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CAYOM Year 10: Part 1 (FIRST TRIMESTER) (DEADLINE- 25th Jan)

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Year 10 of CAYOM 2.0 officially begins! Since detailed instructions are contained in the players' guide thread, I'll simply summarize and say that this is the thread where you post all of your films with info including: Title, Cast, Director, Release Date, Theater Count, MPAA Rating, Budget, and a Plot Summary. I will edit this post a few times a day with updates based on postings.  






If your plot is of significant length, place it inside spoiler tags so it doesn't take forever to scroll down a page of this thread!!!!!


Based on the 2020 Calendar


January 3-5

The Good the Bad and the Mechanical (Western/Sci-Fi/Action) (3262 theatres) (Page 1)


January 10-12

Mirror's Edge (Action/Adventure)


January 17-20 (MLK Weekend)

Plants vs Zombies (Animation/Fantasy/Comedy/Family)


January 24-26


January 31-February 2

Curiosity (Horror/Thriller) 


February 7-9

Ratchet & Clank 2 (Animation/Family/Comedy)

Tenderfoot (Romance/Action/Comedy) (3472 theatres) (Page 1)


February 14-17 (Presidents Day Weekend)

February 10th- The Cash Fairy (Action/Comedy) 

The Day when I Fall in Love (Romantic Comedy) 


Bad Moms

The Shadow Entities (Animation/Fantasy) 

Black Silhouettes (3583 theatres) (Page 1)


February 21-23

Tulpa (Psychological Thriller) 

The Journey of T.S. Spivet (Adventure/Family) 


February 28- March 1

Area 142 (Animation; Alex Hirsch)

Phoenix Wright Part 2 (Courtroom Drama/Mystery) (3434 theatres) (Page 1)


March 6-8

Green Lantern (Superhero/Sci-Fi)

The Heartbreaker (Romantic Comedy) 


March 13-15

Asphalt (Action, Racing) 

Amulet II: The Last Council (Traditional Animation/Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi) (4024 theatres) (Page 1)


March 20-22

Primeval (Action/Sci-fi) (3698 theatres) (Page 1)


March 27-29

Abstract (Animation/Sci-Fi) (3954 theatres) (Page 1)


April 3-5

The Year of Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson, Part 1: Battle of the Decade (Action)


April 10-12

E.S.P (Superhero/Animation) (3832 theatres) (Page 1)


April 17-19

April 13- Horror House 3

Parallels (Sci Fi/Action/Adventure/Drama) (3623 theatres) (Page 1)


April 24-26

Candy Crush 2 


The current deadline is January 25th but if people are struggling to finish in time (as tends to usually happen) we may extend the deadline by a week.

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The Good, the Bad and the Mechanical

Director: Drake Brando
Genre: Western/Sci-fi/Action
Date: January 3rd
Cast: Bruce Campbell (Finnick 'Flint' Ryan), Harry Dean Stanton (The Gunslinger), rest tba

To be completed.

Theaters: 3262
MPAA Rating: R
Budget: $45m
Previous Film Gross: 

The Good, the Bad and the Dead: $32,262,456 million/$83,025,594 million/$158,748,745 million

Edited by Rukaio Alter
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 2

Director: Paul McGuigan

Genre: Courtroom Drama/Mystery

Date: February 28

Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Phoenix Wright), Benedict Cumberbatch (Miles Edgeworth), Michael Shannon (Manfred von Karma), Mira Opie (made-up) (Maya Fey), Jason Segal (Dick Gumshoe), Neil Patrick Harris (Larry Butz), Hayley Atwell (Mia Fey), Wallace Shawn (Winston Payne)



To be completed


Theaters: 3434

MPAA Rating: PG 13

Budget: $12m

Previous Film Gross: 

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 1: 14,496,471 million/63,675,590 million/167,824,638 million 

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Director: Matt Reeves
Genre: Action/Sci-Fi/Dinosaur
Date: March 20th
Cast: Tba

Plot: To be completed

Theaters: 3698
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Budget: $82m

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Director: Chris Williams

Genre: Animation/Superhero
Date: April 10
Cast: Hugh Dancy, rest tba

Plot: To be completed

Theaters: 3832
MPAA Rating: PG
Budget: $120m

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Director: Brett Ratner
Composer: Christophe Beck
Genre: Romance/Action/Comedy
Date: February 7th
Studio: Alpha Pictures
Format: Live-action, 2D
Budget: $75 million
Theaters: 3,472
MPAA Rating: R for some crude humor, sexuality, action violence and language throughout
Running Time: 99 minutes
Tagline: Love, Sex, Espionage
Chris Pratt as James Lombardi
Scarlett Johannson as Rachel Shaffner
Plot Summary: James Lombardi and Rachel Shaffner are the two greatest CIA agents in recent history, and now, they must track down a terrorist group who plans to blow up Washington, D.C. But the biggest obstacle is their marriage.
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Amulet II: The Last Council
Director: Bryan Singer
Composer: deadmau5
Genre: Traditional Animation/Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Date: March 13th
Studio: Alpha Pictures, Hollywood Animation Studios
Format: Traditional animation, 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D
Budget: $135 million
Theaters: 4,024
MPAA Rating: PG for some sequences of fantasy violence and peril
Running Time: 134 minutes
Tagline: The Adventure Continues / An Impossible Journey with Danger at Every Turn
Joey King as Emily Charnon
Daniel Craig as Leon Redbeard
Sam Claflin as Max Griffin
Preston Bailey as Navin Charnon
Jessica Chastain as Karen Charnon
Jake Abel as Prince Trellis
Christoph Waltz as Luger
Nick Frost as Enzo
Chris Pratt as Rico
Ralph Fiennes as Gabilan
Tara Strong as Miskit
Hugh Jackman as Cogsley
Michael Douglas as Vigo Light
Wes Bentley as Pierce
Scarlett Johansson as Ronin
Patrick Stewart as Zaren
Sofia Vergara as Selina
Mackenzie Foy as Alyson
Jeff Bridges as The Elf King
Plot Summary: The sequel to the award-winning Year 7 animated film Amulet, the journey continues as Emily and her friends try and find the lost city of Cielis.
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Studio: Cookie Pictures Animation
Genre: Animation (2D) / Sci-Fi / Epic
Director: Joaquim Dos Santos
Producer: Sebastian Peters
Composer: Martin O'Donnell & Micheal Salvatori
Budget: $175 million
Release Date: March 27th
Format: 2D, IMAX
Theater Count: 4,004
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, thematic elements and language
Running Time: 150 minutes (2 hours, 30 minutes) [Temporary]

Taken prisoner and enslaved during humanity's intergalactic war with the Scavengers, the reluctant super-soldier Joel is forced to fight for his freedom as the devastating war approaches it's tipping point. In a cell with his hyperventilating accompany Rickie, the loud-mouthed planetary rover T-Bot, the gentle robotic giant Reese and the intelligent but absent-minded Albert they hatch a plan to escape. But aid comes from an unexpected source: the Scavenger princess Tamara who wants nothing more than for humanity and her people to come to equal terms. On humanity's front, Joel's sister Kira battles government bureaucracy, corruption and persecution to forge a rescue plan to save her brother, all while uncovering a conspiracy to end the war and the known universe with it.

Voice cast:
Daniel Henney as Joel
Laura Bailey as Kira
Antony Del Rio as Rickie
Keegan Micheal-Kay as T-Bot
Liz Sroka as Tamara
Doug Jones as Albert
Sharlto Copley as Lieutenant Commander Nater
Jennifer Hale as Captain Lucina
Keith David as Commander Barks
Djimon Hounsou as King M'k-Rath
Phil LaMarr as Niko
Peter Weller as Admiral Packer

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"Infinite versions of time. Of knowledge. Of life. Of you."
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Drama

Date: April 17th

Theaters: 3,623

Budget: $125 million

Runtime: TBD

Rating: PG-13

Director: Josh Trank

Cast: Lupita Nyong'o (Jane), Chris Hemsworth (Thomas), Noomi Rapace (Clara), Bill Paxton (Dr. Fredrick Dowell), Vincent Kartheiser (William), Emily Browning (Kazene), Michael Douglas (Napelle), Dev Patel (Madan Gutpa), Rinko Kikuchi (Akemi)


PLOT: A secret project within the United Nations to solve international crises involves an unusual manner: Tap into parallel worlds to acquire new knowledge and wisdom that can potentially be applied to our own world. Jane is one of many steppers, agents who jump into these worlds to acquire such information, but trouble begins to arise when a new jumper, William, has more dubious intents and could unwittingly cause a rift between worlds that may destroy us all. Jane must soon confront her biggest fears as she jumps between worlds to find peace once more.



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Studio: Fine Films Inc.

Genre: Horror / Comedy

Format: Live-action, 2D, 3D

Director: Ellory Elkayem

Producer: John Doe

Budget: $30m

Release Date: January 24th

Theater Count: 3,039

Runtime: 81 minutes (1 hour, 21 minutes)

Rating: R

Cast: Keifer Sutherland, David Caruso, Sarah Hyland, David Henrie, Doug E. Doug, David Arquette



A wealthy businessman named Rupert (Caruso) has a strange fascination with snakes. He loves snakes so much that he names his business Cobra Enterprises and has snake-themed furniture in his home, along with real snakes as pets. But due to poor management his company goes nearly bankrupt and Rupert is forced to come up with a novel solution to earn money: fund a team of scientists who can create genetically mutated snakes as sideshow attractions. The sideshow tour proves to be a hit with locals, and one day the attraction is visited by a single father named Kent (Sutherland), his daughter Annabelle (Hyland) and her boyfriend Wade (Henrie). Kent has ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) ever since a venomous snake bit his wife leading to her tragic death, but Annabelle drags with him so she can protest the experiments done on the snakes. They stumble upon Rupert admiring one of his creations and Kent wonders how someone can have such a fascination for such despising creatures. Annabelle confronts Rupert and scolds him for the horrible things they're doing to those poor creatures. Meanwhile Wade just makes dumb penis jokes whenever he comes across a snake. The following evening when the attraction has closed and all the people have left Annabelle and Wade sneak into the facility and free all the snakes including the genetically modified ones, not knowing that they're not only still venomous, but have essentially turned into super snakes that can spit acid, grow hundreds of feet long, and a few snakes are even shown growing wings and flying. The snakes sneak into the nearby town and cause havoc, attacking people through toilets and climbing in through windows and eating everything they come across. Realizing the trouble they've caused, Annabelle and Wade go into the town and try to capture the snakes. Wade sees a kitten about to get eaten by a large python and rushes to its rescue. He manages to save the kitten in time, and even brags about it to Annabelle, but he then gets attacked by the python. The larger-than-average python ends up squeezing him so hard that his head explodes in a gory but comical fashion. As the snake chases Annabelle out of town, the kitten is seen peeing on Wade's corpse.


Morning comes as Annabelle is seen rushing back to her father's house and proceeds to lock all the doors and windows. Kent comes out and wonders what's going on and Annabelle explains what she did and laments the loss of Wade, but refuses to admit to her mistake. A flying snake suddenly crashes through their window and attacks Kent, who ultimately stabs it with a kitchen knife. They look out and see the town being overrun with killer snakes. Bent on protecting himself and his daughter (who still believes she did the "right thing" despite it leading to the death of dozens of people) Kent goes to the garage and combines a leaf blower and a blowtorch to create a flamethrower (don't ask how that works) to fend off attacking snakes on the way to their car. He accidentally sets his car on fire though, so he and his daughter has to cover while the car explodes. A helpful neighbor named Toby (Doug) appears with his RV and helps them escape the snakes. Toby reveals that he used to spy on the experiments being done by the scientists hired by Rupert, and reveals that the genetically modified snakes can breed super fast. Like they can lay an egg and have a full-grown offspring within a few days. The scientists realized this and neutered the males, but since both males and females have now escaped the females can find any local species and mate with them instantly. The more exotic species end up breaking into a local reptile zoo and breed from there. Kent comes to the conclusion that in order to prevent the snakes from taking over everything, they have to lure all the snakes into the reptile zoo and kill them in one go. Annabelle protests, saying that despite the snakes killing all the people she still wants to protect them, but since she brought them into this mess in the first place Kent and Toby ignore her.


Kent enlists the help of a local Indiana Jones-parody named Montana James (Arquette) but Montana's so afraid of snakes that his heart jumps when he spots an innocent corn snake. Kent sympathizes with Montana's fears, but if anyone can get them in and out of the infested reptile zoo it's him. Heading back to the RV Toby gets attacked by a cobra who spits acid promptly melting his face (reminding Monty of the time he discovered the ark of the covenant), so with Toby dead the remaining group grabs his RV and heads for the reptile zoo. They break in to find the snakes have essentially taken over the place, eating all the other reptiles in the process (one snake has even managed to devour ALL the crocodiles). Montana panics but Kent restraints him, telling him that both need to conquer their fears. They plant some bombs to blow the whole place up killing all the snakes in the process, but Monty is knocked out by Rupert, appearing to stop the trio from blowing up the snakes. He actually thanks Annabelle for releasing them, for now the snakes can take over the world and he with his snake fetish couldn't be happier. Kent tries to stop Rupert but Annabelle turns her back on Kent, saying she'd rather let her dad die than for him to kill the not-so-innocent snakes. Kent ends up fighting Rupert while the snakes circle them below. Rupert uses snake-inspired attacks like biting, squeezing and spitting on Kent, but Kent overpowers him and throws him down to the snakes, showing him how the snakes would actually treat him back. The snakes pound on Rupert squeezing, biting and spitting acid on him until he turns into bloody goo on the ground (reminding Monty of the time he found the holy grail). Annabelle picks up a gun and shoots her dad. Kent survives being shot but is unable to pull the trigger, so it's up to Monty to save the day. He and Annabelle end up tripping over so they both are seen grabbing on to the suspension of the bridge. Monty pushes her over the edge ("You betrayed PETA!") and watches Annabelle getting devoured by the snakes she swore to protect. Kent asks if it was necessary to kill his daughter but Monty doesn't care. They set off the explosives killing all the snakes in the process. On their way out of the burning reptile zoo Kent laments the loss of his daughter, even though she valued the lives of killer snakes over her own father. The moment is cut short as a giant anaconda emerges from the burning wreckage and attacks them. Having overcome his fear of snakes, Monty leaps onto the Anaconda's head and strikes it with his machete, killing it and finally bringing this nightmare to an end. Sitting and watching the reptile zoo go up in flames, Monty asks Kent if he should write a book on his experiences, maybe throw in aliens and a scene where he survives a nuke by hiding in a fridge, but Kent tells him to not go there. The movie ends with "What a Wonderful World" playing over the credits.

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Black Silhouettes
Director: Koleein Blackerds
Composer: Patrick Love
Genre: Crime/Drama/Romance
Date: February 14th
Studio: Cosmos Pictures
Format: Live-action, 2D
Budget: $45 million
Theaters: 3,586
MPAA Rating: R for sensitive theme, thematic sequences and some innuendo
Running Time: 134 minutes
Ian Somerhalder as Cristiano de Lucca
Emma Watson as Alexandrine Gray
Angelina Jolie as Moisara Girgushto
Plot Summary: Cristiano de Lucca accidentally rapes Alexandrine Grey. Devastated, Alexandrine consults her long time friend, Moisara only to find out that she is attracted to her rapist.
Edited by Angelo Naorbe
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