even if it’s a sport I would never dream of playing. Skyjumping is risky. What’s riskier is friendship. Skyjumper tells the story of two rivals that become friends one night while drinking and as soon as that happens, tragedy. This tragedy pushes our main character Jonathan Kemp to break the skydiving record. I’m a sucker for these types of movies. It wasn’t only entertaining, but I love films where everyone is rooting for a character to succeed. Adam Driver gave a really awesome performance and this film is definitely my favorite film of this month as well.


B+ (Imprecionante)

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Slenderman: The Search

Entertaining. Check. Stupid. Check. Scary. No check.


C (Awesome? No check)


Numbers Theory

What’s a movie year without a Liam Neeson action movie? Hahaha anyways, Number Theory got me hooked from the first few minutes with the story of the box office analysts. Perhaps it’s the wishful thinking of that actually happening or just the fact that the film has a very solid intro introducing our protagonist from the start. I also like the fact that Liam Neeson doesn’t give a shit about what happened to the bad guy until bad stuff starts happening to him.


Towards the middle though when they were looking for Isaac and the ghetto guy I started to lose some intrest but there was still enough intrest to make the film enjoybale. For some reason as much as I love Liam Neeson I feel I would have liked the film even more if he wasn’t the lead. Also, the film seems to be longer than 100 minutes or it feels that way.


Overall Numbers Theory is not flawless, but it’s a solid time at the movies and the best film of the year thus far.


B+ (Liawesome Neeson)

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Ice DesertIt’s a cute animated film, I’ll give it that. I probably would have enjoyed it more if it was musical. One does not simply use the voices of Lana Del Rey and Iggy without them singing. Other than that, I enjoyed the film. Children will probably like it as well. Animation was decent as was the story. Polar Bears are also one of my favorite animals so yeah.B- (Decently awesome enough)Walking AloneI wasn’t sure what to expect coming into Walking Alone without seeing Walking with You. I was pleasantly surprised by the time the film was over and I not only wanted to see the first film, but I’m hoping there’s another one. With films involving a post apocoalyptic world, they tend to repeat themselves. The lone wonderer finds a new village after going through some tragedy and they fight bad guys through their journey. Walking Alone does that but I really think the listening of Cole’s tapes added emotion and that is what sometimes film of this type lack. They focus too much on the action and not enough on the main character and what they are feeling.The film starts of great with the discovery of the tape. Channing Tatum has a soothing voice that will probably make every female watching this film cry. If I probably saw the first film I’m sure I would have teared up. When she arrives at Venus I was skeptical about Cassandra, the thought of someone that reads minds kind of through me off but once that was explained I liked her. I wonder if she knew that Jenna met Cole. Also, I thought that the father killing his own daughter was cruel and I wish there was more back story to their opposing views and why he didn’t kill her a lot sooner.Is the film flawless? Nope it’s not, but I really really enjoyed it. It would have definitely been better if the film didn’t lose me towards the third act as the beginning and final act are great. Also, I felt a further explanation of the obstacles they faced when getting the medicine would have also made the film better. Overall, I recommend this film and it’s probably my favorite, so far. Excellent performance by Olivia Wilde who looked stunning. Great performances by the rest of the cast as well.B+/A- (AWESOME MOVIE BRUH!) Edited by Dr Awesome
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The Best of You

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a sucker for romance films. Maybe, because I have no love life at the moment and I want one (I said too much). Anyways, I also tend to love Nicholas Sparks books. The Best of You has it's moments, but I just felt it was too much of a rollercoaster for me to enjoy. I really did enjoy the beginning of the film where they meet at a Biology class, my major. I just wish that there was more character development in those scenes. How did she begin to like him? and so on. For unkowns they did a solid job. It wasn't towards the middle that I just felt nothing for the characters. I lost intrest in them. Maybe, I felt something in the end as I felt sorry for the girl losing the guy she really loved. It's not a fairytale, but it's not a tragedy either. 


B-/C+ (Could've been more awesome)





Teen Titans

I was never really a fan of the show on cartoon network. Maybe because I was more of a Suite Life and Zach and Cody type of dude or maybe because I didn’t have cable so it was no surprise I wasn’t too excited to see the film, even though I’m a huge batman fan. Teen Titans was better than I expected it to be, although it wasn’t near perfect.


Let’s start off with the Pros. Aaron Paul. I love Aaron Paul and his role in this film was great. The introduction of Nightwing was great too and he too was a great casting choice. Also, the visual effects were really good. Cons. I felt there wasn’t enough action in the film. Just the final scene where they fight agaginst each other. But I’m assuming there will be more in the next films. Also, I could’ve done without the cheesy ending as well as romantic feelings between the characters.


Overall Teen Titans is a fun time at the movies and it’s no doubt it will do HUGE business at the box office.


B (Me gusta.)

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Childhood Ruined 2

Uh....WTF was this? lol The plus sign is just cause I really do like Miley Cyrus


D+ (NO me gusta)


Phoenix Wright: Ace Atorney

Oh wow, I really liked this film. Maybe, it’s because I’ve been considering going into law school or maybe because I have a man crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt, but damn I was actually really impressed by this film. Perhaps it’s the set up that makes the film work so well. The exact same set up that makes Sherlock one of my favorite shows of all time.


The film is paced extremely well and it has the audience wanting more answers and hoping that Phoenix Wright says the words “OBJECTION!” The movie starts off with a great introduction of the characters and gives a hint on how good a lawyer PhoenixWright is. In a town full of crook lawyers and judges, we have one odd exception to this, Phoenix Wright. He always does the Wright thing.


The film does a great job at bringing out evidence at the right time and it makes the film suspenseful. Sure, I did question why they didn’t look thoroughly at the evidence such as the note that had the word Maya written on it. First thing I would do is flip the paper over and see what it is, but I guess they didn’t do that so Wright can put the clues together and make for an awesome last minute discovery that would put Redd in jail.


Kudos to the direction by Paul McGuigan and the performances by Joseph Gordon Levitt, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Cruise that make the film work so well! This is definitely my favorite film thus far and I honestly can’t wait for Part II, because…..


A-   (Phoenix Wright is fuckin’ AWESOME) 

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Legacy of the Joestars: Phantom Blood

Uhh I’m not sure what I just watched. I’m not sure what to think of it, at least. The film starts of decently and we see the two different lifestyles of the brother and it’s a solid introduction. When you cast someone like Tom Hiddlestone you know he’s gonna be the bad guy so I wasn’t surprised when we find out he poisoned his own father and George. I just wasn’t amused by the vampires and the fighting and the burning of houses and castles and Jack the Reaper. Also, I didn’t feel any emotion towards the characters and for being the protagonists Henry Cavill just didn’t do it for me. In fact the only actor that gave a great performance was Tom. Is it entertaining? Yes, it is. If you’re in the mood to watch a mindless movie about vampires fighting against Cavill and Kevin Costner then this is the film for you. If not, then skip it. Also I didn’t like the ending.


C+ (Awesome is Hiddlestone)


Island of Dreams

Damn, what a drowner (haha get it?) Anyways, this film isn’t as bad as most reviews have said it was. It’s just kinda weird. The voiceovers made me really depressed and although that’s the style of the film I felt it could’ve been perfectly fine without some of them. Also, how ironic. Going away to an island to help their son feel better about the death of a loved one and BAM! The son dies in that island! Kinda sucks. Anyways, Russel Crowe is pretty good in this film and well other than what I mentioned above and the slow pacing….it wasn’t terrible. In fact, I almost cried.


B- (Not too shabby, even though it’s supposed to be a parody) 

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Where You Imagine

Well, it’s not the worse film of the year, I’ll tell you that. It was certainly entertaining, but I just felt it never really went anywhere. In fact, it just seemed like a generic adventure drama. Teenagers come across a stone that takes them wherever they feel like going. Actually I’ll take that back. What the film lacked was a solid villain besides cancer and Karen. I still wasn’t sure why she was still relevant to the film after she dropped the stone. Also, it sucked that they developed cancer after using the stone, but Karen didn’t? I was a bit confused there. In the end everyone lives happily ever after, but besides James and George not able to be together where they ever not happy?


Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien barely saved the film with their performances and I felt Saoirse Ronan’s character was useless and could have been cut from the film. If there are sequels in the future, perhaps let there be an actual conflict that could keep audiences entertained. I just felt it was a big introduction to something that could have been better.


C+ (With hard work, it could be awesome)



Conventionally Wiser


Eh, not a fan. Not much to say.


C (Nope)

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